Thursday, October 04, 2012


Romney’s close last night was pretty good.  However, since he landed the plum of going last for the night with no chance for rebuttal, I would have gone tougher and included others running – without the House and Senate he cannot repeal Obamacare.  So here is MY two minute close…   What do you think?

Tonight you heard a man advocate what we all know does not work.  It is like an American middle class family with two kids where the husband is a trucker earning $45,000 per year and his wife works for the town government for $25,000 per year.  They decided in 2009 to budget $100, 000 to live on including their taxes.  A new pickup for him, new furniture, and some highly speculative stocks.  Plus a student loan beyond that for their daughter.  They borrow the $30,000 shortfall with three credit cards plus the  student loan they have no way of paying.  They do this year after year.  Now their interest is most of what they earn and they have to drastically change their lives and know they will never be able to pay what they owe. Their daughter graduated but is part of the 50% who can’t get a job and lives at home.

The President has been doing this his entire tenure and then wants to further raise taxes.  The President is the one who proposed a budget just as out of step with our nation’s income. It failed in the Senate 99-0.  Even Democrat Harry Reid who leads the Senate did not vote for it.  We are not talking about tweaks in a second term being able to help.  We need someone who knows budgets and will treat your money as carefully as he treats his own.  We cannot get back the $90 billion dollars squandered on ill-conceived Green Energy companies with nothing of value to show for it.  That money would have paid for those 100,000 teachers the President talked about for 15 whole years.  Many times that was wasted with more people falling into poverty than anytime is recent memory.

It will require proportional sacrifices, but as we adjust and get at least 12 million more people working, we will make progress.  We cannot continue having more people give up on work than getting jobs. We cannot consider raising taxes on the middle class and raising their healthcare costs. Obamacare is already triple the President’s estimate, with no end in sight. All this will simply deliver a blow to our nation we may not be able to recover from.  I urge you, my fellow Americans, we are in this fight for our nation together, and I trust you will elect me and like-minded Congresspersons and Senators to apply the experience God has blessed us with to work toward restoration and growth in our beloved country.  God bless you, and good night!   


My response to the Alabama Statistician who predicts an Obama landslide...

The statistician must watch MSNBC. I know most voters are pathetically ignorant – just today I was on the bank platform and the the young lady did not even know that our Ambassador to Libya was raped and murdered. There are tens of millions like this clueless lass. However, who among those who voted for Obama will voted for him again? THe millions who fell into poverty? The true Christian blacks who deplore the ideas of taxpayer funded aboriton, homosexual marriage, and the massive unemployment in the black community? Unemployed college grads forced to move back home? Small buisiness owners whose lifetime businesses have shrunk or disappeared? HIspanics who ghave lost their jobs or had their salaries halved by illegals coming across ill-protected borders? Yes, the idiolators and the ignnorant will vote for Obama. So will the felons, the dead, and the dogs in Chicaho, St. Lousis. New Orleans, and Philadelphia. But will that be enough?: