Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, after two years of laying the groundwork for it, Obama has now finally pulled the rug out today from those decent God-fearing Americans who actually are observant enough to know which of the three possible sexual combinations is the one human beings are designed for. Man-man? No. Woman, Woman? No. Man, Woman? Yea! You got it. It works. I know!

Marriage by definition is the paring of opposites in every area when marriage is mentioned, whether humans, electronics, computers, plumbing, you name it. The paring of like parts simply doesn't work. It is a farce and does violence to the language. It also does violence to God.

Jack Hayford wrote that sexual sin IS worse than other sins. It is sin against the body. Heterosexual non-ordained sex is sin. Homosexual sex is ALWAYS an abomination. It is the ultimate rejection of your creator by perverting whom he lade you to be.

I have spoken before government on why we do not need the euphemistically names HUMAN RIGHTS ORDINANCE. These assume people are guilty unless proven innocent, and ignore the freedom of religion. Narrow exemptions are given to churches, but churches weren't the ones promised freedom of religion... PEOPLE were. The Prez likes to use Freedom of Worship instead. Like they have in China or Saudi Arabia I suppose.

I was advised b a government official that they do not want to pass these laws, but the pressure is immense from activists and those who disagree are either ignorant of the efforts or too lazy to show up (again and again, unfortunately as these folks are on a mission to wear you out and that strategy often works). We need to fight the desire to control thought and faith with egregious lawsuits intended to keep those without seared consciences from engaging in business or free speech.

If you care about marriage, you will besiege Congress with letters. After all, 85% of Senators and a lot of Representatives voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, and Bill Clinton to his credit signed it. If this law falls, all states will have to recognize these perverted parodies of marriage from states such as Massachusetts.

Like so much else from Washington, this is yet another assault on liberty and righteousness. Put a naiil in the political coffins of those who persist in these ways and pray daily for repentance. The church itself is largely tolerant of this mess, and is making itself irrelevant. Will you take a stand to support God's institution of marriage and not let it be perverted by those who hate the commandments of God and who crave for all to affirm their sin? I sure hope so!