Thursday, December 07, 2017


Praise God for a pResident who actually does what hew says!   The last few presidents talked about it.  The Congress passed the law.  Only Trump was willing to actually honor our bet ally in the Middle East.

The House passed a bill limiting abortion to these first 20 weeks.  Remember the SCOTUS first
trimester decision run Roe v. Wade?   This one is based upon when the baby can feel pain.  It is
a start, but I am not confident Mitch McConnell and the other spinelesss folks in the Senate will
pass it also.

I am praying for all unrighteous Congresspersons of both parties to be gone.  Franken was high
on my list, and hopefully by the time you read this he will be gone.  He is but one of many.

Is it not strange that there is an outcry for asking women for sexual favors, which I find very creepy
but the SAME PEOPLE have no issue with causing pain and death to an innocent baby simply
growing in his own mother's wombs waiting to make his or her mark in the world?

We need an end to hypocrisy.     And we need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Here is a recent exchange on Facebook –

Me:    Of course not! Freedom means being able to follow your conscience. Homosexual "weddings" are a total sham and a celebration of perverted behavior. A true Christian could never go to one, approve of one, or participate in the celebration of an abomination as a baker, photographer, or other enabler. THIS IS BASIC FREEDOM, which liberals, Muslims and others routinely enjoy as NO CASE has ever been brought about their matter-of-fact refusal to bake Trump cakes (libs), gay cakes (Muslims), etc. it It a purely anti-Christian effort. We have the Bill of Rights for a reason, though many judges do not understand that but simply are there to push a demented left-wing agenda with zero consideration of the law. There is a real possibility Kennedy will vote his pro-gay beliefs and make it 5-4 against the Constitution. If that happens, Christians must be prepared to stand regardless. The SCOTUS has made many errors - remember Plessy vs. Ferguson in 1896? A man who was 1/8 black but passed for white got on the best part of the train with no issues. When he stated he was really black, they asked him to move to the "colored" section. The SCOTUS ruled against him that Separate but Equal was fine. Some universities today still do that with back dorms, etc. except now it isa t the request of blacks. Only God is the final arbiter and we need to stand for right no matter how many stand for wrong.

Challenger  How about a racist motel owner turning away black family in need of lodging for a night? Racism and anti-gay bigotry are “matters of conscience.” We’re allowed to think and speak as we like, but when we offer our services commercially, we need to offer them to all comers our equal terms. If you can’t be gracious, you’ll attract legal challenges that will put you out of business. I suspect that there were once pastors who would not perform interracial marriages as a matter of conscience.

Me:   I cannot disagree more and find it extraordinarily insulting to compare the color of one skin with abominable sexual perversion that does violence to the human body. This argument by gay radicals deeply insults black people. I testified concerning this at a public hearing on so called "human rights". Thankfully the mayor's veto was sustained The argument is fallacious because the Bible specifically forbids partiality and in fact Miriam got leprosy for criticizing her brother Moses' marriage to a black African. On the other hand, homosexuality is condemned not only by the Bible but by the Quran and almost every society until recently. We are to have no part of unrighteousness.

We are not talking about selling people food, coffee or a car here. No one asks anything in straight transactions, and in fact at the hearing NO ONE said they has EVER experienced discrimination .  It was :”just in case” – yes,  Just in case there was a Christian they wanted to target make an example of.   That is the true history of these cases – sometimes traveling 3,000 miles to do so – agenda—driven to the extreme.  A wedding is a whole different story from a simple sales transaction. We are talking about CELEBRATING and AFFIRMING the unfruitful works of darkness. We are talking about an intensely personal service in a celebratory event.  That is how I found out John Kasich was a fraud - he said he was a Christian and opposed homosexual "marriage" but went to one of friend to "support" him. That is absurd. If you are against a wedding, you do not go. Our wedding was packed and our pastor, our elders and our family ALL approved. I would not want anyone there who thought what we were doing was wrong. You cannot celebrate what is abhorrent to God, and the first amendment (read it again last night) says the freedom of religion cannot be abridged.

According to Merriam Webster, RELIGION Is a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. A Christian made a custom ring for with your point of view made custom rings for a lesbian couple. When they found out he was a Christian, they demanded a refund. All sane people want those involved in their wedding to be in their corner -we selected very carefully for our wedding. IT is SOLELY about seeking to shut down all debate and insist that EVERYONE believe in their pagan practices which shall be destroyed by Christ's breath at his coming. Those who approve of what God hates are on thin ic and I do not like really cold water.

Sunday, December 03, 2017


The photo of Matt Lauer grilling Bill O'Reilly is so prescient.  Matt's sins were far worse that Bill O'Reilly's accusations.  Robert Mueller and Comey were so entwined with the Hillary deceptions they have no business judging ANYONE.  I am praying that they will end up like Matt Lauer, totally exposed as rank hypocrites and FIRED.

god is not mocked - what a man sows, he indeed shall reap.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


It is too early to tell whether is was the RINO's like John McCain and the despicable Mitch McConnell who were behind the salacious accusations against Roy Moore or the Demoncrats, but absent from the pubic debate is the simple fact that for Leigh Corfman this has not been the first time. She has routinely accused Christian leaders and pastors of the same thing. She has been laughed out of court and even the Washington Post admits she has a credibility problem.  A man who dated her even has said she is lying about her age which of course goes to the heart of the matter.  There is no law about a man dating a younger woman - only if she is a minor.

Mitch spent 9 million trying to get a fellow RINO in Alabama he can control - Luther Strange.  We need more Roy Moore's.  We need more true Conservatives.  We need for Mitch to get kicked out. Understand that these accusations are standard operating procedure for the Demoncrats but the wicked GOP swamp creatures are just as likely too engage in this mess.

Please press Mitch, McCain, Murkowsky (MMM)and other swamp creatures to resign.  I am praying for God to remove them.  Let us hope there is justice in America - innocent until proven guilty.  PERIOD.

Sunday, October 01, 2017


I am truly distressed on how often preachers depart from the word of God to promote man-made agendas. Some church websites now hide or omit any Statement of Faith - they substitute "values" which become de facto doctrines and these more often than not reflect the world's values rather than God's. I just saw one Friday for a church in Cincinnati and wrote the pastor a kind letter about his. Here are just two values du jour...

UNITY. Jesus prayed in John 17 in his high priestly prayer for his children to be one. He did not pray they would ignore false doctrine and unite with people who teach the opposite of the Bible. DIVERSITY. The Bible says that people of every tribe and tongue will be in heaven. Our churches should not be segregated racially. economically or denominationally. However, when churches welcome in unrepentant persons who practice sexual immorality and other things, that is not a positive value. It leads to the death of churches.

In other cases, there are "drive-by" references to those little memes repeated endlessly by Christians without regard to their validity. "By his stripes" is short for promoting healing being guaranteed by the atonement. They say the blood of Jesus guarantees wellness. Ignored are Jesus' own words in Matthew 26:28 "This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins." It does not say "This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins, for divine health, and for you to be rich." They also cite Isaiah and Peter totally out of context where the message is CLEARLY spiritual healing, and they ignore the fact Jesus did his healing ministry BEFORE the atonement. Yet that is preached endlessly. Now I believe in healing, and in fact testified to a Southern Baptist Pastor last night about the healing I had witnessed.

Then someone prayed at church today about dropping doctrine as though doctrine were something evil. You sure need to know what the Bible says about doctrine before being dismissive of it - I have a booklet I wrote on the subject I would be glad to send you if you message me. And then also today I heard yet another plea for people to "tithe", which is absolutely nowhere in the new covenant. Paul says each man is to determine in HIS OWN HEART what to give. Read the history of the early church. Further, Old Testament tithing was 23.3% - two annual FOOD tithes of 10% and a triennial poor tithe of 10%. This is on crops and the Pharisees even tithed on their window plants. If you got 10 strawberries, you gave God two each year and three every third year. Abraham gave 10% of the spoils of war to Melchizadek, not all he had at home. The 10% of your money idea is a relatively modern construct and no one in my six decades in Christ has ever been able to satisfactorily explain to me how it really can be equitably applied in an industrialized society with some people getting benefits. some not, others self-employed. Total compensation includes benefits yet just like teachers do not care where students understand evolution but just want them to believe it, preachers never explain how their system really works - they simply want people to do it - gross, net, etc., but none include benefits which shows the inherent injustice of this man-made idea and God is not a God of injustice. The same preachers do not preach adherence to other ceremonial laws but just this one. Jesus nailed them ALL to the cross and we are in the dispensation of grace. Most of the references to giving in the New Covenant have to do with giving to PEOPLE such as the POOR, ORPHANS, and WIDOWS, and sometimes to support the evangelists and those ministering, but never to support a massive church structure. That came later. Further, people say to solve your financial problems by giving.  There is MASSIVE abuse of this with TV preachers, but local churches can be just as abusive. Two in Philly have asked for your 1040 to ASSESS your tithe. Crazy, huh? Pride problems? Immense. Pins for giving certain amounts - a direct violation of scripture. We give because of the overflow in our spirit and our desire to minster to Christ by helping spread the gospel and ministering to the least of his brethren. Many do not realize that lots of cults and other religions tithe also, and no doubt that personal discipline of money can benefit you whether or not you are a Christian.  However, we must not use compulsion or selective use of the Old Covenant to guilt people into doing something.  90% of Christians do not tithe - some because they are simply selfish, but others because they know what the Bible really teaches. People will give a lot on their own when their relationship is right with the Lord.   I have a booklet on tithing practices too if you message me.

The sad thing to me is that just like so many people accept the memes of the drive-by media uncritically (someone just quoted CNN to me as an unimpeachable source!!!), they accept what they are told without EVER examining the scriptures carefully as the Bereans did. Be sure to do that. I tell people to check me out as well just as Paul instructed the church to do with him, so no one, no matter how much you respect them, is exempt. We must press for the truth whether in politics, faith, or in our chosen career. We really have to cut through the mustard to avoid deception.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


This is  letter in response to the typical derision on people who maintain that Barack Obama was never a legitimate President and that everything he did should be voided as it was done illegally.  You may be saying, "Oh, Brother, give it a rest."  However, many of those same people have no problem bullying and slandering the current President endlessly.  They really are not looking at the entire picture, and I have found almost NONE have ever looked into things themselves - they merely parrot what they here, just as our university students are being programmed to do.  Critical thinking is essential to save our country, and that has been in short supply. People who  steal by claiming they are someone they are not do not get to keep the goods or money.  Why should a man dedicated to bringing the nation down a few notches have a funded library to exalt himself in perpetuity???  That is absolutely insane!   We are experiencing endless memes every day by people trying to impeach President Trump, even though he was born here, is double the 35 minimum age, committed no crimes despite being under a political microscope from day one, and dedicated to building up the country and making life better for everyone.  We have seen an unprecedented media attack fully coordinated with his political enemies.   Just like Robert Mueller should be investigating Hillary and Debbie rather than the President, so should the high crimes of Barack Obama be fully exposed to destroy whatever remains of his "legacy".  This was a fully illegal presidency and we need to focus on the guilty and stop bullying the innocent.   Here is the relevant part of my letter.

I do not follow any particular “birther” website. I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I believe man went to the moon, I believe the World Trade Centers were toppled by radical Islamists, I believe the earth is round like Isaiah wrote over 2,500 years ago.  I do not think Apple Cider vinegar cures all ailments and am generally a hard person to convince of anything – ask the sales folks who try to convince me to put their products in my buildings – you really have to have a good case and prove it.   I have read papers from Israel, Africa, Russia, China, and the UK and find they generally make our media look shallow.  The Chinese actually advocate more capitalism than the New York Times.   Rather, for nine years, I have researched and found the preponderance of evidence supports the fact he was not born here and not eligible to serve as president.  Just a sampling of massive amounts of information I find that the overwhelming number of people who mock “birthers” are totally ignorant of any real information – they just repeat the meme.  Perhaps there is another explanation for some things, but as a fan of probability, there is a zero chance of explaining everything away.

1) The African Standard rejoiced when Obama was elected to the Senate in 2004.    There is no “natural born citizen” requirement for that position.  They bragged about his Kenyan birth.

2) The Tanzania Times had an editorial after Obama’s election asking why they could not accept a President born in another African nation since the United States has elected one born in Kenya.

3) Barack Obama’s own promotional brochure touted his Kenyan birth when it was advantageous to him.  Did he lie then or lie now?  Since he spent millions on legal maneuvers to hide his past, not just the birth certificate but his college records and much else, it takes a lot of incredulity to overcome this.  Remember how they said Kerry was so much smarter than Bush?  Then the grades came out.  Neither was a star, but Bush had a slight advantage.

4) We also have a graphics business, and with both that and the imaging I do for my designs, I am decent at Adobe PhotoShop and other software where you can edit images and documents.   I can change the color of clothes for people in architectural images, recreate official stamps with more density for better reproduction, cause people to look thinner, and so forth. I watched videos that showed how the alleged birth certificate was created step-by-step.   The explanations were technologically sound and really rather obvious and alternative explanations were wanting. In a New Jersey eligibility case, an Obama attorney actually did not dispute how it was created but argued about standing instead.

5) Obama campaign officials cited TWO different hospitals at different times. The hospital records did not stand up, and hospital administrator has since said plainly there never WAS a birth certificate. At the time of his birth, Hawaii was still a new state and allowed foreign nationals to obtain birth certificates without either parent being present in person.  Short newspaper announcements were automatically generated.  The announcement of Obama’s birth was such an announcement, not a personalized one written by a proud parent.

6) I have studied the timeline of his mom’s trip to Africa, testimony of his family from his relatives on his African side to his own wife who talked about his “native Kenya”.  Someone with a Princeton degree such as Michelle Obama surely knew what this meant. 

7) The citizens of Arizona petitioned for an investigation into Obama’s eligibility.  Joe Arpaio formed a “Cold Case Posse”, assuming the birther “nonsense” would be put to bed.  What he found over a five year period was startling and beyond what most birthers claimed but the media ignored it.  Mr. Obama did not – he went after him with a vengeance despite the fact he had the higher number of Hispanic officers in his group than any other in Arizona and despite the fact he was effective against illegal immigration.  President Trump pardoned him.  If you read the article it is at

I do not accept the premise of what the people accepted or view that as valid– they did it under false pretenses. In terms of the Constitutional question, the Constitution trumps the vote.  If fraud is proven, an election can be overturned.  There are reasons for the Constitutional qualifications for president,  and I believe the last eight years fully justify the founders’ wisdom. I do not accept the premise of what the people did being supreme  – they did it under false pretenses and the conspiracy of the media – I have heard ENDLESS montages of clearly coordinated talking points that could NOT have been independently stated – remember the word “GRAVITAS” that was used by dozens in the press about W when they never used the word before or since.  The media is a well-oiled machine and the same m.o. applied throughout the Trump campaign.  Republics do not survive with just a large percentage of brainwashed populace. The number of lies Obama told is legendary, and the policies weakened our nation, our military, and our economy to a stunning degree.

We will be paying the price of the large number of unqualified political hacks he put into federal judgeships and embedded in the Deep State.   In terms of the economy, when I tell people he cost me a half-million, they are amazed at how bad the economy was while he was in office - the media covered endlessly for him, but people not working for the bloated government or in recession-proof jobs were clueless about how many hard-working people were suffering tremendously because of absurd policies,  Many successful businesses shrunk or ended.  22,000 architects left  during his reign.  It is a total miracle of God’s grace I got through – it was most difficult and one good project helped enormously.  

Obama's legacy of racial division is perhaps his worst – he set back race relations at least thirty years, and as a constant participant in interracial relationships, I am keenly aware of the degenerative effects of his rhetoric, decisions, and actions.  It is horrific – I have seen what were normal well-adjusted people turn into racists before my eyes. He was a master at it – and I do not discount the occult either.  He utilized 26 different hypnotic methods.  One of his speechwriters explained some of the techniques – he was not alone in this btw -

The media other than Sean Hannity and a few others did ZERO vetting of Mr. Obama,  covered up all truths and apparent situations that were deeply troubling and wrote and promoted a narrative to deceive the masses.  The “first black president” narrative was the first. It is :”historic”.   “It is about time.” And on and on and on. Black Historians have long maintained we had several mixed race presidents – you can Google “America’s Six Black Presidents” or even look at an article of Black Voices on the Huffington Post (    Now I reject the “one-drop” argument, but ALL SIX on the list were allegedly “more black” than Obama.  Obama was under the threshold to be called black, at 6.25%, which is less than the 1/8 which also excluded Elizabeth Warren from being Native American.    Obama’s genealogy showed he was 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% Black.   Arabs do not consider themselves Black, but rather  subjugate them at every opportunity with slavery existing to this day.  Obama made the decision to identify that way despite the facts and it served him well.

The media in 2008 was just s one-sided as it is today.  Then, everything Obama said or did was golden.  Every racist statement, including in his own books (I understand the controversy of who actually wrote them biut his name is on them) was ignored or explained away.  Every word that dripped out of his mouth was considered to be as profound as the Roman Marcus Aurelius.  The press was extremely effective in painting Democrats as the righteous and the Republicans as Demons – so much so that in the startling video “How Barack Obama Got Elected”,  almost all Obama voters knew NOTHING about who was in power or their own party officials, but EVERYTHING about smears on Republicans. They were totally devoid of current events knowledge.   I  STILL find this true of Hillary supporters.  It is called media malpractice.  I have seen ample proof with interviews of voters who associated the racist statements of Joe Biden and poor policy platforms issues of the Dems with the GOP, and every good idea of the GOP with the Dems.  It has been a thorough brainwashing.

The fact is that the first Bush had 89% approval ratings during Desert Storm which tanked later.  The people who wanted to make Jesus king on Palm Sunday, but a mob probably as large or larger were screaming for him to be crucified for NO REASON just a few days later.  The average American voter is abysmally ignorant, easily manipulated, and not qualified to decide anything to be honest.  An informed electorate with a free and unbiased press is key to achieving that.  The average voter in my opinion is ignorant of 90% of the information needed to make an intelligent selection. With a media that resembles the old Pravda and Investia of the old Soviet days, people run up huge totals for demagogues and dictators. Here, at all levels of government, slogans and shallow shameless appeals win the day.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


A message I left at the Larry Elder show.

Larry, this is John from Pennsylvania. I found myself hollering at the car radio Friday when the last caller could not understand why a business would not want to bake a cake to celebrate a so-called gay marriage. He was mum about people refusing to give up illegal sanctuary cities, mum about California’s illegal travel ban to other states, and every other crazy leftist idea.  It is never about the law or justice, but only that the left can make people knuckle under their bullying tactics.  Over 100 million people died in the last century when these folks had an unimpeded reign. Well, I have been in business for thirty-eight years and making money is NOT the sole reason. Further, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? 

If you try gay plumbing marriage, you have a flood. If you try gay electrical marriage, you get a fire. With people it is worse, and none has the right to turn all of human history upside down and demand we accept insanity.  Better to lose some business.  Better yet for Government to stop the foolishness and make religious freedom absolute as it was first intended.

My friends, I was limited to a minute and I talk fast, but so many Christians have sold their souls on this issue - just like they have sold their souls on sexual morality, molecules to man evolution, overpopulation hysteria, climate change and any other issue du jour.   WHY?  We are supposed to stand for truth!  Do you believe in absolute truth or do you think everything is relative? God believes in absolute truth and so do I.  We must stand for it or we will be relegated to the dustbin of history and the dustbin of God which is worse!  The Jesus said the whole world will hate us because of him.  It is happening now.  Are your knees shaking or are you asking God to help you through this trial UNCOMPROMISED and standing tall for our Lord who sacrificed EVERYTHING for us?