Friday, March 06, 2015


Many seem surprised to see the embrace of Islam by the American left.  They think about feminazis, they think about the burgeoning sexual perversion advocates, and they think about harsh Sharia law and the punishments of women and homosexuals.  These trains of thought appear to be totally contradictory.   However, it has been well said that politics makes strange bedfellows.

We need to look more closely at what these groups hold in common, not what separates them.  First and foremost is that Islam and the Left hate Jesus Christ as described in the Bible.  Oh, the secularists throw a sop and say Jesus was a great teacher.  Sort of like saying Einstein showed promise in science.  The feminists pervert scripture to justify women in leadership over men, and they pervert it in many ways when they teach it as well. Homosexual apologists even accused David and Jonathan, Ruth and Naomi and even Jesus and John of being queer.  The Muslims call Jesus a great prophet, but listen to nothing he prophesied (and some Christians are no better in heeding the many warnings of Christ).  ALL do NOT treat him as the only begotten Son of God who is the one and only source of salvation and who condemns all unbelievers into the unquenchable fires of hell. 

Secondly, Islam and the Left both hate true followers of Jesus.  Islam is beheading them - even children in more and more place.  "Moderate" Muslims marginalize Christians, restrict worship and sharing their faith, make people with PHD's clean toilets, often marry Christian women to enslave them, and make life difficult for any who do not succumb to their mantras and religion.  I pray for the world each day, and 44 of the top 50 persecuting countries have major Islamic leadership or influences.  The Left does similar things - they persecute all who refuse to accept their secular humanistic ideas as fact.  They set up rules to keep Christians out of academia or to silence those who slip through the cracks.  They mock all who hold to God's word and seek to prohibit freedom of religion.  Those who lived in leftist countries can tell you the whole skinny.

Thirdly, Islam and the Left HATE freedom.  They are control freaks and they hate for people to have freedom of thought, association, and action.  They have a totalitarian spirit.

I believe these folks believe they will use each other's fierce opposition to freedom.  They are all children of the devil, so they are doing his work from different vantage points which meet in the middle.  The devil does not care what they call it, he is about killing, stealing, and destroying Christians, and both Islam and the Left have bought into that agenda Hook, Line, and Sinker.

Pray with me that the Kingdom of God will prevail over these primary evils of our day.  When Christ returns, the works of Islam and the Left will be judged along with all other false works, and they will be eternally punished.  Pray for these deceived folks to see the light, and live blamelessly before them.

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