Monday, May 21, 2012


It is hard to fully express the frustration I have now that it is game time.  This is the big one. It comes every four years, just like the summer Olympics. For all the marbles.  There are two teams – the BLUE team is the depending champ, and just about every news outlet in town supports them.  Any mistake they make is ignored.  One of the rules is that the two top players have to be natural born citizens. I know I had to bring a birth certificate for my son to play Little League. Their star player said he was above that, but when forced to play the Trump card, he showed a hastily cobbled together obvious forgery. 

To add insult to injury, his own wife talked about his “native Kenya”.  His grandmother TWICE said she saw him born in Kenya. His literary agency published a biography saying he was born in Kenya and that stayed on their website for SIXTEEN years!  Until shortly after he decided to run for President.  Hmm,,. A paper in Tanzania wondered aloud that if the United States could have a native-born Kenyan serve as President of the United States, why couldn't Tanzanians accept a President from another country? In his debate with Alan Keyes in the Illinois Senate race, Keyes noted in 2004 that Obama was not a natural born citizen.  Obama countered, "so what? I'm running to be Senator, not the United States President."  Duh! The government records for the week his mother allegedly traveled here are the only ones missing for over twenty years. And on. And on.  The obvious conclusion?  The big elephant in the room.  Born in Kenya, of course!   But no! Instead of insisting he play by the rules and produce the original b.c., the papers demonized those doubters as haters and nutcases who simply wanted to sure he was playing by the rules.  Can you believe it?  Insanity! When Dems ridicule an issue, that is a vulnerable issue for them!  WE NEED TO READ SAUL ALINSKY TOO instead of methodically taking all the best issues off the table.  And Mitt has the easiest way to win and he avoids it like the plague.  

The same with homosexual "marriage"  - thirty two out of thirty two states rejected it in the ballot box.  Blacks opposed it more than whites and who needs more black voted? And Rev. Wright - Obama in his own words showed he was listening closely to Wright and affirmed he agreed with him (listen to "Dreams From  My Father" audiobook yourself).  All should be part of the grand plan to oust the Trojan Horse,  But alas, Mitt is not the sharpest knife in the drawer unless he really is slick and working behind the scenes working these issues while not breaking a sweat (he hope he is, but I doubt it! - it is the rest of us agitators!). BTW - I have lots of ad ideas for ads that would really work - and I need more work - so contact me if you are in charge of ads for the RNC or a Pac!

Meanwhile, while the press avoids the big elephant in the room, everything the RED team has done is under a high-powered microscope. If a player fell down or made a wild pitch in practice, it was front-page news.  They delved into the players' girl friends and what their grandparents did 50 years ago.  It was so slanted that one wonders why anyone would believe them but alas, the RED team rarely defended itself.  When the BLUE stars spit on the RED star in the last game, they turned and spit on their own and never defended him.  Even though the RED star wasn’t even on the field, they let the blame stand.

Now to the matter at hand.  Mitt to the rescue.   Largely nominated by Democrats crossing over and Independents, but with very little enthusiasm from the fan base.  Alas, the Mitt noted that only one play was in store – the Home Run.  He said, oh no, we will not steal bases, we won’t do hit and run, and we won’t work the pitcher for a walk.  For real we will not cram the hitter with a brush-back pitch, and while they steal our signals, we won’t steal theirs under any circumstances.  All the BLUE team has to do is put their outfielders at the fences.  Hey, they can put the infielders out there as well!  Why not?  No one needs to worry – they will take big swings and either they will fly out deep or strike out. 

I talk to a lot of people and I don’t know even ONE for whom the economy is the only issue.  Yet that is what we hear from the pundits. We all know that the unemployment figures are fudged and then corrected on page 58 the next month, but the RED team says nothing.  In October, a 7% phony unemployment rate or a temporary OPEC deal to drop gasoline 50 cents a gallon could result in 3 outs and an easy win for BLUE.  There is a reason there are many proverbs, such as "Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket".  There is so much broken, we need to go for it all and we need to go for the jugular.  The future of a nation is at stake!

We all know that the BLUE team was at bat during the entire financial meltdown but they blamed the RED team for striking out and told their fans the RED team was on the field instead.  The RED team hung their heads and said nothing. The knowledge-challenged BLUE fans still have no clue their team struck out.  One wonders who the RED players are talking to.  The lack of truthfulness and candor of the BLUE star, the precipitous drop in moral clarity, the refusal to seal the borders and enforce our laws, the enabling of Islamic insurgents both domestically and internationally, the selling out of Israel and many other allies. the decrease of freedom, the divide and conquer techniques with the worst racial animus in a generation,  the bowing and scraping to foreign leaders, and the handing of our resources and defenses to our enemies are all issues are all extremely important as well. Of course we care about the millions who have given up working, the endless additions to SSI and welfare rolls and the war against small business.  It is not either/or.  It is both/and.  Not so hard to understand except for the Mitt who learned nothing from Mr. Obama's goof.  Remember the Prez telling our enemies when we would withdraw?  Mind-boggling!  Yet Mitt is doing the SAME thing telling his enemy what he won't do!  IF you can'[t play the game, GET OFF THE FIELD!   Let someone else step up!

Funny thing is that despite their mind-boggling weaknesses, the BLUE team really knows how to play baseball.  They bunt, they walk, they steal, they do hit and run,, and occasionally they swing for the fences.  They engage in psychological warfare. They have the press as unpaid promoters – BLUE – good!  RED – bad! They have card sections in the stands, they parade their cheerleaders to try to distract the players, and they file lawsuits against the RED players and make front page news about every mistake the children of RED players make in junior high.  That is the way politics is played.
So how on earth did the RED team even get to this game?  Most fans know in their hearts they are right.  They are secretly hoping they finally step up to the plate and play the game for real.  But will they?   Four years ago, it was flat out embarrassing. Palin gave hope but was put in chains.  McCain crossed the aisle while no one returned the favor. And we found out what we knew all along – he had nary a clue.    I have the same doubts about Mr. Romney,  We need a far bigger Mitt on the field if we are to get any better result in the game this year.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am floored by some of the comments that have come in the wake of Barack Obama’s statement that he supports homosexual marriage, a total perversion of God’s design for the human race and the ultimate rebellion against our creator.  While anybody who knows anything knows he has believed this for a long time, and that he was playing the fence for political reasons, the actual statement really does say it all.  I wish he would take a couple more truth pills and spill some more to confirm what we already know.  But I’ll share those at the end of this post.

Obama supporters I have talked to who profess to love Christ and who attend what most people would consider sound churches STILL support the President despite him favoring what God and the Bible detest.  Someone asked me today how that is possible.  I am going to tell you!

When someone gets deceived, it is little my little.  Most people driving from Philly to LA would not drive toward Canada.  They would drive WEST.  However, if you take 68 in Maryland, you could end up going toward Pittsburgh pretty easily.  Your car compass might not even change because the road doesn’t change abruptly.  Once you saw the signs for Pittsburgh, you would know you made a goof.

I have found that people who are in left field today did not intend to end up there.  Rather, whenever there were two roads in front of them, they went on the broad road rather than the narrow one.  When BHO said he was for abortion, they rationalized.  When the Reverend Wright thing came up, they rationalized.  And on and on, until they ended up today SUPPORTING homosexual marriage and are calling true Christians “haters”.   You see, just a week ago, we had on a drama called THE COUNTERFEITERS (send me a message if you want a CD).  To be a counterfeit, it has to look pretty good.  It has to pass first inspection.  All the essentials have to be there… Hope and Change, a fresh face, a way to make racial progress, youth, energy, etc. Since the bill is so large, however, those who are seasoned and experienced know you have to look at it closer before accepting it.  There were many flaws to what was being passed off. Fatal flaws. And we know that anything counterfeit is totally worthless. In fact, we can learn a lot about the devil by seeing in which ways it is a counterfeit.  He counterfeits the CRUCIAL areas.  What is more crucial than morality?  What is more crucial than the truth about oneself?

I know a number of people who have drunk the Kool-Aid, come under his hypnotic techniques. Whatever. What they hold in common are the following undesirable characteristics:

1)             They make decisions based upon emotions rather than facts.
2)             I have found that many subscribe to the “health and wealth “ gospel, so they have already idolized TV preachers over the gospel “once delivered to the saints”.
3)             They believe what they are told rather than checking it out (in fact someone today called me a liar for telling them the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress from 3007 through 2010 and refused to present President Bush any budgets while doubling the annual deficits, and presided over the financial and Real Estate meltdowns.  These are readily verifiable facts, not opinions, yet because BHO lied to them about it, they believe it!  They refuse to find the truth! In fact I have not met even ONE BHO supporters who understands the way government works and that BHO lied to them.  Paul told his followers to check out what HE was saying, how much more a corrupt politician than  an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ!
4)             They ascribe to others what they do themselves.  They call people haters and racists who do not hate and who treat people equally.  However, they themselves engage in ad hominem attacks just like their idol and HATE anyone who exposes the evil deeds of darkness.
5)             They claim to be for social justice but are the most unjust themselves.  They violate the scriptural injunction about people needing to be willing to work than eat, and side with those who choose to be unproductive and seek to rob from those who are.  Any honest reading of Jesus’ teaching would indicate that their ideas are the opposite of what Jesus taught, just as the prosperity gospel’s tenets are the opposite of what Jesus taught.

Now, as promised, here is what I would like to hear from Mr. Obama.  Of course, this is just for starters:
1)             I am not a natural born American citizen.  I applied as a foreign student and Bill Ayres’ parents funded my Harvard education.
2)             Here are my college transcripts.   Sorry about the D in economics.
3)             I really do hate America and I am trying to bring her down by any and all means possible.
4)             I am deliberately driving up oil prices because I do not want America to use its resources because if it did, it would not need me anymore.
5)             I hate the middle class, because their existence goes against all my Marxist ideas. I want the green environmental New Age secularists to obtain money and power through the transfer of wealth from the rich and the middle class as well as Obamacare and all the life-controlling regulations these effete impudent snobs will write.  I want the middle class reduced to selfish, whining people who depend on the government for everything, just like those pitiful Europeans.
6)             I am a Muslim as I have said numerous times when away from American microphones (except George Stephanopoulos’ one of course) and in my own book where I said I would side with them. I realize that Muslims were the aggressors even in the days of the Crusades and intend to force their ways on America, but hey, what’s wrong with that?  I am forcing my ways on them, aren’t I? Great minds think alike!
7)             I really can’t stand people clinging to their Bibles, their guns, and their religion *but Qurans and guns and religion are G-R-E-A-T!  The marriage between liberals and Muslims is centered on their mutual despising of Christians, just as the unholy alliance between women’s libbers and pornographers served political purposes. 
8)             I lied when I said George Bush drove this country into a ditch.  I always lie when it suits my purpose, which is to exalt myself and receive adoration as the Messiah of America.  I wish we had the 4.5% unemployment we had until my party won in 2006.  I wish my party would not have doubled the annual deficit,  I wish Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Franklin Raines had not destroyed the housing market.
9)             On second thought, I just lied.  I wanted America to come to her knees because it is an evil country and the last think I would want to do is have an American flag pin on my lapel.

Vladimir Putin, don’t worry, we will unilaterally disarm 80% of our nukes so you will have a weak America and the so that the evil empire will get what we all want – a world without a city set on a hill, a world without freedom, and a world with no significant Christian influence.   Now I am not lying,  believe me - Barack Hussein Obama is telling you the truth (at least on this).