Friday, May 20, 2011


Today we witnessed a true leader who served his country first - better than Carter, better than Clinton, better than Obama. Who? Benyamin Netanyahu. This man spoke the truth and was most impressive. I am glad Israel has him at the helm. Did you get the same feeling as I did that Netanyahu would actually serve the interests of the United States far better were he in charge here than any of our last several Presidents of both parties? Would he have sat on his hands throwing the Shah of Iran under the bus? Stopped short of Baghdad like Bush 41, almost guaranteeing the second Iraq war? Or like Clinton ignored the 1993 World Trade Center and several other terrorist attacks? Would he had pushed for TARP and not been more aggressive in vetoing Dem Congress financial miscue than Bush 43? Or like Obama being hands off while Iran went nuclear (we know what Netanyahu DID say in this case) and the middle east moved into the Iranian orb? Hardly. I hope that the Lord will have mercy on us and give us a true leader and a true patriot and intellectual like Bibi! Surely out of 300,000,000 people there is just ONE!


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