Friday, August 27, 2010


US Tax Dollars for Restoring Mosques worldwide.
Kizimkazi Mosque in Tanzania.
The ribbon was cut this past April.
Amr Ebn El Asa Mosque Cairo, erected to celebrate the defeat of
Christianity in Egypt. – named for the conqueror.

Teaching Abstinence.
Oh no!
The government removed funding.
It was too religious. Even though it worked.
Homosexuality, auto-eroticism, Porn appreciation –
Now that merits a government grant!

Manger scenes, Ten Commandments.
Inscriptions on courthouses – including the Supreme Court.
Oh no!
God, rarely, Jesus, never.

The President supports a Mosque near Ground Zero.
Against the wishes of 88% of the American People if you believe AOL.
Separation of Church and State? Hardly.
Just depends on which religion and which state.
Oh Yes!
US Tax Dollars to send Imam Faisal Abdul Raul around the world to collect his money?.
Try getting Washington to underwrite your church’s stewardship campaign.

I don’t listen to what the Imam says here.
I llisten to what he says THERE!
What he wrote in his book
Here we know it as
“What is Right with Islam is what’s right with America”
There it is titled
“The Call from the WTC Rubble - Islamic Da’Wah from the Heart of America”

HINT: Da’Wah means to “invite” or to convert or revert people to Islam.
It is not about celebrating all faiths. Ask the people in Cordoba.
They say it is a cultural center. Cordoba.
As in Cordoba, Spain, not a Chrysler Cordoba.
At that time Christians and Jews were regularly murdered and enslaved.
Berber General Tarik Ibn Zayad conquered Cordoba in 711.
Immediately the Church of Saint Vincent was replaced with the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

What else does he say?
Is this enough?
The United States was an accessory to the attacks of 9/11.
Sharia law is superior to constitutional law.
The opening day will be September 11, 2011.
The press silent
Mayor Blumberg a cheerleader.
The President supportive.

Are you really for the separation of Church and State?


Have you wondered about the RIGHT to build a Mosque?
Read some zoning codes and see how hard it is to build any place of worship anyplace.
It was not permitted in New York City at that spot.
EVERYTHING was waived.
St. Nicholas Green Orthodox Church was flattened by the south tower.
Nine years later it remains unbuilt.
Red Tape.
This Mosque decision was a decision against all logic done by people who felt guilty - about something.
Guilty people make some really dumb decisions.
What is Barack Obama feeling guilty about?


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