Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lester Holt and the "Birther" Issue

Lester Holt was fixated on the :birther issue. Why? Trump had already folded his cards on the issue. He is not running against Obama, but against Hillary. Holt was a pathetic political hack who lobbed softballs at Clinton while oppressing Trump. He is by no stretch of the imagination a journalist for sure, but hey, he works for NBC where journalists are just about extinct.

Donald Trump had significant doubts that Obama was born here. While the Hillary camp started it in 2008, when she was trying to surge past Obama, word had it they dropped it because Chelsea's life was threatened by the Chicago gang she was running against. Could be a conspiracy theory or could be true, but for whatever reason Hillary dropped it. Many others on the GOP side picked it up. Donald Trump doubted along with me and millions of others the authenticity of the released birth certificate even after he shamed Obama into releasing something purporting to proof his birth was here. Trump decided it was not worth it anymore. I have my own theories why which I will keep to myself. Most Conservative commentators have LONG folded on the issue. Despite that, the MSM cannot stand for even ONE person of note to maintain there is doubt on the issue. I have not folded and I believe he is not a natural-born citizen more than ever. I believe history will vindicate me when the truth comes out. Why?

1) This was the seminal test of how much we would defend the Constitution. There are two qualifications for president - natural born citizenship and age. The Birth Certificate proves both. He refused to submit his for YEARS and spent millions hiding his past. This is by far NOT the only thing he is hiding. Believe me.

2) The evidence he was NOT born here is substantial. It includes but is not limited to:
a) His paternal grandmother said he was born in Kenya.
b) The African Standard and the Tanzania Times BOTH said he was born in Kenya.  The former was an editorial that questioned why Tanzania could not have a leader from outside the country since the United States had elected a Kenyan as President. The latter was written earlier when he was a senator when it was not an issue as no such requirement is there to be a Senator.
c) Obama's own profile he distributed said he was born in Kenya.
d) Bill Ayers' parents told their mailman Obama was a foreign student.
e) Michelle Obama talked about Barack's native Kenya.
f) There are informational disparities about the hospital he was born in.
g) Both the Certificate of Live Birth and the long form birth certificate were deemed fraudulent by many experts in the field. I personally reviewed the Photoshop issues and deem the documents poorly done and almost certainly counterfeit frauds.

So why would any rational person throw out ALL the evidence and simpy believe people who lie for a living? You tell me!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

BUILD THE WALL (both of them)

People make fun of the proposed wall at the southern border of your country. You know, the one like the one on the border between Mexico and Guatemala that already exists.

The church is like the country – letting everybody in.
People who do not share a deep love for Christ.
People without a loyalty to the things Christ stands for.

God put a wall around his kingdom.
It is impenetrable and the only entrance is through a very narrow door which is Christ.
There is no door designed for political activists.
Or liberation folks.
Or the do-good types like Mother Teresa.
Or those with a false religious spirit.
Or those who have a litany of human-conceived rules that seem great.
Or nice affirming people.
One door with one means of admission – the blood of Christ applied to erase  the applicant’s sins.

People try to climb in to the kingdom, but they are unsuccessful.
They have to come through the door or they are excluded forever.

However, they do climb int church organizations rather easily who do not have the same wall God has. These organizations reduce the requirements to enter and join.
They do not require faith even though without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.
They do not require holiness, with though without holiness, NO MAN can see God.
They do not require belief, even though we must believe his word and in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Embrace the narrow way so that the church will be without spot or wrinke or any such thing.
Christ can and will wash the vilest clean,
But the vilest must be willing to b made clean..
They come with no preconditions except they are coming in repentance and humility to accept the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for them and to live in subjection to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords which is their most reasonable service.
They do not want to a better person but a person conformed to the likeness of Christ himself and be a vessel where the fullness of Christ dwells.

You church must mirror the kingdom – open the door to all who wish to come the way of the Father through Christ.  No one else is part of my glorious Body.  Whosoever will may come, but they must come as I the Lord have directed.

There is application of this word for our country as well.
Any country will anything worth preserving has a border.
Otherwise it will be overrun every time.
People have wanted it overrun because they are evil and know the evil who  run in will vote for them because they are birds of a feather.
The collapse of Greece showed what happens when people become Balkanized.
They look out for their own special interests at the expense of the whole.
They want to be entitled rather than earn what they need.
They have no loyalty or belief in the nation.
They are aggrieved and they want to change the nation into their own image.

Just as the church by-and-large has been gutted on his power, of its prophetic voice, and its mission on this earth, so has the country,  Rather than being a beacon for freedom and possibilities it has become the home for every perversion and demonic spirit.   Rather than defend the innocent around the world, it stands by while Christians are executed in ever more dreadful ways.  Sure, much can be traced to demonic spirits working overtime in the White House, the Senate, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and in state and local governments.  However, the bus of the blame belongs to weak-kneed citizens who name blasphemous shows such as :The Big Bang Theory", "Family Guy", and worse part of their daily routine -and CHRISTIANS watch this TRASH!    They give the most valuable gift of sex to all comers who will not even promise a second date let alone a lifetime commitment,  They kill the babies God puts in their wombs - one, two, three, or more innocent lives sacrificed for their "convenience" putting the faux "rights" of the guilty above the real rights of the innocent.  They ignore science at every opportunity - fetal science, creation science, even God's truths about the climate and then act as though they are the sharpest knives in the drawer when thirty other countries without our heritage gave passed us and lapped us in so many venues, I was in a Dollar store and the clerk needed a calculator to figure 6% tax on ONE DOLLAR!  God help us. God gave us Barack Obama as a judgment for our sin - we found a man as wicked as the country, and you have not seen nor heard the last of his wickedness for he is evil to the very core of his being.  Someone even MORE evil, as hard as that is to believe is waiting in the wings - a political whore if there ever was one of epic proportions who plays the nation for fools.   Will we willing accept Phase 2 of the Judgment or will we repent, build the wall to have a real border, and begin the long process of rebuilding moral, intellectual, and emotional walls so our nation can flourish again?   Remember, all of God's judgments are conditional.   It does not have to end the way it certainly will if Hillary gets elected.  Will the church awake from its slumber?  Will people dulled from disappointments rise up and say no more.   We will soon see.