Friday, November 20, 2009


A pundit said 71% of people will not buy Palin's book. Most people don't buy ANY book. However, If 29% do buy it, she will be rich enough to counter Obama's 750 billion slush fund euphemistically called a "stimulus" package that is for PURELY political purposes. 14% of it has been spent primarily on Acorn, Unions, and for all manner of political purposes and has done nothing for business but instead has raised the deficit. Unemployment is rising while clueless Congress spends like a drunken sailor.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Sarah Palin did not escape criticism here, though the actions of McCain, Obama, and Biden called for more opposition in my view. My criticism was on strategy and other issues that perhaps in retrospect were more McCain's restraints on her than her own idea, though I believe she pulled far too many punches. The jury is out until we can evaluate what she does without any restraints.

Some brain-dead folks like to bash Palin, but can anyone honestly think she wouldn't have been better than Obama has been so far had McCain won and had a heart attack on February 1?

1) She wouldn't have banned the term "War on Terror"
2) She wouldn't have alienated our best ally in the middle east from a 70% confidence rating in Israel to a 4% one.
3) She wouldn't have shown disdain for the Czechs and Poles by leaving them exposed to the awakening Russian bear.
4) She wouldn't have passed a $750 billion slush fund to be used for political favors.
5) She wouldn't have talked down our economy to throw it into depression (mammoth income reductions among the self-employed who can't get unemployment compensation and those who have given up finding work are NOT included in the 10% unemployment rate).
6) She wouldn't have started a war against small businesses.
7) She wouldn't have signed a phony "hate" crimes bill criminalizing free speech about deviant behaviors.
8) She wouldn't be giving the 9/11 mastermind the rights of a US Citizen.
9) She wouldn't have funded the corrupt Acorn.
10) She would have proposed reforms in health care that actually helped people rather than hurt them or create "death panels" where government ends up deciding who lives and who dies.
11) She wouldn't have produced videos of children lying about their parents having to sell their home to pay for a broken leg when they are already covered by S-Chip.
12) She wouldn't have nut-case radicals in the White House advising her who are admitted Maoists and Communists.
13) She wouldn't be criticizing Christians while exalting Islam.
14) She would have found a church in 10 months in office and actually gone to it and listened to the minister.
15) She would have taken in a stray dog instead of an exotic one worth the price of a small car.
16) She wouldn't take Todd on million dollar dates to NYC.
17) She would have reduced the deer-car accident rate by thinning the deer population.
18) She would have put the water back on to save the farmers in central California
19) Soldiers would be proud to call her Commander(ess)-in-Chief.
20) She wouldn't be ceding US sovereignty to the incompetent UN .
21) Instead of "Hopenhagen", she would be resisting a one-world government (she is not clueless about the Book of Revelation).
22) She would propose more drilling for oil and clean-coal technology instead of shooting ourselves in the foot with European style energy prices.
23) She would have thrown a stronger first pitch at the baseball game.
24) She would have included the other party in her legislative initiatives.
25) We would still have Saturns and Pontiacs.

And of course, the brain-dead media would have criticized all of he above.

The really dumb folks are the ones who idolize the man who has failed in all of the above and who is grossly unqualified
by experience AND lack of proven natural-born citizenship for office. Sarah knows her limitations, but those are far fewer than those of the man the press protects with such zeal to the destruction of America. Great leaders don't micro-manage - they pick people to run each sector and that is what Palin or any experienced executive would have done.


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