Sunday, February 11, 2007


So many candidates are sensitive to the religious question. Barrack Obama made a point today that he was a member of the Church of Christ. There had been rumors because of his name and childhood experience in a mostly Muslim school.

How many people will ask what the "Church of Christ" believes? There is more than one church that uses that name. Barrack's church is part of a denomination which is close to Unitarian in its liberalism and in its positions. It is out of the mainstream of Christian thought, and few members believe the Bible is the word of God or other Christian imperatives.

On the Republican side, many believe Mitt Romney is unelectable because he is a Mormon. To tell you the truth, I have a problem with it myself. I know enough about Mormonism to know that is a cult and that no one who believes in Mormonism can have their prayers answered by God. I cannot support a person for president who does not have any relationship with God. We live in treacherous times, and if a president's prayers bounce off the ceiling, we are in deep trouble.

So what of the rest? Hillary is a Methodist. Enough policy changes to make John Kerry look steady. Ethical lapses and rather naive. A ferocious temper - a person who loses control is unacceptable at the helm. No confidence there.

Sam Brownback - a darling of evangelicals until he converted to Catholicism. Have to learn more about him.

John McCain - a legendary temper and seems like a Hillary in Republican clothes. You cannot have a person with a violent temper at the helm. A person must have self-control. That ias what did Howard Dean in.

Rudy Guliani? A courageous fellow whose personal life is problemmatic. If he became saved, I am interested because I like someone redeemed with a real change of life. They aren't as arrogant and depend more on God. President Bush was like that, and he has been steady against massive assaults, misrepresentations by a bigotted mainstream media, and endless abuse. I believe Guiliani could function that way if he puts himself in God's hands.

Will keep listening. God knows who will be the best candidate. Maybe there is a dark horse. We will see. Let me know your thoughts.