Sunday, August 28, 2016


I wrote this to a condescending man from Africa commenting how when he was in Louisiana, an "ignorant" Cab Driver (an African who had an English accent) told him why he was for Trump. The man could not refute ANY of his arguments, but like the rest of the pathetic left, just called him names. Is that not enough reason not to vote for the woman who is just like them? Demeaning. Ignorant. Nasty. Hateful.
Well, my friend, your African papers said he was born there and I believe they are more honest than the American ones. In fact, I read an editorial in a Tanzanian paper asking why they could not have a president born in another African country since America elected Obama who was from Africa. Face it, he has STILL not produced a non-fraudulent B.C. - the last one was a joke to techies like myself who know and do Photoshop. On to the other things, Obama has been divisive, always siding with the guilty, and NOT ONCE expressing any love for his adopted country. 
He stated racist things in his own book and since has had violent BLM people in the White House. He has severe racial issues - racism is not exclusive to whites and many now believe more BLACKS are racist than whites percentage wise. Self-segregation is now common on college campuses. They were building an all-black dorm in Connecticut.  Blatant, huh? Obama has been blatantly anti-Christian and empowers imperialistic Islam and has let in many terrorists without any vetting or thought for our nation’s security. 
Healthcare is imploding, with Aetna pulling out, which is by his design, as he want the single-payer model Canada uses. He, like Hillary, is a pandemic liar and does it as a matter of course. He does not regard our Constitution and regularly issues unconstitutional orders at his whim because the spineless Congress does not oppose him. People who oppose Obama and Hilary disappear - three gay male "friends" within one month at his Trinity UCC, dozens who knew the Clintons including FOUR exposing her more recent scandals, Anyone with half a brain would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton, They are willing to take a chance with Trump, because the platform his is running on is sound, and he will surround himself with competent people, not sycophants like the pathetic Loretta Lynch. 
He will not politicize the Supreme Court as Hillary has sworn to do and we have two Obamaite Justices from our current president who could not argue their way out of traffic court. I have found Hillary supporters to be hopelessly ignorant of History, government, the economy, and foreign affairs. Face it, she screwed up North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. NO ONE with her abysmal record should be considered for ANY position let alone PRESIDENT! 
ALL the smart people I know are for Trump as there are only two viable options at the moment, My IQ is probably higher than his, but his for sure dwarfs Hillary’s, and all the dismissive talk from empty suits and a bigoted media cannot explain why anyone would support this most pathetic woman and the immoral, derelict platform of a leftist, racist, and hateful Democrat Party.


(rarely do I post the same on both my blogs but this one clearly is appropriate for both!)
Everywhere you turn, everywhere you work, the cry is for “diversity”. The idea is that differences enrich life.  After all, God made people different shades and with differing personalities. He made nature and space with a sizzling array of designs, shapes, and colors.  Who can argue that?

However, some time ago, there was a huge move to say there is no absolute truth. That there is no right way. That each man should believe and think and do what is right is his own eyes.  That is chaos.  There is right and wrong. There is a right way and a wrong way to treat women. Sharia is the wrong way. Period.   There is a right way and a wrong way to treat Christ.  The right way is that he is the only eternal Son of God who fully displayed the attributed of the Father in human form here on earth where we live.  The wrong way is to dismiss him with the sops that he was a good teacher and a prophet. That really bugs home – If you really believe that, why don’t you do anything he says Why don’t you believe in hell when he talked so much about it? Why are you not quaking in your boots about his prophecies for the future?

Diversity as practiced puts unbelievers as members of the same church as believers – that cannot be – it happens in institutions, of course, but not in the mysterious Body of Christ. It happens in the workplace – you get people who are in it for themselves and not for the good of the company. Having hard works and laggards may be diverse but not helpful.  There needs to be unity of purpose –not simply having different people.   When I was in school, they had five tracks based upon your academic ability.  There was no comparison between the work we got in the top tracks vs. the much easier work in the easier ones.  Those who were not as disciplined in their thinking pushed for academic diversity – not a good idea.  Those at the bottom got no better while those at the top slipped precipitously into mediocrity.

Diversity in marriage is hailed – I have a diverse marriage, if the shade of one’s skin is the only criterion.  However, I married a Spirit-filled Christian woman, which is not diverse from me except I am a man, of course.  I have NOTHING in common with a sinner and to marry one is not only against the Bible, it is stupid!  One of us may be more computer-friendly and the other more poetic, and diversities like that are fine, but if two people view Christ, the Bible, and core Christian doctrines differently, they are in for deep heartache.

Oddly enough, the end result of diversity is not really diversity.  Rather it is total uniformity! If you know God, you know that it is ANYTHING OR ANYBODY BUT JESUS.   Any deity is fine as long as it is not Jesus.  No one blasphemes any so-called God – they ONLY blaspheme Jesus!  You can believe anything you want about homosexuality as long as you are FOR it and treat it as EQUAL or SUPERIOR to God’s design.  It is insanity.  Look at human bodies – homosexuality is a deep perversion of the obvious intent for our lives.   You are FORBIDDEN to say that Jesus is the only way to God, but you can say that Islam is the only way!   You are not to persecute anyone, but CHRISTIANS are not fit to live or have any rights whatsoever!  You can promote ANY religion but the only true one in schools and other public venues! You can promote any person of any ethnicity or color EXCEPT the white male, who is obviously responsible for every single one of the world’s ills!   The blatant racism and bigotry in this movement is extreme.  I believe that is why they love to call everyone a racist – they are deep racists themselves and believe everyone else must be as well! 

The diversity movement has proven itself to be intolerant to its core of anyone who diverges from their cold, atheistic, statist orthodoxy.  I oppose it totally – the brainwashing, the stereotyping, the divisiveness, the hypocrisy, the holier-than-thou attitudes.

What I DO embrace in the unity of all blood-washed saints of all shades, nationalities, economic and educational levels, and both genders operating in Biblical fashion according to the plans of God.  That trumps the pagan diversity agenda, which is merely a temporary tool towards uniformity of thought against our Lord and against his Christ.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Funny how so many in the media are so sympathetic to every cockamamy perceived offense to Muslims, usually having a piggy bank or OTHER people eating Pork, but totally deaf and blind to the daily profanity against Jesus Christ in almost every single movie, many TV shows and most comedy performances. Hateful, deeply offensive, and gratuitous things they accept wholeheartedly and even promote. I have NEVER heard on ANY mainstream media outlet even ONE "blasphemy" against Mohammad, who was a pedophile, warlord, certainly not a deity, and the father of so many of the world's problems through demonically inspired incoherent book the President calls "Holy". No, it is simple bigotry, a disbelief in diversity, and a hatred of Jesus Christ. Our Lord told us to expect this, and the hate they daily direct at him is also directed at us. Just do not make bigger fools of yourselves by tying yourselves up in knots over the slightest things crybaby Muslims day complain about.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


What if the Japanese men in the 4x100 meter relay were given just a quarter second advantage because historically Jamaicans and Americans tend to win this event. I mean, with outcome based thinking, it must be racism that prevented the Japanese from winning. Therefore, they deserve that ¼ second to level the playing field. No such thing..  The Japanese men kept working at it and made handing off the baton a thing of perfection.  WITHOUT any special treatment, they came within .23 second of beating Usain Bolt and the fabled Jamaican four.  They were sure proud of that silver medal. They EARNED it.   With that ¼ second handicap they would actually have BEATEN Jamaica.  How hollow would that victory be? How put out would the Jamaicans have been?

What is Simone Biles were given a point or two because historically most gymnastic winners were not black? Do you think the response to her winning would have been remotely like the celebrations that ensured with her awesome performances that were the result of hard work and being better than anyone else?  Do you think her teammates would have been as warm to her?

How about basketball?  Men of color routinely win these games.  TO be fait, should not teams from white countries start off with 5 or ten points to “level the playing field”.  I mean, with outcome-based thinking, it must be racism against whites  that caused the disparity. What other explanation could there be?

Well, people around the world love the Olympics because it is PURE COMPETITION. May the BEST PERSON win.  No excuses, no handicaps as in casual golf matches to make the round more interesting, and no special treatment.

So why then in OTHER areas of life do people feel compelled to change the rules because all groups do not seem to win proportionally? 

When affirmative action was first sold as a concept, it was not what it is today. It basically said that if two people were essentially equal, give preference to the minority person to increase representation.  It was changed to the degree that MASSIVE handicaps are give out so that a minority student who would qualify for a good school like Bucknell or Lafayette gets into Harvard, despite having lower SAT’s and measurable achievement tha hards of whites rejected by Harvard.  Caloifornia found that PERFORMANCE of those admitted above what objective criteria would predict was subpar and many did not finish.  The conclusion was that the same students would have flourished if properly placed.

I remember when at Rensselaer a young black student named Tony lived next door to my dorm room and was studying engineering.  He was extremely bright as were all the students at Rensselaer. The average math SAT was in the 700’s, and that as log before they “recentered” the scores that added dozens of points for the same aptitude level.  Some people thought he was there because he was black and boy did that make him mad! It should have! He was there because he EARNED it.  I cannot imagine how it would feel to be black and have ALL your achievements, ALL your success written off because people thought you had special treatment.  Same principle as the Olympics.

My sons are biracial and both have achieved remarkable success because of hard work and skill.   One owns an insurance agency and is the second highest commercial producer in the four state territory of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut.  The other is climbing the ladder at Johnson and Johnson with a recent promotion and a multi-state territory is Veterinary Orthopedic Pharmaceuticals.  My older son heard about a 50k grant he would qualify for.  He said, “Dad, I need to do it myself.”  Contrary to the vapid mutterings of Barack who thinks nobody can achieve  anything without the government, he worked like a dog, learned from more experienced people, and is wise is how he deals with prospects with methods he is now being asked to share.  I cannot imagine how different my sons would feel if they had been handed something they did not deserve and were constantly being reminded of it.   We see BLM at elite colleges, and demands for segregated dorms and everything else – it IS painful to not be respected However, respect has to be EARNED, and unfortunately, liberals do not respect those whose votes they take for granted. 

I wish EVERY Black person heard Trump’s Michigan speech which mirrored the “Hillary’s America” movie.  Who wants to be used?  Who wants to be taken for granted?  Unfortunately, under-achievers who refuse to put out the extreme effort needed to succeed gravitate to these folks. They want the easy way, and they do not have self-respect.

Two examples from my own life – one that shows what not to do and the other WHAT to do.

Our church has a Boy’s Brigade Program.  I was serious about it. In fact, I was only the second boy in New Jersey to end up winning the “Herald of Christ” award,   It was tons of work – athletic improvement, Bible study and memorization, term papers, outdoor skills, building a model hoe complete with electric lighting and a remote controlled garage door and car (I used a 1964 1/2 Mustang – wish I could find it).   As I was working hard toward the goal, the Captain told me he was promoting one of the black boys who came to be squad leader over me in order to get him >more interested”.  A total disregard for the achievement based program.  The boy could not have cared less and did not value the position because he knew he did not deserve it because he had done nothing
In the program to qualify for it.  He did not last long and eventually just dropped out.  You are not helping anybody by giving them something they do not deserve. They will disrespect you for it if not outright hate you.

As an architect I was competing for a major community center in the Hispanic Community.  It was a difficult adaptive reuse requiring lots of technical experience from a very experienced person. I found out one of my competitors was the HIGHEST-RANKING Hispanic Architectural firm in the city who was justly revered for excellent design.  I figured it might be fruitless even if I offered a price advantage because of the pride and achievement they could offer the community.  I won the project. One of the people on the selection committee told me that they hired me because I was smaller, more hands-on, and I would give the project more personal attention than the principals from the other, better-known firms could offer.  They acted in their self-interest, and the project was a success.  The Hispanic firm did other work in the area, which was excellent.  The client acted in their self-interest and gave no advantage simply over ethnicity.

I see nothing wrong in choosing a minority firm over an equally qualified majority one to help out.  I look for firms like that, but do not give extra points or make excuses if they do not measure up.  The best way to improve is to work hard to gain success.  I have duly noted that minority firms who play the AA and quota games almost never mature.  They get “set-asides” and earn money for very often giving the work to majority workers living off the mark-ups and profits.   When they bid for private work with no minority requirements, their prices are high and not realistic.  If you get work you do not qualify for, there is no incentive to improve, hone your skills, and learn how to compete in today’s economy.  It also removes all respect even from those hiring you because they see it as charity and not a normal business relationship.

I applaud minority and female firms who achieve based upon skill and hard work, and they justly deserve the accolades they received.  I urge others, though, to maintain pure competition, offer no excuses, and do not reward people for games rather than achievement.  The Japanese men almost won gold because of their hard work.  Everyone CAN win – but we must make sure that win because they are the BEST, not because of the color of their skin or any other factor. Men must be judged NOT by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  We have had a disastrous presidency since 2008 of a man with radical background, corrupt mentoring, and with no real qualifications for the job.  His career was causing division and conflict as a community organizer, and RACISM resulted in him being elected.  He was not properly vettd, he did not even have to produce a non-forged birth certificate, and the press handled him with kid gloves SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN.  The vapid GOP congress was largely hands-off as well, letting him commit over 100 impeachable offenses.  He keeps getting worse and worse, dividing the  nation, importing our enemies, criticizing our patriots, even calling for $10,000 fines for asking people to recite the Pledge of Allegiance (we know HE never meant it the few times he muttered it).  That is the end result of Affirmative Action and it is not pretty.

Let’s be ore like the Olympics.  If a man or woman wins, they win.  Period.