Friday, April 22, 2011


I am always amazed at how the press cannot be objective anymore but simply support their various points of view. This is not really new, as I witnessed as a 10 year old fabrications by a reporter of an incident I witnessed because I was involved in it. Frank Peretti's book THE PROPHET is one of my very favorites - it simply tells it like it is from story selection, to viewpoint, to placement within a broadcast or at which time of day to emphasize or diminish its effect. My sister was friends with a reporter with the New York Times who finally quit because he could no longer abide being told what slant to put on his writing.

Here are some articles that it would seem any real Newshound would go for, but alas, all they usually do it parrot unsatisfying positions by those who want the status quo:

1) Why did Barack Obama not wear his gold wedding ring or watch during 2010 Ramadan? Muslims are not allowed to wear GOLD jewelry that month. He said it was in for repairs. Now my wife's diamond ring sometimes needed repair, but a wedding band??? It really does matter since (1) the President claimed to be a Christian though his own words to author Stephen Mansfield in "The Faith of Barack Obama" appeared to say his understanding of what a Christian is does not match anyone else's that I know, (2) Every statement about Islam has been wildly complementary such as the call to prayer being "the most beautiful sound on earth" to the "Holy Quran" while he jokes about the Bible, refuses to intervene where Christians have been persecuted and butchered by Muslims, and regularly consults with Muslims, and (3) he has trashed Israel on every occasion he can losing the confidence of the vast majority of Israeli's. (And Yes, you Eagleeyes, I read Snopes (a left leaning supposed truth site) whose explanations defending the Prez were wholly illogical and lacking cand0r).

2) Why has Barack Obama sealed his birth certificates in two countries as well as ALL his academic records going back to Kindergarten? No matter what one believes, it is simply abnormal behavior. When one's own Grandmother says he was born in Kenya, when headlines in African papers declare he was born there (while running for Senate when it was no issue), and whose own WIFE said his native Kenya, whose COLB was so clearly a fraud (I work in graphics and could see the doctoring myself shown a close-up), the bug lie continues vilifying everyone who dares ask the most basic question about it. Why NOT a full scale investigation into it, since by his own words and actions, the President has shown the utmost disdain for our nation and has favored almost every other nation over us (except for our allies) and his inability to balance a checkbook within a trillion and a half dollars makes any sane soul wonder if he flunked math and economics many times over.

3) Why doesn't the press challenge Obama's characterization of Paul Ryan's budget as radical be challenged by the utter radical nature of spending 75% more money than one has?

4) Why not ask how come Black unemployment is up 50% under Barack's watch despite all the hundreds of billions spent. People rich and poor are WORSE off with his spending. Who wanta to have their income confiscated when in fact the spending has decimated small business, the engine of jobs, and made it WORSE?

I believe the answer is that reporters were raised in the same leftwing universities that Obama has found refuge in while the majority of the nation's adults have rejected his purely political agenda that would not flex with hard economic times. They received "A's" for parroting back ideas proffered by looney left professors. They get the same reinforcement from left wing media sources such as the NYT, Huffington Post, MSNBC, much of CNN, and all the other media slaves to all things liberal.

If Americans would STOP buying left-wing papers, stop watching CNN and MSNBC and the networks, boycott left wing and morally depraved Hollywood and Big Entertainment, these folks would be defunded and lose power. It is not only Planned Parenthood, the NEA, and other enemies of decency who must be defunded by government, citizens must defund the enablers.

As long as people love the Ed Asner's and Michael Moore's of the world, nothing will change.
When they say enough is enough, it will be enough to bring change.


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