Thursday, October 04, 2012


My response to the Alabama Statistician who predicts an Obama landslide...

The statistician must watch MSNBC. I know most voters are pathetically ignorant – just today I was on the bank platform and the the young lady did not even know that our Ambassador to Libya was raped and murdered. There are tens of millions like this clueless lass. However, who among those who voted for Obama will voted for him again? THe millions who fell into poverty? The true Christian blacks who deplore the ideas of taxpayer funded aboriton, homosexual marriage, and the massive unemployment in the black community? Unemployed college grads forced to move back home? Small buisiness owners whose lifetime businesses have shrunk or disappeared? HIspanics who ghave lost their jobs or had their salaries halved by illegals coming across ill-protected borders? Yes, the idiolators and the ignnorant will vote for Obama. So will the felons, the dead, and the dogs in Chicaho, St. Lousis. New Orleans, and Philadelphia. But will that be enough?:


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