Thursday, March 08, 2012


I’ve hear it.  You’ve heard it. “It’s about the economy, stupid.” “You have to put the social issues on the back burner and focus on the economy.”

Democrats are telling this to Republicans. Republicans are saying it to each other,  Especially to people like me who KNOW that the key to our economic recovery is deep repentance from sin – first by God’s people, but also by the nation as a whole.   God spared Nineveh for a while because the NATION repented.  We know that America will eventually be destroyed.  The question is when – when God issues his final judgment, or by us prematurely because we elect foolish leaders who spit in God’s eye and encourage the people to do the same. 

Funny thing is, the Left has no such anxiety about “social issues”. They pursue them 24/7.  What do they know that the conservatives do not know?

Abortion is the Holy Grail.  Try to be a pro-life Democrat today. Just try.  The “right” to control and kill if necessary the life of another is CENTRAL to leftist theology.  It starts with life in the womb – the false separation of sex and reproduction.  It continues with infanticide and the death panels intrinsic to all universal health care systems.  The “right” to determine what is right and to be free from all strictures, whether the Declaration of Independence’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the Constitution's many protections of the citizens against an oppressive government, or of course the Bible, God’s handbook for mankind,  By polluting the minds of all and sowing to the flesh in every institution in America, these folks believe they will have a Utopia where everyone can do what is right in the minds – no, not their own minds, but the minds of the elites!  No one can deviate from the strict doctrine. They must destroy the middle class, and make as many people as possible dependent on the state.  Independent wealth and freedom are their worst enemies.  An improving economy would actually set back their agenda! They need it good enough to get reelected, but not too good or people will forsake them in droves.  The social issues of the left are foundational to establishing a society without true freedom or the ability to existing outside the largesse of the state.

The authority of the Bible was step one. In the 1800’s, open questioning and mockery became acceptable.  The inept William Jennings Bryan (a great orator, but not a great thinker – sound familiar?) was unable to answer basic questions in the Scopes Trial in the 1920’s and the Bible was made into a laughingstock. Never mind that just about everything argued for is no longer believed. 

That is also why the birth certificate issue is so important. The evidence that Barack Obama is a Trojan Horse is overwhelming – the elephant in the room. Blatantly forged and hidden documents and the testimony of his own family.  I believe this flaunting of the Constitution in this area was crucial because once that was done, he moved with impunity to do many unconstitutional actions in his presidency – even violating treaties.  Hardly anyone complains.  Of either party.  

There is a major move on to remove freedom on every hand by GRANTING non-existent freedoms on moral issues to vaccinate the nation and rewarding obeisance to the elites, not independent thinking. The thinking is on the Conservative side, my friends.  Just try to find an Obamaton who can explain any policy cogently.  I haven't found one yet.  They uniformly believe laughable lies and pretend they are superior.  It all goes back to situation ethics.  Remember that?  Telling lies is fine if the motive is right.  That is in the Quran as well.  Maybe secularists and Muslims aren't the strange bedfellows we think they are.  They may disagree on how many clothes a woman should wear, but they share a hatred of Christians and they have the same father - the devil.  The kids have different personalities, but in the end they support the family.  These folks believe they are morally superior while they are deceived in very blatant ways. I get into it all the time with people like this  - believe me, I know.

An ugly little secret – and this is for free. These folks could care less whether your child could explain evolution or argue for free sex or anything else.  They just want them to blindly accept the premise.  THINKING is their worst enemy.  Ever been to a debate on evolution?  Most evolutionists steadfastly refuse to debate. You’d think they would jump at the chance since after all, like global warming, overpopulation, and evolution are all considered “settled science”.  However, they almost always LOSE!   I was at one and it was laughable.  As God says, the FOOL has said in his heart there is no God. 

How can one argue for free sex?  It screws up everyone who tries it. It spreads misery and death and most music it seems. It fills people with images, creates an insatiable appetite for variety, and destabilizes homes, psyches and lives.  One man and one woman filled with love for God and each other forever wins every time. The same is true for abortion and every other social issue of the left.  That is why they shut down debate, want conservatives to shut up, and try intimidation, then the law, and then the courts. They do not care if most oppose them.  They are like lawless children who want their way all the time.  No, these folks are not afraid of social issues.  Not at all.  They LOVE social issues and know they are essential to their end game.

Funny thing, read the history of the Nazi’s and the Communists and the strategy is eerily similar.  They know that a morally weak country will be prime fodder for their takeover of society and the denial of freedom to the stragglers and the eventual killing of those who refuse to worship their vision for the world. There is nothing new under the sun.

Maybe that is why people like me are so distraught about folks like McCain and Romney (McCain II).  These men ostensibly are moral people, but we just know that it is not central to them.  McCain showed his colors after the election.  He was not much different from Obama on key issues.  Only Palin gave him as many votes as he did get.  Romney simply has switched too much at opportunistic times.  The book of Colossians (in the Bible) talks about man-made rules being of no value against fleshly indulgence.   Mitt Romney does not know God.  He is a Mormon who denies the deity of Jesus Christ.  If he does not change his thinking and submit to Christ, he is going to hell, just as Obama will unless he becomes born again.  If you are not a child of God, your father is the devil.  Both Romney and Obama have the devil as their father and they do his bidding.  Romney may have some better ideas for the economy, but his heartless business practices are hardly an overwhelming improvement over Obama’s corrupt business practices – giving the people’s money to his cronies. I know the establishment figures people like me will vote for Romney because he is better on Israel, probably better for jobs, and probably not aggressive in promoting immorality but that does not cover the fact he is deeply flawed as a candidate and I earnestly hope he is not the nominee.

I do not limit this issue just to political leaders. I am also talking about business leaders, entertainment leaders, sports leaders, media leaders.  We are being led down the primrose path to disaster, not only by the absurd policies and dishonesties of Barack Obama and members of both parties who care more for themselves and their own agendas that for the country and our standing before God, but by a plethora of others – apostate pastors who have invented their own gospels, entertainers who will marry and divorce just to keep their names in the papers, writers who fill almost every book store, every TV series, and 95% of movies with fornication, adultery, homosexuality, cursing, filthy communication, the occult,  and disturbing, disgusting images that are being engraved on the minds of the young. They sow to human weakness and the flesh - just read about what went on in Hitler's Germany, in Russia, and in China.  Degradation is part and parcel of the economic agenda of the American Left.  

I am talking about college administrators who wink and nod and actively encourage immorality even at freshman orientation. I am talking about professors who indoctrinate and seek to destroy any faith that makes it as far as their ivory tower. And yes, I am talking about Sandra Fluke, an activist who enrolled at Georgetown Law School for the express purpose of trying to force Catholics to subsidize not only her own immoral sex life, but also sec change operations.  Rush Limbaugh should have stuck to the issues and not stooped to what is routine among the left – demonizing others and using coarse discourse to try to diminish other human beings.  God knows the Left routinely does that WITHOUT NOTICE OR CRITICISM to just about EVERY Conservative woman who is gaining traction and every minority person of either gender who dare question their orthodoxy.  I am talking about Big Government, Big Science, and Big Religion. They all have the same aim.

Ron Paul for sure – and Ron Paul is a Libertarian who wants laws off many destructive behaviors, giving him a fanatical following among college students. We all know where legalized drug use leads.  Look at Europe who had to back-peddle after their experiment with disaster.

People born in sin take the bait. Women and men in the hook-up culture will hardly fight against abortion, morning after pills, and religious freedom.  Those people are their enemies, not their friends. The sooner the people who stand as a witness against them fall or are marginalized the better.

The church is largely following the same pattern.  There is a war against those who are "super-spiritual", who are more interested in holiness than "tolerance", and those who stand for the poor as opposed to making the church rich and successful.  Tongues are out.  Book Studies replace Bible studies. Seminary professors attack students who stand for the inerrancy of scripture or the exclusivity of salvation being only through Christ.  No wonder the Christian “expert” on child spirituality from Wheaton College (who does not teach the truths of Genesis any more and who has a Gay and Lesbian Alumni group) was found with tons of child porn images on his computer per a report I read just today from Christianity Today.  If you don’t fully serve Christ, you WILL serve the devil. The spirit of the world is alive and well in the church.  Those who insist that leaders governing the church be men as commanded by the Holy Spirit are ridiculed.  So are those who don't bow at the altar of "millions of years".   I even know of a pastor who says the Bible teaches anal sex for married folk! Not much better than the "Christian" website advocating that dating teens keep their virginity for marriage by doing mutual masturbation and anal sex!  You cannot make this stuff up. The church is on life support just as our nation is.  Repentance must begin in the house of the Lord. Otherwise, no candidate is going to do all that much good.

This makes me want to support someone who understands that the social issues are the underpinning of our nation. We cannot expect God to bless our economy while we are shaking our fist in his face. I vividly remember going to a Christian rap concert.  The Rapette from Delaware was doing dialogue between her songs, and she casually mentioned how God woke her up one night and was speaking great things to her.  She was so excited about hearing God that she was afraid of waking up her boyfriend who was sleeping beside her in bed.  Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?  But it sounds mighty familiar to me.  It is the same absurdity that those on the left are talking about.  That our economy will soar even though we are rapidly becoming a post-Christian society.

I know the stakes. I am more committed to social issues than those on the left.
Are you?

Thursday, March 01, 2012


It is really rather stunning that those who claim to know the most really know the least. I was in the 60's when the prevailing mood at American universities was that we were oh so right and the entire rest of the world was wrong. Whether it came to politics, to knowledge, to culture, we had it all.   The problem was, when you have a rebel mindset, most don't know when to stop.   I am glad I did - when it came to the sexual revolution - count me out.  When it came to using drugs - count me out.  When it came to worshipping mother earth - count me out.  When it came to making fun of Christians and true morality - count me out.

As you can see, so much changed for the worse in a movement that had noble beginnings but lost its way. Seeking peace rather than war is noble.  Working so that economics favor the working man is noble.  Desiring that a Christianity that was more cultural than spiritual become more of the latter is noble.  I still believe all those things, so if that makes we a child of the sixties, so I am.

There used to be a party that held to those ideals.  It was called the Democratic Party.  I am still registered as a member of it though I can't say there is much of anything they now believe that I am in favor of.  I was in the group they called "Caseycrats".   We were avidly pro-life, pro working man, fair taxes, and striving to break the stereotype of the "Ugly American" by truly respecting the rest of the world and lending a hand so they could enjoy what we enjoy.  We were against abusive practices of big business, greedy credit card companies, etc.  We wanted everyone to have a strong shot at owning their own home. We wanted racism to end and believed in a humble lifestyle, helping our fellow man.  Knowledge was power, so we wanted people to be educated.  We did not want to be deceived, so we encouraged critical thinking - QUESTION AUTHORITY was on many car bumpers.  I had hand-made banner signs in the back window of my Dodge Dart proclaiming an issue of the day in my own words (yes, Virginia, REALLY!).

The Democrat party of today follows few if any of those ideals.  The pro-life Al Gore had to convert at the altar of abortion, and so he did.  Many Christian politicians compromised with the Democrat love of homosexuality.  Like the Loony Libertarian, Ron Paul, they began to favor legalization of drugs.  They developed a hatred of country unknown to JFK, Scoop Jackson, and Hubert Humphrey.  This has resulted in absurd immigration policy that rewards those with no loyalty to the United States whatsoever,
Of course, they see no problem with that since THEY THEMSELVES have no loyalty to the United States whatsoever. They LOVE  seeing Amerika (remember that spelling?) brought to her knees.  They have one of their own in the White House, a man who stumbled over his oath and who has shown the same attitude toward the Constitution that I saw the S.D.S. (Students for a Democratic Society) protesters in the 60's have for "Amerika".   America is always the problem, but our enemies never are.  Americans are bad, VietCong are good.  American soldiers who burn worthless religious books used to send messages to hurt us are bad, but Muslims who use Bibles for toilet paper are good.  Judges who free a Muslim man for strangling an atheist dressed up like Mohammed are tolerant, but children who want to give thanks to God for their lunch in school that their mother prepared for them are bad - and then had to eat a tasteless lunch prepared by the politically correct.  By the way, did you know that kids whose schools changed to Michelle-like "healthy" menus have fatter kids?  It turns out the kids developed an underground economy selling sugary and salty drinks and snacks.

They built their own mythologies that crumble when given 1/10 of one percent of the scrutiny given to the Bible and Christian ideas.   They stop their ears and gather around them teachers who will tell them just what they want to hear.  They seek to outlaw anyone from teaching anything contrary to their Doctrine.  If the voters oppose something, they shop for a judge to overturn the law based upon ideology and not Constitutionality.  In Maryland, a true blue state if there ever was one, they House and Senate passed a law giving preferential rights to homosexuals. They screamed louder than a jet plan taking off when a group proposed a voter referendum.    God forbid the dumb voters decide!  After all, "stupid" Americans voted down this nonsense every time they have opportunity,   In Abington Township, PA, a similar bill was defeated.  They keep coming back,  They pressure, they import shills from elsewhere.  They REFUSE to believe that anyone has a right to oppose their polluted thinking.

That is at the heart of the new "Know-Nothing Party".  They mistake going to Harvard with knowing good from evil.  I mean, didn't the last of us learn that lesson watching Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School"?   They are so confident of the mythologies they love. They refuse to every think they are wrong.   Macro-Evolution, Over-population, Global Warming, a totally racist and evil history of America - you name it.   Ideas with no credibility and ample science and math and scripture against them are sacred cows.  No one must be allowed to opposed them.  I am related to a fervent Obama supporter.  It is stunning how much willful ignorance there is, and it is typical.  There is no "questioning authority", no rebellion against massive corruption and failed ideas, no thought about tens of millions of people who have lost most if not everything.  In fact, it is so absurd, that in my last conversation, the person screamed about Toyota being a good car because the of the sudden acceleration myths that were circulated about the time of the car company takeovers.  The Federal Highway Safety Administration found NO EVIDENCE of this malady that almost destroyed Audi years ago.  That is is level of "Know-Nothing" people I run into.  They are woefully ignorant, confined their information-gathering to laughable sources such as MSNBC.  This party did not serve us well in the 1800's and it sure doesn't now.

So you might ask why on earth would I have not switched to the GOP? After all, wasn't the civil rights law passed by the GOP over openly racist Southern Democrats?  Wasn't it the party of Lincoln (our third president of mixed race according to Black historians not captive to the phony Obama narrative - check out Obama's geneology sometime - you will see)?  Isn't there a direct relationship between American prosperity and the party who controls Congress?   Almost all Dems are ignorant of the fact that the last six years of Clinton that were prosperous ONLY because he had to go along with a GOP Congress after the "Republican Revolution" and the last two years of Bush were bad ONLY because he was held hostage by the Democrat Congress that came to power in January, 2007, and had seventeen warnings on Fannie and Freddie go unheeded.  The big Obama lie that BUsh drove our country into a ditch is still parroted by most Dems I know - they are ignorant that Obama voted for EVERY bill that ended up doubling what had been decreasing deficits under the GOP.  Obama was a passenger in that ill-fated car driven by Pelisu and Reid that destroyed our economy. Rather than being punished, he was rewarded with the top job in the land despite having no experience, despite learning under a racist pastor with absurd Islamic loyalties and at least three open Marxists, and despite launching his political career in the lviing room of a man who bombed the Pentagon.  Who is to blame?  First, President Bush who was SILENT in the face of the lies, and the Republican Party that STILL dances around the truth.

I am not alone in this.  Even those voting for Romney are holding their nose (aren't you tired of this?  Dolr, McCain, Romney?  Come on! Mitt keeps talking about his business experience.  He has been running for President forever, and in my mind is not the man we need.  He is aloof like John Kerry, a flip-flopper like Carter, and a believer in a corrupt religion that dishonors Jesus Christ.

In closing these are the three tragic reasons I have not changed my registration:
1)  The GOP is brainless when it comes to politics.
2)  The GOP establishment hates true Christians of principle almost as much as the Democrats - they want our votes without giving us power.  Just like the Dems use Black voters.
3)  I use my registration to try to move the party to a better place.  I do not vote for them.  It is like
Rush's Operation Chaos and Rick Santorum's play in Michigan for Dem union men.  I like it.

No party can solve our problems - that is God's prerogative.  The GOP seems to think better economic policy is a panacea. It is not.  It is only a bandaid.   Social issues determine the economy.
More on that next time.