Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Christ came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and we do likewise. The kingdom of God is the government of God, and being in the Kingdom of God - an invisible Kingdom that cannot be touched - means to live in accordance with the power of Christ indwelling us and enabling us to follow his word and his pattern,  This kingdom is here, and we need to let people know that submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is the way his kingdom operates. The righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit come as we recognize God's authority in our lives and live HIS values as opposed to our own.

What is uncanny these days is how some Christians are confusing this kingdom not made with hands with the earthly kingdom being established by enemies of God - humanists, atheists, and nominal religionists.  The earthy kingdom we see being established now is at odds in EVERY particular with the Kingdom of God. There is a glorification of man, a utopian ideal that is markedly similar to all those that preceded it. You see, Satan, has had his kingdom since Eve ate the forbidden fruit. The characteristics of his kingdom are violence, blasphemy, and hatred of God. THEY TAKE DIFFERENT FORMS over the course of history, but the driving influences and the results are eerily identical.

There are some today who talk about peace and social justice. They prophesy to me that we are entering a time of great peace, and that Obama is God's servant to do this. They teach that there will be great justice and the rich will be taken down and the poor lifted up. They quote Isaiah and Zephaniah while completely ignoring the rest of the Bible, including the prophecies of the great falling away that ushers in the end and the establishment of a brutal world system based upon HIGH IDEALS of peace and brotherhood and a breaking down of walls among all religions!

The facts are that man is impotent when it comes to brings peace and justice of any kind. The goals MAY sound similar to the uninformed, but without CHRIST AT THE CENTER, it is not simply doomed to fail, it is doomed to be a monstrosity of epic proportions.  We have already seen this in the economic sphere with huge damage done by tyrannical people who have done much evil while filling their own coffers. The Christian purveyors of this deception of a worldly kingdom mirroring God's ideals ignore abortion. They go soft on homosexuality. They use bad language that the world uses. They do not rail against the immorality of Hollywood. They join the haters of Christ in condemning thoughtful Christians who see and feel the intense evil of our times. They see those who hold to Christ's view of the creation in Genesis as backward. They hate people who are pursuing true righteousness based upon what the Bible actually DOES say. They try to intimidate those who know this is a rerun of Satan's use of Lenin. Mao, and all the others. They utterly despise Glenn Beck and others who would warn the nation of the intense evil in the inner circle in the White House. People who admire godless atheism, Mao, et. al. You don't have to be a Christian to see. You simply have to have open eyes and not sublimate the obvious.

To be a friend of the world is to be the enemy of God. It does not simply end with being opposed to those who mock God, who are profane, immoral, unjust, and incredibly totalitarian in their style.  It extends to corruption in some corporations, labor unions, and yes - even CHURCHES and evangelistic organizations who preach heresy and alliances with the workers of iniquity, where leaders lie with people they are not married to and who rob the people of God and live in insane luxury while perverting the Word of God daily.

There are Libertarians who say you can do anything you want and it is none of our business.  They conveniently ignore how coarse our culture has become and the epidemic of rootless children and adults. The destruction of a culture IS our business. People like Ron Paul are so isolationist they believe no one in another part of the world is worth dying for to secure their safety and freedom. Where is "there is no greater love than that a man lay down his life for his friends"? Weren't the Iraqi's worth saving from Saddam's rape rooms? The Kuwaiti's from their terror? The Jews from Hitler?

My friends, CHRIST'S KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.  IF IT WERE, HIS SERVANTS WOULD BE FIGHTING.  We have a HEAVENLY kingdom. It will not be established by Democrats or Republicans.  For real not by people who mock the Bible and despise lovers of God,  Never by those who are not saved and who hate those who are. The reason Christ came is to save us and put us in HIS kingdom.  An everlasting kingdom.  A kingdom without deals in smoke-filled rooms. A kingdom without voter fraud. A kingdom without class warfare. A kingdom without envy, A kingdom without pride. A kingdom where no one has too much or too little. And a kingdom free of the tyranny of evil men and women.

I steadfastly refuse to be part of any movement that seeks to substitute the ideas of man for the ideas of God; the noble and high-sounding ideals of humanism instead of the Gospel truth of the depravity of man; the artificial ecumenical religion with no power for good instead of a community of people separated from the value  system of the world who operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit together.  The Bible is full of prophecy concerning those who will in essence try to reestablish another Babel where man tries by his own efforts to reach the sky. We have seen time and time again the tens of millions of people killed by so-called idealists who decided to eliminate all who got in their way.

We are living in a time when there is barbaric language coming out - the union thugs taking of eliminating Tea Party folks using vile and violent language at a Labor Day Event just yesterday.  Lesders vowing to work with a President whom  they perceive shares their vision and goals. We want to believe he is not part of all that, but based upon sitting twenty years in a sham church in Chicago that had much the same agenda without saying ANYTHING against it until MONTHS after Wright's hateful sermons were broadcast, I believe he hates those opposed to this agenda JUST AS MUCH as those vile speakers.  He certainly has funded them and advocated their agendas in terms of laws to remove freedom and force people to give against their will to these organizations which are fiercely loyal to him and who seek to strike down all opposition.

How can any thinking person not see a redeux in progress of the tyranny of the past? How can anyone assume good from prescient evil?  I have not seen even ONE decision made since January 20, 2009, that is in the best interests of our nation. Have you?

I am praying hard each day against the precipitous decline of the United States, and ask that God will remove ALL unjust leaders from the White House to the Capitol to the Supreme Court; that God will reverse this slide into decadence with Satan's hoards in Hollywood and the corrupt media, and that the people will turn and seek God's face. We don't deserve it, but God had compassion on Nineveh. In fact, he even had compassion on Sodom and Gomorrah - he would have withheld judgment for the sake of ONLY TEN RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE!    I believe we have more than ten righteous! Don't you?  If we don't, we had better go where Abraham feared to go and ask God to save the United Stated even if there are only five righteous people.

We not only need to promote the KINGDOM OF GOD, but we must oppose the kingdom of Satan so that our nation can survive and so that our children and our children's children can live in freedom and in a less corrupt society. As people submit to the Kingdom of God, things will get better. However, we must always remember, that the only true peace and justice will come when Jesus Christ returns.  Even so come, Lord Jesus!