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I like to see what other countries are saying about us. Remember during the campaign how Mr. Obama kept saying the rest of the world did not respect us because of the Bush policies and he would change all that? Well, some things have changed, but overall. they are not for the good.

88% of Israeli Jews believed President Goerge W. Bush was pro-Israel. According to the Jerusalem post, Obama now has sunk from a high of 31% last spring when everyone was trying to give him the benefit of any doubts to a current FOUR PER CENT. That means that a whopping 96% of Jews in Israel do not think Obama is pro-Israel. I say it is obvious from the disastrously uneven Cairo speech to Obama's attempts to muscle Benyamin Netanyahu while coddling Hamas. Yet most Americans do not understand the massive problem we now have with one of our very best allies, Israel.

One MILLION patients have been suffering in the United Kingdom. From giving birth in toilet rooms to long waiting lists turning readily treatable diseases into terminal ones to abusive "Nurse Ratchet" style cold, insensitive care, the problems are legion and they are now telling the world because he good old USA is seeking to emulate their broken system. They have the National Health Service, the world's third largest employer, and a different scandal is coming out every day. A population explosion of immigrant children is straining the system, lots of people are denied care, those who do get care are getting poor care, and Americans are leaving the country because of much higher taxes. Today detail has come out on the appalling conditions in the UK that patients in the United States would never tolerate. Most nations with socialized medicine have found it unwieldy and are seeking reform.

Why would our nation seek to ruin a system in favor of a failed model? It is all about POWER and government control seeking to dominate our lives. It is fascist in nature if you get into it. Other nations are quaking, because if we destroy our system, which is the end result of these policies and the stated goals of Obama (when in front of friendly audiences) and his honcho advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, there will be no place to go to pay for decent care. If you like to read Nazi literature to learn what not to do, you will enjoy Emmanuel's book HEALTHCARE GUARANTEED whose ideas are reminiscent of Hitler's - READ this book, and you will learn why a key Obama adviser on Healthcare thinks the big problem is that Doctors are following the Hippocratic oath instead of doing "what is best for society". "Reverend" Wright; Bill Ayres; Bernadette Dorne; Khalid Abdul Muhammad; Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel. These are the people who Barack Obama has looked to for over two decades. His policies are consistent with their take on the world and mirror their goals. Are his views of America and the world in the slightest consistent with yours?

Where will new drugs come from? The US is by far the leading source of new methods. With no profit, there will be no progress. This is pure left politics - it has nothing really to do with Healthcare. It is about centralizing power and bringing down American exceptionalism - making us just like the rest of the world and turning our back on the birthright we have been given, because before his Presidency, we actually honored God to some degree in America, and to the extent we did, he blessed us. Now there is far more praise for Islam and no praise for Christ or Christianity.

Now, it isn't just the UK. It is all over the world. How about Russia? Check out Dr. Boris A. Rozenfeld, Head of the Laboratory for Long-Term Development of the Social and Cultural Sphere at the Center for Demography and Human Ecology, Institute for Economic Forecasting, Russian Academy of Sciences. Look what he says is the problem with healthcare in Russia.

The crisis in Russia's health care system has continued for a number of years. Despite the large number of hospitals and a huge army of medical doctors, they been unable to provide people with an acceptable level of health care services. This is mainly due to a continued lack of funds, medical and technical equipment and supplies, and, finally, to the ineffective organization of health care delivery services. As a result, the quality of services and their accessibility remains quite low.

The recent economic crisis did not create the crisis in the health care system, but it did exacerbate it. The lag in health care in Russia has accumulated over many years. The health care system was distorted by a perception of it as a set of social services that may be provided in greater or smaller amounts in response to certain circumstances, but not linked to the real state of health in the population.

All previous attempts to reform Russia's health care system may be seen as various tactical approaches that did not affect the principal problems or the overall strategy in the field. Many of Russia's health care problems have been rooted in the accepted political model of state-paternalistic social system development. From this approach follows an inattentive government attitude to the problems of health care, a reliance on primitive investment in extensive growth of health care delivery facilities, manpower, and other resources and supplies, and a lack of attention to the quality of care or its effectiveness in improving people's health. One of the characteristics of the Soviet period was the complete absence of incentives for improvement of services in all kinds of medical institutions.

The paternalistic approach manifested itself in the slogan, "The State cares for the health of its citizens," which in many ways defined the very character of medical service organizations across the country, as well as people's attitudes toward this sphere of policy. According to such an approach, every person is under the umbrella of the State and its medical facilities, which undertake entire responsibility for his or her health. In this way, a health care system was created which found itself fully dependent on the state and its governing bodies.

Of course, any state should bear some responsibility for the health of its citizens. But the ideological interpretation of such a principle and the propagandistic character of it in the former USSR led to the development of priorities such that quantitative measures and indices were considered most important. Indices such as volumes of services provided were considered sufficient indicators of growing state activity in public health protection and care.

Paternalism had many different features. This included an irresponsible attitude adopted by many people toward their health combined with consumption regardless of cost. But the consumer was also deprived of his right to complain about services rendered (often touted as "higher than established norms"), and he delegated fully to the state his right to defining consumption limits and needs in individual health care. The state took into its hands all manner of decision-making in the field, together with all methods of evaluating the effectiveness of state actions and their results.

When changes in the health of the population occurred at times, the health care system did not react properly. Excessive reliance on ideology led to goal distortion and emphasis on activities that did not correspond to the medical problems at hand, the level of national socio-economic development, medical capabilities, or public demand.

Why on earth would we try to be more like Russia, when they tried it and failed? No statist solution such as that being advised to Mr. Obama by Pelosi, Frank, Dr. Emmanuel and others works. To try something that has never been tried before is one thing. To be trying what always fails and in the process bringing down that which works over 3/4 of the time is insane. I'm glad 85% of Americans now believe that, but we have some very stubborn leaders who could care less about the citizens. Ironically, under the single payer system which is Obama's admitted end-game, Teddy Kennedy would have died long ago. He would have been a victim of his own health care "reform". Oh, I forgot - our Legislators voted not to be covered, but to retain their Cadillac plans. What hypocrisy!

China is in the midst of reforming their system - they are running a PILOT program which included the changes. Makes a lot of sense, huh, particularly since the health care bill is for changes to be effective four years from now. It is the number one rule of business - try it on a small scale before committing the whole bank to something. But then, Mr. Obama never ran anything, not even a lemonade stand. The Bible warns about giving authority to a novice. We are bearing the bitter fruit of giving authority far beyond the constitution to a man who doesn't even regard it enough to simply produce his birth certificate.

The USA Press is largely corrupted and essentially a cheerleader for every whim of Mr. Obama. Read the press in places like Russia, China, the UK, Israel, and elsewhere who are not yet under his thumb if you want the news that is suppressed in the USA. And do it before the Obama goons filter the Internet and Radio to turn 90% favorable media into 100%. Mom, why can't we be like China and Venezuela? Save the "pretty please".


At 1:05 AM , Blogger John said...

I might add that in POST-CHRISTIAN Europe, moral issues do not stand in the way of withholding treatment and rationing care. Perhaps that is the reason Obama says we no longer live in a Christian country - he knows his policies fly in the face of Christian ideals.


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