Saturday, August 05, 2006


Brigitte Gabriel has a couple of compelling videos, one on CNN (this one can be found on the internet and played if you have Windows Media Player, and the other on her website, Her story of what happened in Lebanon could well be prophetic for what is happening in the United States. Lebanon was primarily "Christian", and I use quotations because some were true Christ-followers and others simply identified with Christianity, much as in the United States. The "Christians" were educationally oriented, tended to have fewer children, and were seemingly in control of the political system. The Muslims were much poorer, and multiple wives produced extremely large families. By sheer numbers, uneducated and often radical Islamists began to gain political power. The terrorists among them would set up checkpoints, demand drivers and passengers get out of their cars, and if their ID, which in Lebanon includes their religion, was Christian, executed them. The balance of power was quickly shifting. Christians became more insular, did not travel as much, and were being marginalized. Meanwhile, the Christians used Bibles without the Old Testament, because that part of the Bible was considered Jewish. The "Christians" caved to political correctness and developed their own level of hostility toward Israel.

Making matters worse about thirty years ago, Yasser Arafat failed in his attmept to use Jordan to the extent he needed as a launching point for terrorism against Israel. So the Palestinians went to Lebanon. The "compassionate" Lebanese had refugee camps already set up. The balance of power changes rendered the official government impotent.

In the United States, we are being overrun by new voters who do not have a clue how to vote intelligently. We have people who don't know the language, don't know the issues, and who are easily manipulated. We have college graduates who have been brainwashed and who know almost nothing about government and our nation's history. One political party that has a long history of exploiting the fears of those who can't or don't read, those who have mixed loyalties to other nations or radical agendas, and those who actually are so desperate they believe unkeepable promises. That party wants felons, illegal aliens, and the illiterate to vote (and often).

If we are not more sensible in living as a republic, our nation will be controlled by mob rule, with the masses demanding more and more benefits for themselves without regard to solvency or right and wrong. In such a case, the country will no longer be in the hands of those who can really run it, and be at the mercy of parochial interests and a dumbed-down society. We are already seeing anti-Semitism at our universities and totally unqualified propagandists getting tenure. So many are abdicating out of fear and discouragement. This CANNOT continue. WE SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN LEBANON AND ELSEWHERE. IF YOU DON'T SEE IT HAPPENING HERE, YOUR EYES ARE CLOSED.


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