Wednesday, June 13, 2012


WHAT IF by October of this year REAL unemployment was down to 5%, Obamacare was ruled totally unconstitutional, and gas cost $2.50 per gallon?  Would Mr. Obama deserve a second term?  If you think so, I believe you do not understand the essence of the Obama White House. I have written before that I believe Mr. Romney would be very foolish if all he talked about were the economy.  It is NOT just the economy. In fact, the economy may be the LEAST of it despite the fact that many Americans have lost 40% of their net worth and even though our grandkids will have $200,000 of unfunded liabilities to deal with.  I will give you a dozen reasons why:

1)         We have a leader who is an insecure egomaniac. That is the worst kind. He has to be in front of an adoring crowd endlessly.  The personality becomes more important than character. A messianic complex and an exalted opinion of oneself makes for an Emperor with New Clothes.  A well-worn recipe for disaster world-wide for decades.
2)         We have a leader in a day where the Russians are facilitating more weapons to a murderous Syrian regime whispering that after the election he will “have more flexibility”.  It is well known that Mr. Obama is the weakest President in memory who believes Neville Chamberlain’s surrender approaches were great.  Like Democrats before him who lost the Vietnam War unilaterally after it had been won, he tells his enemies his plans and will leave Iraq and Afghanistan a mess after so much sacrifice of American Blood.
3)         He is a leader with a National Security Chief who is leakier than a perforated garden hose. None of our allies trust us with information. No one could have planned the demise of a nation any better.
4)         He has alienated our allies by withdrawing defense and loyalty – from Eastern Europe, from Israel, and even fighting Canada over the pipeline, Compared to him, Benedict Arnold deserves the Medal of Freedom.
5)         We have a leader who is lard left ideologue who does not believe in the American system that has served us well. He wanted a life-controlling tool for his subjects and chose a recycled Hillarycare to do it.  Jobs did not matter, the Constitution did not matter, the corruption needed to pass it including the well-documented theft of a Senate seat by Al Franken did not matter and the problems with these systems wherever they have been tried did not matter.  Ideologues of any type are dangerous.
6)         We have a leader who castigates those among the rich who are productive and giving jobs while hob-nobbing with Hollywood millionaires who have turned American entertainment into an open sewer. I cannot recall one comment from the father of two daughters urging Hollywood to clean up its act.  He must approve of this rubbish, and his dirty jokes at the GLBT conference would suggest he is on board with their immoral agenda. From using blow to several alleged perverted affairs, one does not get any clean feeling about the man.
7)         We have a leader who appoints totally unqualified sycophants to important positions, Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court because of Health Care and because she is a Lesbian. A host of “czars” who openly support policies antithetical to our nation’s interests – whether open borders, unilateral disarmament, censorship, or other policies. meant to destroy the nation, we would still be stuck with these evil people.  He would likely appoint two more Supreme Court Justices who would operate against our nation for another generation. The quality of his appointments has been appalling and they do not know how to reason apart from their agenda.
8)         We have an anti-justice department led by the ultimate incompetent (no I take that back – the Secretary of Commerce would appear to have that sport secured). This man is an open racist, a man who has no understanding of what “justice” is, and who makes a habit of suing states who DO understand the term. He wants to take guns away from law abiding citizens while GIVING them to hardened criminals as in “Fast and Furious”.
9)         He is giving vast powers to the EPA that will stymie development and continue the depression in the building industry.  Now it is drainage ditches.  The lead paint debacle was put into place by an agency that said it would cost $18 per job.  Try $4,000 to $20,000.  Homeowners are exempt, so all it does it hurt painters who are much more careful than amateurs.  Their agenda is narrow-sighted and unchecked.  The folks at the EPA are little Obama’s – blind to the national good but fixated on their pet issues.  We need a housecleaning.
10)      He is chummy with Islam and hostile to Christians.  He facilitated the transformation of Egypt into a hostile state and does not consider “Islamic Terrorists” as Islamic Terrorists.  He ignores the severe persecution of the church in Islamic states and lifts not one finger.  No Christian would take such a posture. But then, we kno9w what hw believes – he has repeatedly talked about :his Muslim faith” and wrote in his own book that he would side with the Muslims.
11)      He is simply hostile to America – no recognition of D-day.  I am sure no mention of flag day. Patriotism is galling to this man.  His loyalties are to himself and to failed socialistic ideals.
12)      We have a divided atmosphere like NOTHING in my lifetime.  People who are for him are intolerant of anyone else and act as though they were in a trance. They actively HATE anyone who opposes them, anyone who exposes their gross inconsistencies, and anyone who stands for decency and Biblical principles. We need unity, not division in our nation.

So my friends, even if the spectacular happens – even if the economy turns totally around, I could never vote for this evil individual.  If Romney is smart, he will guard against the possibility by attacking on all fronts.  To win any game, as the NBA championship games are showing,  the attack has to be broad-based – dunks and threes, in your face defense and smooth transition.  A one-dimensional team rarely wins.  It is NOT just about the economy.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Cory Booker, the energetic mayor of Newark, NJ, who is almost universally admired as a hard-working man who is accomplishing things, refused to get on the Obama plantation in terms of Bain Capital.  He spoke from his heart, not jumping party, but simply stating what he felt.  The intolerant monster thaty HATES diversity of opinion got to him and made his "wa;l it back".  Bill Clinton has been rather frank of late in his comments, and he too had to put it in reverse.

The media, cock-sure that Barrett would win in Wisconsin, endlessly promoted the narrative that this recall election would be the template for November. That throughout the country people would rebel against the monsters who actually achieved some small measure of fiscal sanity.  Now that Walker thumped Barrett they walk it all back.  They mionimize the huge margin of victory, achieved despite some Dem strongholds having 119% of the prior registered voters turn out (No voter registration drive is THAT successful and we know from 2008 that some voted three times through typical and epidemic bif cityvoter fraud).  They said it was no harbinger for the fall.  Even though Walker won by a larger margin this time than last, they rejoiced that the same (deeply flawed) exit polls showede Obam nine points ahead.

One of the most prescient comments I heard was from a union wife.  Thye goons were everywhere and the press was obvious in their affection. Any union guy who voted for Walker and fiscal sanity ttried to protect himself and his family. They simply lied.  Much like collegte students who reject the blatant indoctrination attempts of their professors who will fail those who disagree with them (now that tells you what a left-wing administration is like - they tell Romney to dump Trump because Trump actually has the guts to speak inconvenient ideas - they are control freaks). They tell the morons what they want to hear to get their "A" and leave to go to their Young Republicans meeting.  The cocky left is so convinced they are God's gift to man, they believe it and marvel at their abilities.  Those polls are consistently wrong.  Who wants to be accused of being a racist simply because they oppose Obamna's horrific policies.  They save it for the voting booth, and so they did.  When you compare the polls with the vote, it is a dead heat in Wisconsin in November - about a 1 to 2 point lead for Obama which is within margins of error. 

There is a lot to do.  I don't believe in lying - we should tell the pollsters the truth, not what they want to hear. We need to stand up in the workplace, in the church, the academy, and everywhere else.  We need to report teachers and professors who indoctrinate rather than teach.  If nothing else, Wisconsin has shown that it pays to fight back.  It happened in California the same day by larger margins yet, and our nation is primed for a rejection of lame philosophies thyat have destroyed everyplace they have touched.