Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It is Christmas once again - the presidential race seems so irrelevant compared to the politics of the season, so here are some thoughts for your consideration.

Every year, the upside-down world tries to stamp out Christmas, the most pivotal day of history. Christmas is the time of year when Christians celebrate the arrival of "God-Man", better known as Jesus Christ. God was incarnated as a man, born in poverty, and tempted in every way that we are, yet he never sinned. The power of his resurrection after three days and three nights in the belly of the earth is the key to men and women being reunited to God they were in the Garden of Eden.  Christ has changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people who have allowed him to indwell them by the Holy Spirit.

A whole lot of people have never considered the claims of Jesus Christ. They never have considered the evidence that he was who he said he was and that things happened just as the Bible says. They marginalize his people and repeat the same old mantras that are uttered by skeptics. They keep saying they don't want to offend anyone by uttering that dangerous word "Christmas"! So they offend all those who simply celebrate an historic occasion whose central truths have been confirmed in their hearts over two millenia later. These same anti-Christian people are incurably religious by nature, so they have replaced the religion of Jesus Christ with another one.

It is the religion of the "man-god" or secular humanism. In this religion, man is everything - a god if you will.  Man is seen as the prime mover. Everything revolves around man. Man's ideas are seen as superior to God's. The most illogical and self-destructive behaviors and attitudes are celebrated.  It is an upside-down world that these men who act as their own gods are creating, and those who are convinced to join the folly are doomed to a Christ-less eternity. The Bible says that the fool has said "there is no God", and indeed that is the case.

The nation's premier talk show host has well said that if you want to know what people are doing, just listen to what they are accusing you of. Christians are accused of being unscientific. Which of the following are scientific? And who is advocating these beliefs?

1)   A belief that information came from nothing?
2)   A belief that people are fools are believing that lifeforms with obvious design were never designed?
3)   A belief that the precise orbits and timing in the universe is accidental - about as likely as a nickel falling from the moon and landing on your doormat?
4)   A belief that a way of explaining life popularized in the eighteen hundreds must be true no matter the evidence against it and that anyone who actually wants to exercise scientific inquiry to challenge it is moronic and anti-intellectual?
5)   A belief that sexual promiscuity has no real consequences?
6)   A belief that a Supreme Court decision made prior to an explosion of knowledge on preborn human life must be considered inviolate for eternity even when the justices themselves left the door open for a different decision if science progressed to change the decision's assumptions?
7)   A belief that the minds and emotions of people are designed for more than one partner?
8)   A belief that there is no meaning in life and that everything is random no matter the extreme  order that is evident when you simply open your eyes?
9)   A belief that doing things "against nature" is brave and worthy of celebration?
10) An ignoring of conscience and doing what is pleasing in their own eyes when what is pleasing in every person's eyes is different?

People who are honest with their conscience and honest period will find the objectively true God who made them. They will kneel at his feet and celebrate him forever.  Those who ignore him are doomed to living in the upside-down world while they are alive and an even worse place when they die. I trust you have found God, or if not, that you will not park your brain and your spirit at the door by ignoring the God-man, Christ Jesus our Lord.  Merry Christmas.