Friday, August 27, 2010


GRAVIATAS – never uttered before, ne’r offered since.
Fifty people saying the same word the same hour.
A hundred reporters writing the same word on unnetworked computers.
What are the odds?
No odds – can you say “Jour-no-list”.
Propaganda not journalism.
The bane of our day.

Where are the days when journalists broke new ground?
Truly investigative reporting that went behind the scenes?
Did those days ever exist?
In the 1800’s the papers were really rough on folks.
No kid gloves.
No political correctness.
Just people saying what they truly believed – for better or worse.

Like Matlock pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat.
Bringing justice when the case against his client seemed so easy.
It takes thinking outside the box.
It takes, well, just thinking.
Not the easy way, like students plagiarizing their paper or dissertation.
Not the easier way, like rotating the same words found on Journo-List.
But the relentless pursuit of truth. As Jesus said, few there be that find it.

I found out early about so-called journalism.
It was 1959 and we were racing soapboxes on Charlotte Road.
A bully jumped on back and quick steering gave him his due.
Before the ambulance came, the Reporter from the Courier News was there.
I looked in the paper the next day.
She wrote the boy was riding a bike and hit a tree.
People write what they want to write, Not inconvenient truths.

Does anyone honestly think that if our media were primarily honest that
The scoundrels in office would be able to operate with impunity?
I think not.
They would run for the hills.
No, actually, they never would have been elected in the first place.
In a coma. Wake up – Please?


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