Thursday, June 07, 2012


Cory Booker, the energetic mayor of Newark, NJ, who is almost universally admired as a hard-working man who is accomplishing things, refused to get on the Obama plantation in terms of Bain Capital.  He spoke from his heart, not jumping party, but simply stating what he felt.  The intolerant monster thaty HATES diversity of opinion got to him and made his "wa;l it back".  Bill Clinton has been rather frank of late in his comments, and he too had to put it in reverse.

The media, cock-sure that Barrett would win in Wisconsin, endlessly promoted the narrative that this recall election would be the template for November. That throughout the country people would rebel against the monsters who actually achieved some small measure of fiscal sanity.  Now that Walker thumped Barrett they walk it all back.  They mionimize the huge margin of victory, achieved despite some Dem strongholds having 119% of the prior registered voters turn out (No voter registration drive is THAT successful and we know from 2008 that some voted three times through typical and epidemic bif cityvoter fraud).  They said it was no harbinger for the fall.  Even though Walker won by a larger margin this time than last, they rejoiced that the same (deeply flawed) exit polls showede Obam nine points ahead.

One of the most prescient comments I heard was from a union wife.  Thye goons were everywhere and the press was obvious in their affection. Any union guy who voted for Walker and fiscal sanity ttried to protect himself and his family. They simply lied.  Much like collegte students who reject the blatant indoctrination attempts of their professors who will fail those who disagree with them (now that tells you what a left-wing administration is like - they tell Romney to dump Trump because Trump actually has the guts to speak inconvenient ideas - they are control freaks). They tell the morons what they want to hear to get their "A" and leave to go to their Young Republicans meeting.  The cocky left is so convinced they are God's gift to man, they believe it and marvel at their abilities.  Those polls are consistently wrong.  Who wants to be accused of being a racist simply because they oppose Obamna's horrific policies.  They save it for the voting booth, and so they did.  When you compare the polls with the vote, it is a dead heat in Wisconsin in November - about a 1 to 2 point lead for Obama which is within margins of error. 

There is a lot to do.  I don't believe in lying - we should tell the pollsters the truth, not what they want to hear. We need to stand up in the workplace, in the church, the academy, and everywhere else.  We need to report teachers and professors who indoctrinate rather than teach.  If nothing else, Wisconsin has shown that it pays to fight back.  It happened in California the same day by larger margins yet, and our nation is primed for a rejection of lame philosophies thyat have destroyed everyplace they have touched.


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