Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Funny how the media (Politico stems from the Washington Post) has now published many dozens of stories on anonymous allegations made against Herman Cain,  Have you seen one on Barack Obama's admitted snorting of cocaine? About the proven bogus long form birth certificate? About the alleged affair with Valerie Jarrett?  About the accusations of homosexual sex with Larry Sinclair? About the accusations of a Chicago pastor that Obama was involved in the murder of three gay men from his church, one of whom he is alleged to have been sexually involved with?   All far more serious accusations than those against Cain.  You have likely seen all of those stories elsewhere, but not Politico.  John Edwards and his mistress?  Not Politico. Yet, a thinly sourced story with obvious political motivation gets all the ink.  It is gross hypocrisy. It is gross dishonesty.  It reeks.

Responsible journalism does not accuse without some facts, and does not fail to print because of political loyalties.  If Politico had treated Cain the same as Obama, they could claim they required more  proof than was available, not simply strong accusations.  Yet they were grossly insistent. They protect Obama and seek to undress Cain.  The accusations against Obama are mountains compared to Cain
s molehills.  Yet the double standard is the order of the day.

What happened when Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, and Kathleeen Wiley made their accusations?  Politico ignored them all.  Despite being willing to go public and face scrutiny.  Despite some physical evidence and Clinton's sordid sexual history.

If the press were fair for one week, the current exceedingly corrupt and destructive administration would have to resign in disgrace. What stuns me is that a significant minority of Americans still believe these guys despite their dismal track record.

Now if Cain really is guilty, it does matter.   However, one of his nameless accusers said it was not overly sexual.  Yikes - that is weak.  What impressed me is that Cain never claimed to be perfect or a Messiah.  In fact he sang Amazing Grace at a gathering which has the words "a wretch like me".  If all of our sins were exposed to the world, I doubt any of us could function.   Since the matters were closed years ago regardless of the merit of the claims (if any), it seems we ought to treat them as closed as well.

That courtesy was done for President Obama despite smoke from many directions and NO settlements. If you want to unearth Cain, unearth his opponent and there would be no contest.

Now that we have a face attached to some of the allegations, we find the person made the same claim with her next employer. We also see obvious ties to David Axelrod who did the same mess TWICE in Illinois to get Obama elected.  Where are hard-digging journalists when you need them???  Be prepared for a dirty campaign no matter who the candidate is and remember how this reflects on those who use such tactics - it is the clearest statement of who they REALLY are away from all the public pronouncements and piety.


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