Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I did not watch the debate last night but recorded it - maybe someday… However, these out-of-touch moderators NEVER ask the questions like I would ask.  It is really not informative without getting to the heart of the issues.  Here are just six questions I would ask:
1) Mr. Bush, you have indicated you may support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump gets the nomination. Does that mean you are really a closet Democrat asking for the Republican nomination?
2) Mr. Cruz, you have indicated a softness on Islam yet a rigorous vetting process. Do you think doubling or tripling the number of Muslims in America will led to a more cohesive nation or a more splintered one?  Follow-up: If looking at Britain and France, what mistakes have they made relative to Islam that you would do differently?
3) Ms. Fiarina, you obviously have real distain for Mr. Trump. However, he has been far more successful in his corporate decision-making than you have.  Precisely which executive characteristics do you have that would make you more qualified for the job of president than him.
4) Mr. Rubio, the so-called Republican establishment seems to love you, yet 70% of  the GOP electorate believes the establishment is hopelessly out of touch with the people an has facilitated Mr. Obama getting his way on programs the citizens detest. Is your loyalty to the party bigwigs or the American people.
5) Dr, Carson, you seem to believe that going into Iraq was a mistake, the I do not hear criticism of Obama running out the door removing any chance of success for the venture. You also seem to accept the deeply Constitutionally flawed Supreme Court decision on perverted marriage as settled law. Do you intend to simply make incremental changes to what Obama has done or actually seek to undo his transformation of America that has made it a place freedom-loving people no longer recognize?
6) Mr. Trump, I believe everyone agreed we want America to be great again, but that will take work on so many levels. Please tell us your top three priorities and briefly how you would actually implement them given the bloated government with endless laws expanded further by regulations by unelected officials.  Would you use your phone and a pen just like Obama has, or if not, how would you move the behemoth Federal government to implement anything you are proposing?

Sunday, December 13, 2015


The headlines screamed today about an "Historic Climate Pact" being reached. Where is the hard investigative reporting such we saw in the Watergate era?  You know, trumpeting the fact  that John Kerry himself just said in Paris that if  ALL the industrial nations did all these changes it would make NO difference in the climate? Where is the reporting on the simple fact that the alleged rise in temperature over the last century is not even one measly degree and actually within the margin of error? Where are the exposés on all the failed predictions of the Al Gore types which were ALL based upon flawed computer models? Where are the stories about increasing numbers of credentialed scientists  who are risking a lot including grant money by the eco-fascists by telling the truth about the myths perpetrated by this movement?  And where are the stories that the REAL agenda is all about the transfer of wealth and a more oppressive governmental system run by those with totalitarian spirits?    All these are OLD news to those who see and find, but lost on those who swallow headlines whole without critically thinking about the issues.  

The same could be said about the utter failure to vet Barack Obama when so much deeply troubling information was there that any journalist intern could have found if directed to do so.   The price of ignorance has been high, and this ridiculous pact in Paris should be disavowed and voided by our country. It is an unmitigated disaster.

Monday, October 05, 2015


I have been very critical of John Boehner and his enablement of the destructive Obama agenda.  Now my eyes have seen the light. He is simply representing the American people who are laying down all over the place instead of fighting Satan.  The SCOTUS ruled in 2013 in striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that marriage was a state decision.  In 1986 they ruled that anti-Sodomy laws were Constitutional.  We have five justices who have broken their oaths and who openly do not regard our Constitution as the final authority.  In fact two "justices", Ginsberg and Kagan, were not impartial at all, but were performing these sham "marriages" and working on the political end.  

Only Alabama seems to be fighting this illegal power grab by demented left-wing tyrants.  Why aren't ALL the states where these sham "marriages"  have been voted down?   Why was Kim Davis the only one in jail?  Why were there not 1,000?   10,000?    Have most Americans all of a sudden decided that marriage is not what it has been through all of history?   Even where homosexuality gripped nations who were soon destroyed, there was never the "sanctification" of it as marriage.   It is a recent phenomenon that has been pushed by Satan himself.  

Homosexuality is a filthy and disgusting mess, both physically and spiritually. It has been considered a disorder, and so it is.  It has been repeatedly proven that there is no gene for it - it is a choice.   I realize that a MAJORITY of male homosexuals and at minimum a significant number of lesbians were abused by perverts.  That may have been beyond their control.  What they did AFTER that is.  

The perverted community wars against helping people escape this seal hell. They have no compunctions against those who help people get INTO it.   That is the nature of Satan, and that is totally consistent with the whole m.o. of Satan.

This laying down is not limited to homosexuality or to the world at large.    God's people have been laying down in droves, and it seems the church in Europe, Australia, Canada, and America is at its weakest in decades.

Why are people in the pew tolerating ministers who preach another gospel and who do NOT regard the Bible as the final authority? Why are they believing that  our wonderful triune God is the same as a cruel despotic unknowable Allah?  Obviously because they do not talk to him or really know him. Why do pew-sitters think all will be saved when Jesus spent almost his entire ministry saying the opposite?Partially because that is what the world says and Christians have largely lost the will to fight.  Secondarily, because they have fallen far back themselves and no longer really believe God.  Will GOd find faith on the earth?   I sure hope so, but it is not encouraging when Americans are lining the pockets of these messengers of Satan to the brim.

So I confess I was wrong.  John Boehner is acting in concert with most American sheeple.    I wish I had been right.  So does God.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Ben Carson was not in Colorado smoking dope when he made his sensible comments that truth-deniers in the media got twisted up about.


1) Those who leave Islam are to be killed.


2) Criticizing the Quran and Mohammed is punishable by death.
(NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH) - note also the Quran is a joke full of contradictions and childishness, much like other pretend "holy books" such as the Venas and the Upanishads.  We do not even punish those who ridicule the only Holy Scriptures that there are.

3) A Muslim who becomes a Christian can be killed.
(NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION) - we know that the Christian faith is valuable and voluntary or else it is not faith, it would be compulsion.  People leave Islam in droves when given the opportunity, just like when the iron curtain and Berlin Wall fell - totalitarians all.

4) A Christian who converts a Muslim to Christianity can be killed.
- Only God can convert anybody, but they blaspheme Jesus as well which tells you about this demonic religion.

5) A Non Muslim may not display wine or pork, openly recite their Scriptures, or celebrate their religious holidays. - a joyless religion which claims to respect "people of the book" but never does so - instead it has a murderous spirit towards them.

6) A Muslim cannot receive the death penalty for killing a non-Muslim. - No equal protection under the law.

7) Christians may not repair or build churches. - A demonic religion that hates in the same ways the devil does.

8) Non-Muslims do not have equal rank, status, or authority as Muslims in the society. - All MEN are not even created equal inn Islamic society let alone women.

9) Testimony from low ranking people is not permissible in Islamic court. - The worst traditions from a discredited past.  We grew up, Islam has grown down.

10) The testimony of a woman is half the value of a man's testimony in court. - blatant sexism and absurd.

11) For a woman to prove rape, she must have four male witnesses. - Absurd, unworkable, and simply perpetuates violence against women.

12) There is no age limit for how young girl can vary a Muslim man. - and often she has no voice - it is done for her.

13) Slavery is permitted. - While banished in America over 150 years ago, It still occurs in the Islamic world, often over sub-Saharan black people, and is totally consistent with the very definition of Islam which is "submission".  It is slavish idolatry to a pagan impersonal god.

14) Muslims may engage in Taqiyya which is lying to non-Muslims to advance Islam. - they do it all the time and is S.O.P. in America with American Muslims. Satan is the father of lies and Satan is the father of Islam. Our nation was founded under GOD, not "Allah' or any other pretender, and our society only lasts as long as there is truth.

Now tell me, name just ONE of these that would prove Ben Carson just even one smidgeon wrong.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


From the incessant left-wing Dem emails, you would think the Koch brothers are the biggest donors in the lands. Koch Industries is actually 59th. Act Blue is no. 1, and the vast majority of those above them are Blue, Blue, Blue. They tend to much more lopsided toward Blue than the Red donors are toward red even the NRA. The only ones above them that tilt conservative at all are #17 UPS, #19 U.S. Auto Dealers Association, #22 American Bankers Association, #26 National Beer Wholesalers Assn, #27 Blue Cross Blue Shield, #29 National Association of Home Builders, #35 Deloitte LLP, #40 Altria Group, #45 Price Waterhouse, #52 NRA, #53 Pzfizer, # #55 Union Pacific, 12 in all. Of the remaining 46 above Koch Industries, 24 are considered neutral, and 22 liberal, including 12 of the top 16. The Saul Alinsky method is to lie, lie, lie. We have seen it from the President and the entire Democrat Party - I see the emails, and they are bold-faced anti-God, anti-morality, anti-truth to a degree that would stun you if you did not regularly see them. This is a battle for the ages and I wish the Koch Brothers would spend far more, whether through the company or in the so-called Dark-Money category.
None of these statistics take into account the TRILLIONS spent by Universities, Schools, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and liberal churches on political advocacy for liberal causes non-stop, often masked as news or entertainment, and NONE of that gigantic war chest is talked about in the same breath.

Saul Alinsky wrote a diabolical book entitled "Rules for Radicals".  It was dedicated to Lucifer himself who successfully led "the greatest rebellion of all time".  Both Barack and Hillary have taught these rules and are masters of them. One of the chief strategies is to lie, lie, and lie, and accuse others of what you are doing  A well-known radio talk show host has well said that if you want to know what liberals are doing, just understand what they are accusing YOU of.  You aren't doing it of course, but THEY do it as a matter of course.  Satan is a liar and a bully, and we all know that to get rid of a bully one needs force.  Negotiations never stopped a bully from doing anything. Understand the battle, and NEVER, EVER compromise with these folks.  THey NEVER compromise, so there needs to be a full tilt confrontation if things are to change.

The simple fact is that is every conservative have a huge political contribution, it would not be enough to outweigh the enormous liberal machine. Even if they won, many conservatives are not adept are understanding the battle and fighting it proudly and non-stop.  Ted Cruz may come closest, but even he backs off.  The other side NEVER backs off or backs down - they go full tilt 24/7.   It is only by the power of God that change can happen. It will take repentance and it will take every ounce of strength you have. Start to enlighten your friends and loved ones one at a time. Your future depends on it.

Friday, March 06, 2015


Many seem surprised to see the embrace of Islam by the American left.  They think about feminazis, they think about the burgeoning sexual perversion advocates, and they think about harsh Sharia law and the punishments of women and homosexuals.  These trains of thought appear to be totally contradictory.   However, it has been well said that politics makes strange bedfellows.

We need to look more closely at what these groups hold in common, not what separates them.  First and foremost is that Islam and the Left hate Jesus Christ as described in the Bible.  Oh, the secularists throw a sop and say Jesus was a great teacher.  Sort of like saying Einstein showed promise in science.  The feminists pervert scripture to justify women in leadership over men, and they pervert it in many ways when they teach it as well. Homosexual apologists even accused David and Jonathan, Ruth and Naomi and even Jesus and John of being queer.  The Muslims call Jesus a great prophet, but listen to nothing he prophesied (and some Christians are no better in heeding the many warnings of Christ).  ALL do NOT treat him as the only begotten Son of God who is the one and only source of salvation and who condemns all unbelievers into the unquenchable fires of hell. 

Secondly, Islam and the Left both hate true followers of Jesus.  Islam is beheading them - even children in more and more place.  "Moderate" Muslims marginalize Christians, restrict worship and sharing their faith, make people with PHD's clean toilets, often marry Christian women to enslave them, and make life difficult for any who do not succumb to their mantras and religion.  I pray for the world each day, and 44 of the top 50 persecuting countries have major Islamic leadership or influences.  The Left does similar things - they persecute all who refuse to accept their secular humanistic ideas as fact.  They set up rules to keep Christians out of academia or to silence those who slip through the cracks.  They mock all who hold to God's word and seek to prohibit freedom of religion.  Those who lived in leftist countries can tell you the whole skinny.

Thirdly, Islam and the Left HATE freedom.  They are control freaks and they hate for people to have freedom of thought, association, and action.  They have a totalitarian spirit.

I believe these folks believe they will use each other's fierce opposition to freedom.  They are all children of the devil, so they are doing his work from different vantage points which meet in the middle.  The devil does not care what they call it, he is about killing, stealing, and destroying Christians, and both Islam and the Left have bought into that agenda Hook, Line, and Sinker.

Pray with me that the Kingdom of God will prevail over these primary evils of our day.  When Christ returns, the works of Islam and the Left will be judged along with all other false works, and they will be eternally punished.  Pray for these deceived folks to see the light, and live blamelessly before them.

(I suggest you also see a post by another writer, Sultan Knish - Islam and the Left - Two Sides of the Same Coin)

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


The “R” word is thrown around so much it hardly means anything anymore.  However, real racism is truly ugly.  Why not try this test consisting of a “baker’s dozen” of questions and see how you do?  If you disagree with any of the answers, make a comment.  Please note that I personally believe there are only two races –the “Holy Race” consisting of the blood washed saints and then everyone else.   For the purposes of this exercise, though, the questions reflect the common belief that there are different races without regard to spiritual things.  Thanks!

1)             Is it racist to call someone a name with negative racial connotations?
2)             Is it racist to put your kid in a better school that is less diverse?
3)             Is it racist to move from a neighborhood with a high crime rate that happens to have a lot of people from another race?
4)             Is it racist to look over your shoulder if people of a different race who appear suspicious in some way are following you and you have had a negative experience when this happened before?
5)             Is it racist to assume a person of one race is more gifted in some way because of your observations of others like him or her?
6)             Is it racist to befriend someone simply because they are of a different ethnicity?
7)             Is it racist to believe that skin color is linked to intelligence one way or other?
8)             Is it racist to not like President Obama?
9)             Is it always racism when minorities are underrepresented in any given situation?
10)        Is it racist to prefer conservative politics?
11)         Is it racist to marry someone simply because they are the same ethnicity even though you are more attracted to and compatible with a person of another ethnicity?
12)         Is it racist to like someone of a different race because he or she agrees with you?
13)         Is it racist to go to a church that is all of your own race when alternatives with the same theology are just as convenient?


The answers to the even numbered questions and those question numbers that are divisible by 3 are no, all the others yes.