Saturday, February 25, 2012


Many people remember the comment Barack Obama made about people clinging to their guns and religion.  Might not be a bad idea, given all the violence in the world in the name of religion IF he were speaking to the Islamic world.  A world where violence and religion are intertwined to about the same extent as Mosque and State.  A world that is intolerant of Christians, wanting to behead them, hang them, or failing that, marginalize them and persecute them mercilessly.   Despite the deaths of two American soldiers over the burning of two worthless Quran's used for surreptitious purposes, Obama is silent.  Makes one wonder.  

Doesn't make ME wonder.  Obama's comment was aimed at CHRISTIANS who believe that they have a right to protect themselves and their way of life.  Didn't even Jesus say that the house could not be plundered if the strongman were prepared?  Worldly people want weak Christians who will roll over in front of them.  Unfortunately, many Christians have done just that,  We are not talking about metal bullets here, but most Christians have abandoned Hollywood, the educational system, the popular music industry, and even politics, leaving all theses firmly in the hands of godless folks who want all Christians to be totally passive and let them remake society according to pattern of the Prince of the Power of the Air (the devil Satan for those of you not familiar with Christianese).

There is a war in the United States against Christianity that starts with the youngest children. Kids in movies say the wickedest things and witness the vilest behavior. Teachers try to undermine faith in God and Bible from the earliest ages.  Some Constitutionally illiterate school administrators even try to keep kids from praying before they eat!  Die-hard people with anti-Christ spirits such as Obama and his many minions detest people who deeply have faith in God and believe the Bible because they are his worst enemies - they know that abortion is wrong in their Spirit because GOD has written it on their heart.  The same with homosexuality. The same with the fact that a man who WON'T work shouldn't eat. The same with the fact that God is not behind any person with a dictatorial bent. Or behind living together or sex outside of marriage.

The odd part is, many professing CHRISTIANS support this war!  They speak against their own brethren who hold to the word of God and to God's laws and life principles!. A pastor who went to Palmer seminary said the hardest time of his week was when he was in class because half his professors did not believe in or trust the Word of God.  He transferred to Biblical Theological Seminary.  Unfortunately, Palmer is NOT the exception - it is the rule.   The vast majority of seminaries are apostate.  The vast majority of preachers refuse to preach the unvarnished word of God.  Ken Ham wrote a book "Going, Going, Gone..." about why young people left the church.  It doesn't start in college - it starts in middle school!  And kids who go to Sunday School are MORE LIKELY to reject Christ.  Huh?  Duh!  They are largely taught 'Bible Stories" much like the tales of Santa Claus.  They are not taught the BIble as a history book, science book, archaeological book, psychology book, lovers' manual, or the guidebook to initiate and maintain an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  They have a zero-calorie faith with no spiritual muscles or intellectual firepower like the giants of the faith who came before us. Men who were overpowering orators of unquestioned logic and argument, persuading people of the truth through the Word of God through an anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Sunday Schoolers are not often taught WHY the Bible is true or how to defend it and are helpless against those in society dedicated to destroying their faith, those whom God will put millstones around their necks because they caused the little ones to stumble.  The doubts they started to have in middle school often increase as the temptations of high school begin to overwhelm them and turn innocent faces into those of vacant sinners.  College without parents around is then the laboratory to practice sin without restraint.  Christians are killing their own either accidentally or on purpose, and the results are predictable!

I have found that those who support the current anti-God currents in America do NOT believe the Bible as written.  They dismiss the importance of a six day creation which CHRIST said happened.  They do not believe in a physical heaven or hell despite a plethora of scripture that it would do violence to if interpreted otherwise.  They believe like much of the fallen world except that they say they believe that Jesus is God and that he is their Savior.  If we truly know God, we certainly should know what is important to him and reject following anyone of any party or church who denies essential truth or who lives according to the principles and faith of the world rather than that of God.

I pray every day for the church to find its way.  I pray for God to raise up those who are faithful and put down those who are not.  I pray for the Islamic world and all other false religions to implode and lose all influence because all faiths other than Biblical Christianity have their origin with demons.  Islam and Mormonism were indeed founded through angelic intervention - after all 1/3 of angels are demons!  Demons are active in many Christian-sounding cults and sects as well.  ANY FAITH that denies the essentials is demonic in nature - the infallibility of the Bible; the eternal deity and personhood of God the Father, of his only begotten son Jesus Christ , and of the Holy Spirit, Jesus sinless life, his vicarious death, his physical resurrection to a literal heaven, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the physical return of Jesus Christ to take his own to live with him forever and to damn to a physical hell those who have rejected him.

We need to cling not only to our religion, but to the weapons of our warfare which are not carnal, but mighty in the Holy Spirit,  Our weapons are more dangerous than guns, because our battle cannot be won with guns.  The war has been won by Christ and our calling is to stand firm against the onslaught of godlessness in all forms, and to join the war in the heavenlies against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We must be awake to all those who exalt themselves above God, who have messianic complexes, who teach and practices the doctrines of demons.  If we are asleep, we WILL be overcome and come to a tragic conclusion.   Have faith in God and live in such a consistent way so as to please him in all respects.


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