Saturday, January 14, 2017


I am glad all these Hollywood celebrities have refused to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump.  They are showing the world who they really are and proving right all our concerns about them.

1) These folks have long mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ.
2) These folks promote immorality in their music and in their opinions, and in their own lives.
3) These folks curse Jesus in almost every movie they make,
4) These folks utterly despise true Christians.
5) These folks are rank hypocrites, putting little into helping people - only pontification about per causes.
6)  These people are elitists who despise working men and women and the values they hold.
7)  They view being a virgin before marriage as fate worse than death and a sign of mental instability.
8) They see church as an anachronism and the Bible as a book for fools.

The fact is that these folks are taking a stand for all these things for the whole world to see.,
I have long rejected anything they do - they have nothing to tell me until they stop their war against God.

On the flip side, it is time for the righteous to shine like the sun - to exalt the Lord and all he is; to stand against wickedness; to support our nation; to side with the dispossessed; and to render these folks irrelevant and looking for a job.


(This post is based upon one first put up September 9, 2008, called "IS THERE A LINK?:" YOU BET THERE IS!"  The Obama presidency is nearing its end, but the incredible activities that have been going on since Donald J. Trump was elected are mind-boggling.  IT seems deception is not in hyperdrive which is why I am republishing this.)

We are awash in political deception these days. Some of the things I have heard boggle any intelligent mind. As an evangelist, I often see spiritual deception. Sometimes it is extremely obvious, other times subtle. Among Christians, I definitely see a link. Let's look at spiritual deception first.

A proponent of the Shem Tov Hebrew Matthew kept emailing me and denigrating me because I did not accept this version of Matthew's gospel which many have found to be hopelessly flawed. Shem Tov was a Jew who lived about a half-millenium ago who happened to be very anti-Christian. He leaves out the Trinitarian "formula" for baptism and indicates there is none born to a woman greater than John the Baptist INCLUDING Jesus. Shem Tov's version is used by some Oneness folks who say there is no Trinity and everyone but them is wrong. I have also heard much from the Dean Burgon Society who follows only the DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE. All other versions are hopeless according to them. There are folks who call the person of the Holy Spirit an "it", and there are those who persist in talking about "coming into the presence of the Lord" despite the fact the veil of the temple was torn asunder so we could live in the presence of God. There are those who say that you aren't saved unless you are baptized and speak in tongues, while others maintain that you are a heretic if you DO speak in tongues.

Actually, determining spiritual deception is fairly easy IF you accept the word of God at face value. Here are the main areas of spiritual deception that I see as commonplace:

1) A belief that Jesus is the way FOR US, but that there are other ways to God. (Bible: No man cometh to the Father, but by me).

2) A belief that those who die outside of Christ will not suffer eternal torment. (Bible references to an everlasting hell are clear and abundant).

3) The Bible is true, but not literally, and must be critically viewed. (Bible: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. God wrote on stone WITH HIS OWN HAND the Ten Commandments which included a reference to six-day creation).

4) Commands in the Bible are to be culturally defined. (Bible: Paul refers to ALL the Churches of God in terms of order in the church and in the home, qualifications for leaders, etc. Women are disobeying their husbands and usurping authority claiming God told them. People are engaging in improper behavior of all kinds. Our God is one, and the Father and Son always agree with the Holy Spirit, the author of all scripture).

5) New doctrines are being revealed and are needed for this victorious church that is emerging. (Bible: It is a curse to add to the words of this Book. Half verses are taken out of context and concepts such as healing and prosperity being part of the atonement are causing people to be focused on money, success, and themselves rather than God).

6) It is important to stand for my truth no matter what. (Bible: Pursue unity and do not be divisive. People are campaigning in church for candidates, demonizing other Christians, cutting off fellowship with other believers, ignoring those of different ethnicity, economics, education, or age, and often reject truths that are critical to their success in Christ).

Now, political deception - that is the whole concept of this blog - how to avoid it. As a blogger I see and hear a whole lot. I get communications from both sides. I post on blogs in the tank for one side or another. I go on MSM, Huffington Post, conservative, Christian, the whole gamut. You may see my Newshound777 moniker in any number of places. So many political proponents present only ONE side of the arguments, often from highly prejudiced if not outright dishonest sources. They tend to hate those who disagree with them and engage in ad honimem personal attacks. Both sides cannot be right on everything.

Determining political deception is fairly easy IF you accept objective truth and have a sense of fair play. Here are the main areas of political deception that I see as commonplace:

1) A belief that one's party is right and the other's is wrong (Truth: No political party is perfect. All individuals have sinned and all parties have sinned and come short of the glory of God. If a person thinks their party or their country is always right, they are deceived. If a person thinks they have all the answers and cannot be touched by something good coming from others, they are DEEPLY deceived).

2) A belief that it doesn't matter who is in power. This belief is that everyone is corrupt and nothing will change until Jesus comes. (Truth: It greatly matters. Without Winston Churchill, it is likely the Brits would be speaking German. Without the strong-willed George W. Bush. it is almost certain that if there was a war to liberate Iraq at all, it would have been abandoned in defeat because of the polls, and looky here - his weak-kneed successor did just that).

3) Our constitution must be reinterpreted by each generation. The rules change as we go along. If a political action such as scorning is done by one party, it isn't all of a sudden OK for the other party to do it. If politicians are advocating things that are not right, and we support them uncritically, we are deceived.

4) The ends justify the means. We can do anything we want to destroy another person. If we slander the integrity of someone who disagrees with us, we are in deception. We should be forceful with political truth just as we are with spiritual truth, but civility is the order of the day. God does not FORCE himself on us. He is a gentleman.

Back in 2008, I  heard someone who believes they are above deception categorically maintain that Mr. Obama is a man who will bring peace. There has been war his entire presidency. The truth is that only JESUS is the Prince of Peace. The Bible explicitly warns that people will TALK peace, but there will be none til Christ returns. With this type of warning, PLUS the very deep baggage and anti-morality beliefs of this specific man, it is stunning that any Christian made and spread this claim. A MAN of peace is indeed prophesied to come, but that is the ANTI-CHRIST. While I would be shocked if Obama were the anti-Christ, I think this is a bit of a dry run on how easily people uncritically accept political spin and ignore the reality. If you present simple verifiable truths to people who have this Messianic take, they refuse to check it out. It reminds me of how the Pharisees rejected Jesus without doing their homework. When you look at the corruption behind any political candidate, and the deeply flawed politics that are the order of the day, it is absurd to attribute to any God-like qualities to anyone save the one (Jesus Christ) who specifically fulfilled all Biblical prophecies concerning the Messiah. Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke in a church in New Jersey comparing Obama to the Virgin Mary. The media went orgasmic after Obama's farewell address saying no one could ever be so great again. I don't think I need to elaborate in order for you to understand that deception.

I was in a church PRAYER MEETING where people were actively campaigning for a candidate. Not only did they slander, but they lied. They were obviously in deception. (ADDENDUM: One or more Obama fanatics interrupted several meetings I was in this campaign season. From issuing false positives for Mr. Obama not based on his own platform to vicious slander of Sarah Palin, it is indicative of the Spirit of Deception that is loose in the land.) Interestingly, all are also deceived in one or more ways spiritually. They ARE linked. You see, truth is not compartmentalized with God. Truth invades every area of life. You cannot be totally free of deception even if you are "saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost". If you give room for lies in your life, you are deceived. Many otherwise fine people LIVE in deception. They accept things that aren't true. We know that the truth shall set us free. If we do not live in the truth, we are not truly free.

I met a man who preached a far more comprehensive gospel than most. He tried to overcome the man-made limits we often have when relating to God. Yet he failed to obey the Bible in the key areas of Baptism, Communion, and freedom from partiality. He thought he was on the way to perfection. He was far off the course despite his many victories.

SO MANY in the church are right about some key things, but SO WRONG about other equally important things. This ought not so to be. Let us study to show ourselves approved by God, and may we truly listen to him so we will not operate in deception of ANY sort, political or spiritual. That's the way Jesus lived - he had a firm handle on it all. Let's do likewise.

Saturday, January 07, 2017


If you believe Obama's politicized CIA and FBI, I have a bridge to sell you about 100 miles northeast of here. The NSA has less assurance any of it is true.  The facts are simple:
1) Several countries try to hack us and have been successful and this has been happening for years.  The current narrative is purely political, no two ways about it.  Did you know that Jon Podesta’s password was “password”? A 14 year old kid could have hacked into that!
2) WikiLeaks got their information from a source within the US.  There has been zero interest in the two latest dead bodies to come up - Seth Rich, whom many believe gave the information to Julian Assange, and the other was the head of the Clinton Foundation. Have you heard the lying media talk about them at all?
3) WikiLeaks has a pristine reputation for 10 years. I listened to him for three hours. I understand why.
4) Obama and his minions have an 8 year record of pandemic lies. We hear them all the lie.
5) I listened to them both - 67 years of living and 38 years in business and over 39 years in ministry enable one to gauge what is true and what is not.  It is so obvious to all who love the truth.  I see endless DNC emails and believe me, these folks lie endlessly and boldly and hatefully.  It is looks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk, it IS a skunk,
6) No one disputes the TRUTH of th published emails.
8) The media took sides against Trump early, and were totally dishonest in their coverage. TRUMP WAS FACING A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR PROPAGANDA MACHINE IN ADDITION TO BEING OUTSPENT 2:1 BY THE DEMONCRATS.
9) The media is STILL trumpeting faux news to take the light off their disgusting behavior and attempt to rig both the primary and the election for Hillary.  They were successful with the primary.
10) The ONLY reason for this FICTIONAL story is to sully Trump. 
Trump would be foolish to acknowledge any truth to this narrative whatsoever.  If he does, he has less understanding o the endemic corruption of the Demoncrats and the media that we thought.
Satan is ALWAYS trying to browbeat with lies and marginalized those who object that IS Saul Alinskjy whose teachings both Obama and Hillary adore.
1)  Millions of years when the earth's current population and population history make that impossible, let alone being is stark contradiction to the Bible.
2) The Big Bang Theory which has zero evidence.  
3) The 13 billion year postulated age of the universe does not answer objections to the Biblical timeline which is thousands of years and which is totally scientific in terms of general relativity and how time bemds and is measured differently depending on where you are in space.
4) Evolution from molecules to man which is impossible according to the laws of probability and is a fantasy promulgated by atheists.  There is zero proof this ever occurred.
5) Man-caused climate change despite massive evidence to the contrary.  It exalts man and seeks to diminish God who said there would be four seasons until the end.  Man's power can fit in a thimble compared to God's.
6)All religions are equal when Satan is only scared of just one - true Christianity. Anything but Jesus is just fine with him.
7) The Bible is not true based upon a lack of belief and a desire to justify one's own sins.
8) Endless deification of leads in the areas of civil rights, anti-war, anti-poverty when in fact these individuals denied the deity of Jesus Christ and are in hell today.
You see, the techniques of BIG Science, BIG Education, and BIG Religion Do not let the repetition of lies weaken you.  That is the intent.  Stand up to them, and expose them. The TRUTH shall set you free.

Saturday, November 05, 2016


People who know me know I am into politics and have been writing on political subjects for over 50 years now.  I get a lot of information before the mainstream press has to report it.  We all know how biased they are - if you want a great look at it read Frank Peretti's great book - PROPHET.   Published in 1992, it is true now more than ever.  Amazing foresight. I have read it THREE times.  Cannot say that about any other non-children's book but the Bible itself.

I have conflicting feelings about our nation.  It is under judgment for absurdly ridiculous sins and a culture of rebellion against God.  Blasphemy, illicit sex, and Satanic "entertainment" is the order of the day.  Movies such as "American Honey" almost make one wonder if there are worse beings than Satan himself.  Hollywood is sure giving him a run for his money.  Obama was hand-picked by God as the most evil man he could find to exact judgment on our nation, which I divulged long ago.  He has been a pandemic liar, he has destroyed much of American's confidence and goodness.  He has demoralized and decimated the military.  He has DOUBLED the national debt in nil eight years. He has obstructed the enforcement of our borders and allowed many in with ill intent with close to HALF our federal prisoners now being illegal aliens. He is using the anthropomorphic climate change hoax to cede our national sovereignty and further weaken our economy, absurdly limiting our ability to be energy independent and free of our mideastern shackles. He is a virulent racist - first exposed in his own book with the racist things he said and expanded upon with jumping to judgment on racist, not factual grounds.  He invited to the White House and offered support to a hardcore racist group BLM which was built on a pernicious lie. He celebrates homosexuality and all manner of perversion. He expanded on Bill Clinton's unfortunate legacy of making oral sex wildly popular.  He glorifies the most Satanic religion on earth (Islam), with massive Islamic radical infiltration into our government and demeans the Bible and our faith relentlessly.  He has appointed two failed Secretaries of State, Hillary and John Kerry, making us the laughingstock of the world with ZERO accomplishments.  He has handed  the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism a path to nuclear weapons.  He appointed two grossly political hacks to the Supreme Court who would not know a Constitution if placed to inches in front of their faces, He has never expressed any real love for our nation, and it is obviously every time he has opened his mouth. An utter failure. a man who talks about himself so often when he speaks one thinks he actually believes his own lies.

The fact we have paid heavily already for our sins is obvious.  Freedom is shrinking, evil people are gaining power and being open about their sins. A large majority of Americans is disgusted with where we now are. They differ in terms of whom they hold responsible, but they know something is drastically wrong. 

Hillary Clinton wants to continue Obama's FAILED policies. She wants MORE illegal immigration. She wants to expand our debt.  She cares nothing about our nation, only for herself.  The most corrupt public figure in my lifetime, and that dubious distinction took some real doing.  She is as radical on the crime of partial-bath abortion  and on seal perversion as Obama has been.  Like his background in homosexuality, there is strong evidence she sin the same orientation.  She wants to emasculate men, and has done nothing of consequence to help women and children, making her claims a farce. She has a large ego and wants Christians to abandon their faith in the Bible in favor of her version of hell, She has sworn to appoint hacks to the Supreme Court who will do her bidding and further reduce our shrinking freedoms.  Obviously, no thinking person, especially a Christian. could ever conceive on supporting her (I know many Christians who do but they are generally so ignorant of reality or so easily manipulated they are wrong about many matters of faith that are plain in the scriptures as well).

That leaves Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Donald Trump.   Johnson is a liberal libertarian which is the worst of both.  He is grossly ignorant, wrong on most issues, and not worthy of consideration.  Jill Stein is into the environment and that is actually the LEAST of our issues right now.  So that leaves Trump. Do I vote for him or write myself in or stay home?

Trump is a bit of an enigma.  Wildly successful by the world's standards.  Brash and confident. A quintessential American as the Europeans would see it.  The guy with the camera around his neck acting like he owned Paris.  Seemingly not stable as a family man with three wives and the way in which the first two marriages ended.  A hard guy to collect a bill on if you work for him.  Hey, I have known the tales for years.  While I believe his architect was an idiot for what he did, and I would never do business that way, I have no intention of submitting any proposals to Mr. Trump for my services even if he asked. Actually, someone who DOES look at invoices would be welcome in the Federal Government with all the money they waste.

However, looking deeper, I notice two trends - Hillary is descending deeper into sin while the Donald has made great strides in the opposite direction.  He has surrounded himself with Christian counsel. I take with  dose of salt the claim he is now born again, though Praise God if that is true.  I saw the video if him being prophesied over in the International Church of Las Vegas.  I see a change in his countenance.  He has changed on social and moral issues and I do not believe it is an act as he now speaks with conviction.  All I can say is that he is obviously moving in the right direction and I believe the more astute people in our nation believe that in their heart of hearts.

In talking with my older son yesterday, I noted that I see this election as an opportunity for a "time-out". No president can accomplish all that has been promised.  We have a Congress and Courts in the mix. We have a deeply corrupt press stacked mightily against him. We will have Obama living just a few doors away pretending he is still president. Mr. Trump has a daunting task ahead of him.  May believe that someone has to be as brash and "take no prisoners" in their demeanor given where we are at this point. My son and I agreed that religious freedom and the second amendment would not shrink under Trump. They may not improve much or perhaps not at all, but he does not have an agenda to further erode or destroy our freedoms. The wall may be partial, the flight of jobs may slow some but not much, but you have to stop going the wrong direction before you can turn around and go back to where we went wrong and they proceed in the right direction.  He is asking our nation to turn around -to repent if you will, and what Christian could POSSIBLY be against THAT?

For these reasons, I am enthusiastic in my support of Donald Trump, and pray that he will indeed come to a complete salvation experience with Christ.  I wish him success against those who will try to fight him undermine him, slander him, demean him, and treat him poorly.   Christ was treated that way as well, so if the Donald WILL pray, and my guess is that he will, God will help him buy our country some more time before our ultimate destruction.  Nineveh was indeed destroyed ultimately, and I know from the Bible that is our ultimate fate as well, but I say, not on my watch, not in my time. I want peace, freedom, and justice for my sons and their children and the rest of my family and for the church of Jesus Christ.  We have the opportunity to buy some time by righting some of the wrongs. If we reject that opportunity and participate in the unfruitful works of darkness our judgment will be very harsh. We are not electing a pastor. We are electing a warrior.  We will get that warrior either way -do we want one fighting for good or one fighting for evil?   To me there is no option.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Some people talk about Biblical principles in deciding whom to vote for. If you read Mark 9 and Luke 9, Jesus said to his disciples that those who were not against them were for them. Donald Trump has been clear he will defend the rights of Christians and stand up for the worldwide. He has welcomes dialogue with serious Christians. He put Ben Carson in an important spokesman role. He chose Mike Pence as his running mate.
Compare that to Hillary Clinton who refuses to get near any of these people. A woman whose campaign was infiltrating Catholic and Evangelical churches to try to subvert their moral positions. A woman who says people have to change their deep moral and religious positions. She is AGAINST Jesus and his church.
There is a literate ocean of incriminating emails detailing the deep corruption. Project Veritas shows their criminal activities inciting violence and worse. We will be judged if we support such workers of iniquity. Psalm 94 says it well... 15For judgment will again be righteous, And all the upright in heart will follow it. 16Who will stand up for me against evildoers? Who will take his stand for me against those who do wickedness? 17If the LORD had not been my help, My soul would soon have dwelt in the abode of silence.…
Whom do you think Jesus would want you to vote for? Not very hard to determine if you care what he cares about.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Wish I had a chance to debate – Three retorts for you and a one minute closing statement.  Donald did pretty good, but he could have nailed her several times and left some points on the table.  

I know you love to  repeat the big lie, but your party took over both houses of Congress in 2006 and refused to pass a budget or allow reform of the policy forcing banks to give loans to people not qualified to repay them. The real estate crash can be laid at the doorstep of Democrat policies, not Republican. Further, you and your husband have short memories regarding the 1990’s.  Your economic policies from 1993 to 1995 were so bad and HillaryCare was so panned as being unworkable that the Republican Revolution occurred in 1994 taking both houses of Congress.  Your husband was smart enough to go along and we prospered, but you want to put Bill back in charge of the economy which would be a disaster. Newt Gingrich was the one who should have gotten the credit because without his leadership in reversing Bill’s early mess, it would have been a truly disastrous decade.

Hillary, all you talk about is one woman when it involves two people.  Thirty million innocent young women have been killed with your approval in what should be safes space on earth – her mother’s womb.  And an equal number of boys.  At the latest stages of pregnancy, they are dismembered in such a painful and utterly sick manner that it is absolutely inhumane.  Where is justice for these innocents?  The convenience of the mother is no excuse. Doctors say that partial birth abortion is NEVER medically necessary. It is rank abuse of another human being.  You are all for "safe spaces" that would keep enfeebled people from hearing the free speech of religious people who want to live out their faith in academia and in their businesses and in their churches. You are all for appointing so-called justices who impose their own radical ideas on people when the. Democratic process outright rejects those ideas.  You totally ignore that the Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade has totally flipped and is now adamantly pro-life. She also had no standing in the case as she had already given birth which you conveniently ignore. You also ignore that Justice Blackmun said in his opinion that when science improves the decision may need to be revisited. Well, Hillary, fetal science was in the dark ages then and we now know with certainly the pain that is inflicted on the innocent. What your goons did at my rallies was reprehensible, but this is far worse. 

Hillary, wherever these hacked emails came from, they show a very dark, corrupt, criminal campaign and way of operating with plans for more massive voter fraud than ever. All in the very words of your people - it justifies EVERYTHING we have been saying and you cannot deny them.  Firing a couple people is not the answer. The whole thing has to go, and that will only happen if you elect me. We have a great LEFT wing conspiracy here for sure. It is telling that you had no Issue with Barack Obama sending his minions to Israel to undermine one of America’s very best friends, Benyamin Netanyahu, an effort that thankfully failed nor with him working for Trudeau, Jr. in Canada. Look, I was not the one who sold Uranium to Putin.  Anyone who really knows me is absolutely convinced I will always put America’s interests first. You owe so many foreign leaders that no thinking person can have that same assurance about you. I ask you again, are you going to return the money given to you and your sham Foundation from countries that abuse women and homosexuals and behead Christians? If you do not, the people would have to conclude that you do not object to these atrocities which are at total odds with your rhetoric.  You can keep your rhetoric, Hillary because it obviously means nothing.  True justice for all with no dark ops will be a reality in the Trump administration. You talk one thing, but there is substantial pay inequity between men and women in your campaign and when you ran the State Department.  Talk will not cut it anymore. I will make justice real and not a talking point.

A large majority of Americans agree our country has been going in the wrong direction for the last few years.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for further decline. She wants to put her foot on the gas pedal to get us farther down the wrong road. A vote for Hillary is a vote for imperialist justices who give not one hoot about the Constitution, but who wish to impose their radical ideas on you regardless of Congress, regardless or referendums, regardless of YOU.  A vote for me is to begin the cleanup and set a better moral climate that has served us well over our history.   I am not beholden to big donors.  I am not a puppet of George Soros who called himself a god and who has funded much of what now ails us. I am not in debt to Wall Street.  I am not doing this for a raise but because I love this country, I stand for the national anthem, I salute the flag, and I am no hypocrite. People, you only have one choice if you want to turn this nation around. I will not divide based upon race, sex, income, or education. I will serve the day worker as much as I do the job creators. I want all boats to be lifted.  We have already learned that taking from some to give to others never works long term.  I want every able-bodied person to be able to work and succeed as a person and be free to exercise the freedoms that have made our country such an exceptional place to be. I do not promise free this and free that because that is not possible at this point in time. Rather, we will spend our resources more wisely and take steps to become energy independent and an economic “will-be” instead of a “has-been”. We will again be the envy of the world when we live in harmony, in unity, and as a free people.  We all need to grow as a people. I have grown a lot as a person, and I credit my beautiful and very intelligent wife Melania for bringing out the best in me.  People of faith have been enriching my life, and I know that I need God's help in getting this country back on track. If you grant me the opportunity, I will surround myself with the best people and lead you in absolute integrity.  God bless you and God bless America.