Monday, November 17, 2014


The states are on Red Alert. It seems Mr. Obama went to meet with Ferguson leaders the day after the election and told them to "stay the course". It seems he actually wants a race war. All the evidence points to an acquittal being the only reasonable and fair thing to do. Encouraging unruly mobs who care not one whit about justice but only getting their own way, beating up people, destroying stores, and acting like spoiled brats should be left to the Al Sharptons of the world (who should be indicted for conspiracy), not the president of the United States charged with carrying out the law (who should also be indicted for conspiracy). If mobs rule, we are toast. You cannot stir hate and demonize someone doing his most difficult and thankless job and defend a common thug who was solely responsible for his early exit from this world. Unlike Emmet Till, Rosa Parks, and others whose names are known only to a few who WERE victims of injustice, the much more recent folk heroes just as Trayvon and Rodney simply do not pass muster.
The simple fact that there are extremely few who die at the hands of police who were pure as the driven snow speaks volumes about how things have improved. (As an aside, we should note that lefties have made the past sound much worse than it was - according to the archives as Tuskegee Institute, between 1882 and 1968, 4,473 people were lynched, of which 1,297 were white. It was a common punishment way back when, so of the 3,446 blacks, some were criminal punishments as for whites. Of course one would be too many but we are talking fewer than 40 a year contrary to what is often portrayed,)
On average, 1876 black babies are murdered through abortion EVERY DAY of 2014 in the United States. So in two days, more totally innocent black babies are being killed in 2014 than ALL blacks lynched for ANY reason for 86 years. The difference in outrage is astounding and hard to understand. The REAL GENOCIDE happening to Blacks today has actually been VOTED for by close to 90% of blacks. Now THAT is something worth going into the streets about.