Monday, June 20, 2016


So many have a piece of the puzzle but fail to connect the dots.  When you connect the dots, you have the entire picture.

Some of the main pieces:

1)         In 1991 the Muslim Brotherhood put together a plan to turn the United States into an Islamic country.  The plan was not dissimilar to that used in many countries which were not historically Islamic, but became such.  I am not talking about the northern African countries that were conquered militarily, but those where civilisational Jihad was used  It is just as effective in meeting their goals.
2)         Education, media, and now government have successfully been infiltrated and now serve the Islamic agenda.
3)         The installation of a Muslim President who has had so many Muslim visitors you would think we were in a majority Muslim nation, was done to speed up the timetable.
4)         Terrorist groups are now dictating national security policies which FORBID our law enforcement from doing their jobs to weed out Muslims of ill intent.  The infiltration is so complete that the Attorney General redacted all references to Islam from the Orlando killer who brought Islam in hook, line, and sinker.. 
5)         Years ago people were flabbergasted at the Fast and Furious scandal.  It looks like a dry run for the final conquest.
6)         Draconian gun control measures to remove guns from the innocent while we have learned continual interference from the White House and State Department has kept weapons IN THE HANDS of terrorists!
7)         Remember the President's statement years ago that he wanted a CIVILIAN FORCE larger than the military.
8)         Obama has ruthlessly gutted the military down to 1.43 million.  He is not far from having more than that number of "civilian Muslims at his beck and call through absurd immigration that violates many laws.
9)         Like all statists before him, the President wants to confiscate guns from the innocent , knowing that tyranny becomes easily accelerated once that is done.
10)      Muslim fighters posing as unvetted refugees have been brought in and placed largely in red states and areas where the president has been opposed.
11)      With 200 million guns confiscated, many will mysteriously end up in the hands of this Jihadis who will then fight our people without the army having to do it.
12)      He will tell the military to stand down and with the purge of men of character largely complete, they will do it.
13)      Presto, an Islamic State and the Constitution is no more, and Sharia is implemented.

Think it cannot happen???      It IS happening!!!

Make no mistake - Obama is the keystone, and he has played his part to the hilt. Remember the two times he said "My Muslim Faith"?  George Stephanopolous "corrected" him but Obama was telling the truth, just like he did in Turkey and Egypt and doubtless in the White House in his seemingly endless meetings with Muslim Leaders.  His endless and sick praise of a demonic religious/political system while trashing the Bible and those who believe it are absolute proof. "By their fruits shall you know them."  One has to be clueless to buy his cover story of being a Christian.  If you read "The Faith of Barack Obama" he admits with his own mouth that he was not a believer in the  sense most would take it.  Just like he admitted he was a racist in his own book,   He sure was not lying about that.

Make no mistake - 90% of the deeds of U.S. Mosques are held by subversives.

Make no mistake – the MAJORITY of U.S. Muslims want Sharia law.

Make no mistake – almost ALL Muslin organizations want the United States to be a Muslim nation with zero rights for Christians with persecution sure to be the order of the day as it is in practically EVERY majority Muslim nation.

Make no mistake – all the lies were for one purpose, and one purpose only – the destruction of our nation as we know it.

Make no mistake - a phobia is irrational - what is irrational is to deny the obvious and be suckers.


However, if you want your country, it must be done!  What do you say?

Step one – destroy Hillary’s campaign – 20% of her campaign chest came from the Saudis.  She and Bill are almost as bad on Islam as Obama.  They are all birds of a very bad feather.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Some of you may remember the Wheaton College professor who was suspended for wearing a habib in class and falsely claiming Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  I am producing below her Tweets to show you  in her own words how the college of Billy Graham, which has totally compromised on the integrity of Genesis, hired someone this radical and ridiculous.  Just because someone has a doctorate does not mean they are very smart. This is SO embarrassing. The left truly has the worst haters in the world, bar none.  

Sadly, Larycia is just ONE person who is like this.  MANY evangelical colleges and universities are thoroughly infected with people who have departed from clear essentials of the faith. They are white, they are black.  Some wear beards and.or clerical collars. Others like Jim Wallis have been advisors to the President of the United States.  What they hold in common is a severe departure from the gospel while believing in their own righteousness.  Larycia is into religious pluralism which contradicts Jesus Christ directly.  So are MANY OTHERS. Perhaps a person like this is in leadership in YOUR church.  I have been stunned by actually discovering what ministers REALLY believed that I thought were pretty sound.  It is scary, but we ARE in the great falling away and end-time deception and all you have to do is tune in to one of those "Christian" TV networks or ask confirmation of beliefs at the MAJORITY of "Christian" colleges and CHURCHES to get confirmation of that. The deviations may not be as blatant, but ALL DEVIATIONS are serious and they are for real not all from the left! That is why I did not edit this down - only the pictures which usually are restricted from copying.  You can view those pictures on her Twitter account if you wish which show her with the habib, with radicals, adoring Black Lives Matter, repeating the same left-wing mantras, unqualified loyalty to Obama, and in solidarity with apostate leaders.  Here goes:

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  5 Dec 2014

Cops see white boy w/BB gun & see burgeoning hunter. Cops see black boy w/BB gun & see full fledged gang member.#blacklivesmatter #TamirRice

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  5h5 hours ago

.@realDonaldTrump Oval Office is no place for an Apprentice. #YoureFired even w/GOP nom. #DumpTrump #KeepTheRepublic

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  5h5 hours ago

US officially goes to hell in a handbasket as @realDonaldTrump clinches GOP nomination. #DumpTrump #KeepTheRepublic

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  May 25

.@realDonaldTrump shows would be emperor has no clothes. Meets critiques w/new ethnic slurs as #Losers do (                                                               
Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  May 25

.@realDonaldTrump goes from decrying @NewMexico for settling Syrians to using Pocohontas' name as insult (
.@realDonaldTrump, real Ams don't give kids rhetorical ammunition to hate their neighbor. Not #EmbodiedSolidarity.

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  May 25

Race & Rape matter: white 18 y.o. rapes black disabled kid who idolizes him. #TrumpEffect
Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  May 25
The new racists say there's no such thing as white on black crime, just a no- good disable, child, nigger gettin what he deserves
Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  May 20

#EmbodiedSolidarity and #sillyfaces begin at home!!! I hope I'm cool as these cars when I'm… 

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  May 4

Join me on May 11 @OregonState for Islamophobia: Politics, Religion & Prejudice. Always in #embodiedsolidarity w/ Muslim sisters & brothers!

about authentic  interfaith hospitality.

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Apr 30

.@TEDxWilmington where @MiroslavVolf is schooling us on human flourishing. How to unite pleasure and meaning?

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Apr 28

Detroit area friends, join me tonight-April 28, as I speak about what it means to "Take A Stand" #embodiedsolidarit

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Apr 28

Same God: The Documentary needs donors.This is for #justice & #embodiedsolidarity, not for profit. Give @indiegogo

 In reply to Steve Spreitzer

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Apr 28

Thanks @SteveSpreitzer I was honored to be with @TheADCMichigan @miroundtable and @marclamonthill and Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Apr 13

Love being in #embodiedsolidarity with "the other @wheaton". See y'all at my talk tonight Norton, MA and Providence, RI!

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Feb 1

I'm veiled today and I'm in good company with Muslim & non-Muslim sisters. #WorldHijabDay #embodiedsolidarity

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Feb 1

On World Hijab Day #embodiedsolidarity w/Muslim sisters goes on. Thx @Sojourners for standing w/Muslim neighbors too

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Feb 1

Honored to meet @jimwallis @Sojourners before he spoke in my Chiraq of his new book on America'sOriginalSin: #racism

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Jan 23

Thoughtful, rigorous reporting by @spulliam, one predisposed to cover fairly her alma mater @WheatonCollege.

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Jan 12

Assault by fellow @wheatoncollege student won't deter @maryambighash from #embodiedsolidarity with Muslims

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  Jan 9

.@elizabethjdias is an amazing journalist--and I expect no less from #mywheaton grads! Prayers for  via @TIME

Larycia Hawkins ‏‪@LaryciaHawkins 27 Dec 2015
L'Arche founder J. Vanier awarded #templetonprize2015 for creating communities worldwide where disabled can flourish …
Larycia Hawkins  ‏‪@LaryciaHawkins 13 Dec 2015
A holy kiss to you who disavow the idea that Muslims & Christians worship the same God: I love you. Peace & respect.
Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  13 Dec 2015

How hospitable is your company to women wearing the hijab? Live your mission. Women in Solidarity with Hijab #wish

Final day of classes @ Wheaton College: professor & student in solidarity w/ hijab #wish #Advent #embodiedsolidarityMore
.@CarlyFiorina "I think women all over the country heard what @realDonaldTrump said." #republicandebate
Larycia Hawkins ‏‪@LaryciaHawkins L 16 Sep 2015
Overheard in #RepublicanDebate by.@BobbyJindal: I'd bring in anti-abortion justices to replace Roberts. Bobby, lifetime terms are for life.
Overheard in the #RepublicanDebate by people supposedly appealing to evangelicals: Reagan had faith in...America?
.@LindsayGrahamSC praised @HillaryClinton. Already wooing Clintons, the life of DC parties. #RepublicanDebate #partyat1600PennsylvaniaAvenue
.@RickSantorum wants 1st Amen Defense Act. Ever read Constitution Senator? Sep of powers/checks & balances ring a bell? #RepublicanDebate
Immigration without assimilation is invasion. @BobbyJindal, do you mean like Pearl Harbor? Shall we Nagasaki them? #RepublicanDebate #idiot
Apparently @JohnPiper doesn't care that flashing red lights ARE threat to people of color traumatized by systemic racism in "justice" system
Clearly for @JohnPiper the solidarity of our common "Bloodlines" only run so deep.
Obviously for. @JohnPiper politics trump the gospel. I'm sure his post has nothing to do w/ the NAACP Nat'l Conv discussing this very issue.
The insidious indifference of America(ns) toward racism is the answer to #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches #IAmTheBlackChurch #BlackChurchesMatter
You burn churches of folks w/ the highest rate of Christian adherents & think we're crushed? #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches  #IAmTheBlackChurch
You may burn black churches, but like Maya Angelou, still I (we) rise. #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches #BlackChurchesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  27 Jun 2015

The cost of white comfort is black liberty & black thriving #CharlestonMassacre #BlackLivesMatter

I kissed yo' Grits and loved it @ellenhagan.Thanks to @parneshia I have found two new soulful books of poetry, hers and yours!
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@UnionSeminaryUnion Theological Seminary in #NYC. Reimagining the work of justice. Committed to an interreligious spirituality of radical openness and…


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@MicahInstituteThe Micah Institute at New York Theological Seminary educates and equips faith leaders to fight poverty and injustice.

It's not like you still got it, you just know how to keep it. #poetryreading @parneshia #vessel
#BlackLivesMatter but symbolic gestures + pithy platitudes = #TamirRice #CharlestonMassacre #EricGarner, so stop acting shocked at #racism
#POTUS preaching and singing Amazing Grace. #ClementaPinckney #CharlestonShooting #CharlestonMassacre
History can't be a sword to justify injustice. #Charleston #EmanuelAMEChurch #BlackLivesMatter #Confederateflag
Guard against subtle impulse to call Johnny back for a job interview but not Jamal. #BlackLivesMatter #implicitbias #systemicracism #POTUS
Justice Scalia dissent reveals riff within  over Court's favorite statutes like #ACA #KingvBurwell
We must read the statute as a whole #KingvBurwell

Larycia Hawkins @LaryciaHawkins  30 May 2015

O'Malley announces. Only 12 more Dems need to come out of the woodwork to catch up with the Reps.  #2016election