Friday, September 12, 2014


I am a grammar stickler, and the "is" was deliberate to indicate how false things are these days.

The president said he was born here while putting out a booklet that says he is a native Kenyan and the African papers bragged he was from Kenya when he was elected Senator and it did not matter.

He says there are 57 states while there have been fifty for over fifty years (his entire lifetime).

He says Iran is :just a little country" that has do us no harm. THey are almost a nuclear power and sponsor terrorism all over.

He says Muslims made major contributions to the development of America. They make no major contributions to anything unless you include the profits of guillotine makers. What was the last car, phone, computer, blender, or garment you bought that was made in an Islamic Country? What was the last invention and ideas?  What was the last building built without western architects, engineers, and constructors?

He saysAmerica is the worlds largest Muslim country. That would be INdonesia where he lived and he should know at least that fact.

He says the Islamic State is not Islamic. It is the most Islamic of all, because it actually follows the dictates of its faith. Islam is evil in ALL its iterations, and ALL Islamic nations persecute Christians. It is a Satanic religion founded by a violent predator in league with demons who inspired him to write one of the most childish and incoherent "scriptures" in history.

Need I go on?
The brightest and most intelligent president ever has nary a clue about geography or reality.

This is nothing new. Democrat all think they are the brightest bulbs in the room when in reality they are flickering 3-watters.
-Jimmy Carter was brilliant.
-So was Al Gore.
-So was Hillary.
-So was John Kerry.

None of these from Carter to Obama could have passed the work I had to do in high school based upon the idiotic things all of them have said.  It is atrocious.  None are qualified to lead us.  All need to be put out to pasture.