Monday, December 19, 2011


Many companies have forbidden people to use that word "Christmas". They insist on "holidays" - strange, since the origin of the word is from the middle English  for "Holy Day"!   Many use the word Christmas with no idea that it is holy, and most who smugly use "holidays" likely think they are evading the dreaded "J-word" - Jesus.   Speaking of the "J-word", I find all the criticism of Tim Tebow a bit disingenuous since the Boston papers seemed to relish the idea that more than Tebow was defeated.  Ah, hypocrisy.

Which brings me to the demise of the North Korean leader.  Here is a man who was a mass murderer, who treated Christians about the same way Hitler treated the Jews, who  has saved his people, and turned the "Pearl of the Orient" into a rathole.  Yet, if you listen to the MSM, you would think he were Winston Churchill.  With that in mind, can anyone doubt that the biggest obstacle to success in the 2012 election is not a less-than-perfect GOP candidate, but the deification of one Barack Obama, who was never vetted by the MSM, and who despite oceans of evidence, is still not being shown for who he is.

The GOP continues to believe they can "get their message out" without touching the man who is the master of the big lie.  Have you heard ANY GOP candidate defend G.W. Bush against the vitriol heaped on him by Obama and his cronies?  I haven't. Yet history shows very low unemployment, major gains for minorities, much construction of affordable housing, major aid to Africa, and decline deficits during his first six years in office.  It is only when Obama and the rest of the Dems were elected in 2006 to control both houses that the wheels started coming off in 2007/  Obama voted for the policies that brought the housing debacle.  He voted for profligate spending that made the deficits soar.  He also was part of the cadre that kept ANY budget from being passed so Bush could not veto it.

These are facts than most Americans don't know.  It is not that they think Obama is a paragon of truth, it is because the G.W/ never defended himself and the GOP has never defended him.  Unless they are willing to tell the truth and endure a scaling press, I am afraid that it might be a disappointing election because I talk to a lot of people, and an amazing number of people believe Obama because unless they tune in to some erudite commentators outside the MSM, they never hear the truth.  The truth shall set you free, not negative ads.  Encourage your favorite candidate to get some backbone and attack what is rather than other contenders.  The squabbles are disheartening, and those with no realistic chance should pack up and leave - Paul, for real.  A horrifically naive man I could NEVER vote for.  Huntsman.  Santorum.
And after Iowa, the also rans.    And then encourage those who want HIllary to run against Obama.  Now wouldn't that be interesting?


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