Saturday, March 01, 2014


Sarah Palin predicted in 2008 that is Obama were to be elected, Russia might well march into the Ukraine.  Well, he was and they did. (You might want to check into the archives at the right of this page and look in NOVEMBER of 2009.   Paliin turned out to be right about a lot more even then and oh, how much more now.   Not just Palin, of course, but many of us freedom loving Americans who have not allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by the leftist educational system, leftist media, or even the leftist mainstream church.

The policy of incredible weakness and proposed disarmament should sober every American.  Just like his socialist economic policies and his totalitarian anti-Freedom policies, the reason Obama wanted "CHANGE" was to transform a Republic with a few warts into just another failed Doctatorship where he and his cronies could feast at the trough paid for by the duped masses. Unfortunately, American Christians had largely already unilaterally disarmed by discarding the absolute authority of the scriptures and the average American cares more about where the next Super Bowl might be held than the core First Amendment freedom of religion.   The average American boob cares more about Kim Kardashian than the lying coming out of Washington and the stacking of the courts at every level with men and women who belief they are above every law of God and man and who will guarantee leftist supremacy regardless of who is in power - they simply invalidate every law they disagree with for any or no reason!

It is time to stand up and fight.  The Tea Party is the only vehicle at present that dares challenge any of this.  If a better vehicle comes along, I will support them instead.   Meanwhile, why not start by supporting a spirit-led Christian black woman,  Lisa Fritsch against Abbott in the GOP primary?  She is avidly pro Christian values, is smart, and not a Washington Insider.   She is a breath of Fresh Air and makes Wendy Davis look foolish.   This is a critical race  She is behind, but she trusts in God - like a modern day David and Goliath - oops,   Dava and Goliatha.