Saturday, September 26, 2009


I’m not sure what makes me madder – the idiot lines uttered by John McCain who is as totally unpredictable as Joe Biden or the ingenious new ways Barack Obama has found to express hate of the country he is leading (does ANYONE believe it is HIS country? His mouth proves the “birthers” right. So while I held my nose voting for McCain in the general election after voting for Obama in the primary, and while I find a lot of Republicans almost as clueless as Democrats, the fact is that Mr. Obama won by waging a brilliant campaign unimpeded by any serious vetting by the mainstream media. I DID pay attention to those vetting him, and they turned out to be eerily prophetic and right on the mark. His cohorts, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid show how far down leadership has gone in the Congress. The GOP lost their way, but what is going on now is Twilight Zone material. We need to see from where we have fallen, be vigilant, make our voices heard, and cry out to God for mercy every day to give our nation another chance. We have sinned greatly - the judgment we are living through is even less that we deserve. So here is the genius that has led to the precipitous decline of our nation in mere months…

1) Teach Saul Alinsky, stay with Rev. Wright for two decades, launch your career with Bil Ayres, keep other radicals in hiding, and then criticize anyone who can put two and two together!

2) Encourage crossover in primaries to be sure the weakest possible GOP candidate is selected (McCain).

3) When unable to foresee the Palin wild-card selection, simply get an army of lawyers and media friends to tirelessly search and destroy and file meaningless “ethics violations” to frustrate her and keep the eyes off Obama’s multitudinous panoply of corrupt relationships in Chicago.

4) Refuse to show the birth certificate to test the people on the Constitution. Win this by using the Alinsky tactic of ridiculing the true assertions of the opposition, and from then on do what you feel like, Constitution or not. After all, who is going to impeach him? Pelosi? Ha, Ha, Ha.

5) Push really hard really fast for all the big money programs to cement power and loyalty to stay in office forever. Use the excuse of the economy, though the real reason it tanked as badly as it did was because Obama down-talked it ten times per week and people didn’t realize the motivation was power.

6) Accuse every cogent commentator and citizen of being radical while lying about the health care bill at every opportunity. Never debate specifics. Call them Nazis and thugs. Then rent real thugs from Unions and ACORN and pay them to adore your plans and keep out thinking citizens who can see through you. Tell the Town Hallers and Teabaggers to shut up but ignore the violent G-20 protestors.

7) Ridicule those who knew about the Death Panels in Waiting. Then quickly reinstate Clinton’s death manual to the VA.

8) Be absurdly optimistic on what things cost, and then make 2 trillion dollar corrections on late Friday when nobody cares as they change their clothes to party in Sodom and get high in Gomorrah.

9) Take over car companies and hope people don’t remember what happened to Britain when they did that. (And after blaming high health care and pension costs for their problems, take them over, pay-off your union financiers with stock they never earned, and shift their costs to the government – smooth!)

10) Buy into every looney idea such as anthrocentric global climate change but be sure to reward George Soros with $2 billion so he can drill in the Atlantic Ocean to benefit Brazil.

11) Scream about greedy corporate folks, but waste money at on unprecedented scale on yourself, on planes for political hacks and even on planes to take pictures of your empty plane and the Statue of Liberty, on big labor, on Wall Street, and everybody else except those who really need it.

12) Lie to Black folks about being Black when in fact you are more Arab than Black and ironically less Black than Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson. Hold none of the values most Blacks and especially most Black born-again Christians espouse, but appeal to racial pride and keep criticizing your opponents knowing the GOP is generally inept in defending itself or articulating any competing vision that resonates and is relevant to the everyday life of people. Offer NOTHING in exchange for votes other than some patronage positions, some empty rhetoric, and a larger government that may produce more jobs, albeit one that will rob from middle class Blacks who struggled mighty hard to get there. Avoid EVER speaking about the millions of Blacks who went into poverty under your insane policies that hurt the working man, factory worker, and small business employee worse than anyone.

13) Tell people you love your country even though you won’t wear a flag and love to fudge the pledge of allegiance. Then criticize your country to our enemies, violate the pledge of allegiance, and EXALT our arch-enemies. Drop cryptic lines that you are a Christian, bur don’t go to church, support God’s chosen people, or give even the faintest lip-service to the National Day of Prayer or anything Christian. Appoint “Czars” who are arch-enemies of the cross who want to remove all vestiges of Christian values that have somehow remained and indoctrinate kindergarteners how to be gay and demonize parents who still have some traditional values held by most people around the world. While at it, have advisors that believe in putting something in the water to sterilize people and appoint lawyers so animals can sue people. Listen to wackos who think old people are expendable and not worth paying to keep so people who are sexual idiots and get Aids can use that money instead even though there is no cure. Instead of giving even the traditional lip-service to Christianity that Clinton, Bush, and just about all his predecessors did, pontificate at every opportunity including lavish dinners in the White House for radical Muslims that Islam is the bastion of peace and progress in the world even though 90% of the persecution of Christians is either at the direction of or tolerated by the mullahs and practically no discovery of value has emanated from the Islamic World. Trash our best friend Israel, being silent while Ziggy B. proposes shooting down Israeli jets if they defend their country by taking out Iranian nukes, and then bask in the praise of Chavez, Castro, Mugabe, and Achmadinijad and of course captive brainwashed school children in Burlington, New Jersey, and who knows how many other places where they weren’t caught. That school was plastered with Obama posters promoting him just like the personality cult in Turkmenistan as they sang worshipful ditties to their new Lord, Barack Obama.

In short, as a former leftist, I know all the tricks, but you don’t need that background. 96% of Israelis per the Jerusalem Post have no confidence Obama will help them (and that was BEFORE the UN Speech). The majority of Americans don’t want his fingerprints on healthcare (where are the shouts of KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY when you need them???) I know Obama is an empty shirt. I know many of the clueless ones who still support him are the useful idiots in his neo-fascist Statist dreams. I know he is a pathological liar, deceiver, homosexual-sympathizer (if not an actual participant), and New Age cultist in the mold of Eckhart Tolle and Oprah, but he is falling fast, because unlike folks at Harvard who major in subjects such as sexual minority studies and Advanced Marxism 501, enough Americans know history and can add and multiply and know who is telling them the truth and who are the selfish egotistical liars - lying incompetent, ignorant and dishonest hypocrites who think they are superior to Joe the Plumber Americans who, despite their issues and shortcomings, intuitively know 10x as much about the things that really matter.

It is time for a New American Revolution. Both parties have failed us. The authorization is in the Declaration of Independence. Our grievances are greater than the ones two hundred thirty seven years ago. Total change has to come, and the oppressors in office have to go. Ask God to do it – he is the one who helped the Jews against all odds even when they didn’t have any Second Amendment back then. The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal and they are not physical – rather they are mighty in the Holy Spirit!