Thursday, July 14, 2011


I marvel at the placid nature of most Republicans! George Bush NEVER defended himself. Like many in the gentry, they believed that the people could tell truth from error. Many other Republicans have taken the same approach, and the lies keep coming and more and more people think they must be true. Now the media will not expose the lies - they are partners in them! Every opportunity must be taken to debunk the mythology! In the video, "How Obama Got Elected", about 75% to 80% of the people polled who voted for Obama had basic facts wrong - NOT political or arguable issues - FACTS! They thought Palin made the boners Biden or Obama made, they thought the GOP controlled Congress up until the 2008 election, etc., etc. If enough of these folks knew the truth, perhaps the election would have gone differently.

Yesterday on Sean Hannity's radio show, someone kept hammering that Bush increased the debt 6 trillion dollars, so why blame Obama for his spending? Sean really did not address this in a good way. FACTS: The national debt actually increased 6.2 trillion dollars while Prez Bush was in office, BUT, in the first six years with a GOP Congress, it increased 2.9 trillion, or fewer than 500 billion per year. AND it was decreasing!  That is too high a figure and the decrease wasn't fast enough (though much faster than is now being proposed) so the "bums" got kicked out in the 2006 election. However, when Nancy Pelosi grabbed the reins, they increased the deficit for 3.4 trillion in only TWO years! 3 1/2 times the deficit! A much larger deficit in TWO years than the previous SIX and it continued under Obama. How many people know this? These are not political numbers, they are actual published FACTS!

Where criticism of Bush is merited is the following:
1) He should have vetoed EVERY spending bill from Pelosi and gone directly to the American people and fought for it instead of figuring, "well, Elections Have Consequences". They DO, but Democrats fight every minute they are out of power. Politics is a fight, and if you don't want to fight, don't get involved!  In fairness to Bush, the Senate used continuing resolutions to avoid having a budget pass for 2009.  They STILL have not passed a budget.  The new House passed one, but the Senate wants to continue the overspending.
2) Bush should have defended himself - his silence was a major political gaffe. He STILL is quiet though Bill Clinton is not shy about saying what he thinks.
3( Bush proclaimed Islam a "religion of peace", flying in the face of History and what EVERY Christian in a Muslim country knows. His spiritual weakness paved the way for even more embraces of Islam by the current President.

Debt beyond the ability to repay is WRONG. It MUST be gotten under control. When circumstances make life more difficult, restructuring is needed. We need to press, press, press, and not leave it to others who have the ruination of our nation as their goal.


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