Thursday, July 14, 2011


I was in a coffee house several months ago where the moderator made a comment that was born purely of racism. The group broke up, and the host venue went out of business. I didn't say much because God did so with HIS actions. However, something happened yesterday, and I want to show a linkage here.

My wife's cousin died of cancer a week ago Sunday. He was a Vietnam Vet who was a point man who risked his life many times but escaped unharmed. She was very fond of him because he saved her life when she ran into trouble in the ocean when a child. The funeral is tomorrow, as a specialty Army casket had to be prepared. I went to a local flower shop to see about ordering floral baskets to be sent from our family and from my brother-in-law's family. I received the prices, saw the pictures, and asked how far they delivered. They said - "everywhere". I said, "In Philadelphia, near Penn?" (the University of Pennsylvania for those of you from other parts of the country). She said "No problem". Just let her know by this morning and they would be in the church by 8 am tomorrow. I told her I wanted my wife to pick the colors. So my wife went to the shop later the same day and talked to the same person. She showed her no book and was distinctly less interested than she had been with me. She said they didn't deliver to that area (though we hadn't discussed that, my wife happened to use identical terminology the same location "near Penn"). Pure racism (my wife is Black but I am not). Anyone can have a policy of how far they will go to deliver - but we were given two opposite policies on THE SAME DAY. In 2011. Are you surprised? I'm not. It happens to a lot of people more frequently than any would care to admit. The mantra of many on the right is to focus on Black racism - "We've moved on, why can't they?"

Well, my wife ordered flowers from Center City, and if I believe it will do any good, I will send a copy of this post to that local flower shop. I'm sure they will say they wait on Black customers - they probably do. However, they treated my wife differently from how they treated me. That is racism.

Now to that coffeehouse. It had a very liberal slant. The comment made was that no one should criticize Obama for ANYTHING because he was Black and needed their support. (We will ignore for the moment that Obama is actually 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arab, and only 6.25% African Negro - unlike many of bi-racial or tri-racial heritage, Tiger Woods coming to mind, Obama identifies as Black and people have bought that - "if you say you are Jew, you are one" thinking. Based upon his performance, if I were Black, I would have been slower to take ownership or at least have relinquished it - he really has performed like a wacky left wing white guy, not like a Black leader who makes life better for all and who regards the Lord as integral with the struggle.  After all, Abraham Lincoln was half-black, so we already have had an exemplary "Black" president - some would say our GREATEST president, and we had four other Presidents with mixed heritage according to Black historians. What you don't know CAN hurt you! Since all people are the same COLOR, and it is difference in merely in shade, all racial animus is really irrational anyway.)

Many people of all colors had rapidly learned that "Hope and Change" had resulted in almost every decision being anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Israel (and Poland, and Czechoslovakia and...). While many were ill-informed on who was primarily responsible for the terrible economy (refer to my prior post "DEBT") others had gotten the word. It has gotten worse since then - now fully 55% of Black males do NOT have full time employment. That is staggering. When you consider that the U-3 unemployment figure of over 9% and the U-6 unemployment figure of about 18% do NOT include the self-employed and the army of 1099 people - realtors, insurance agents, many construction workers, and others, the number is about 25% unemployed or underemployed. The rate for Black men is over DOUBLE! If you believe the statistics, the wealth of many in the Black middle class was centered in real estate, and we all know what happened to home prices. Self-interest alone should make Blacks more than anyone cry out for drastic change from this counterfeit "Hope and Change".  However, racism will cause people to place more loyalty in skin color than in common sense. Just like that flower shop willing to lose money to disrespect someone because of the color of their skin.


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