Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So many pundits seem consumed with an imaginary war on women.  Is it war to not want to pay for someone's birth control pills? Particularly for the purpose of promoting fornication and not for simply limiting how many children a married couple may have?   Is it war to attack women who choose to stay home to raise their kids?  (am I thankful my wife did!)

All of the back and forth misses the REAL war on women.  Wars with real casualties.  For starters, how about the war that has killed about 1,800 women TODAY!  And if all the people in either Boston or Seattle were women, ALL in either city plus just about ALL the American men and women killed in the War in Vietnam EACH AND EVERY YEAR????    And that is just in the United States.  Five out of six abortions occur in the so-called underdeveloped world.  About 42 MILLION per year.  Line up all the women in America - kill one out of four and that is the world toll.  AND YOU ARE HELPING TO PAY FOR IT!   The Obama administration is forcing taxpayers to fund this genocide world wide, and most abortions worldwide are on people of color. Whites get 60% of American abortions, but they are dwarfed by the butchery in other lands actively encouraged by our fallen nation.

And just like in Vietnam, where the WIA dwarfed the KIA (that is Wounded-in-action and Killed-in-Action for you neophytes!), the women wounded by the policies of sanctimonious prigs are legion and dwarf the figures noted above - here is just a sampling of the collateral damage -

1) Girls sexualized at an early age.  It is not just Jon Bonet.  About 1 out of 5 American girls are sexually abused as children.

2) Those who escape that are having required reading of sexually graphic materials in school and so called sex ed that are instructional manuals for sin. An increasing number of teachers are interacting with their students sexually.  Is that ANY surprise?

3) Vaginal, oral, and/or anal intercourse at alarming rates and at increasingly younger ages.  Few people fully understand that doing a Monica skyrocketed after the revelations of Bill Clinton and his famous claim "I did not have sex with that woman." Teen pregnancy is down because a whole host of teens is doing it anally and orally.   In fact, a "Christian" website actually recommends anal and oral sex plus mutual masturbation for Christian teens to help them remain "virgins"!   If you don't see the devil in that, you are blind!  And remember it the next time you see a fifteen year old pushing a stroller with a baby in it.  She may be the least perverted of all.  The smug one who never got pregnant may be as promiscuous as the day is long thinking she is still a virgin.   There is a lot of laughter in hell.

4) The hook-up culture, living together, the explosion of porn use among women and unwisely deferred marriage has inflicted almost mortal moral wounds on women. They are finding it hard to trust any man for long, and are developing an appetite for variety that in the end is deadly. It was bad enough when men were the main violators.  Now both sides are engaged and destabilizing love to an alarming degree.

5) STD's are rampant. Some have no cure.  The end game results of others are uncertain.  The true KIA and WIA statistics are yet to be written.

Yet this REAL WAR ON WOMEN is IGNORED by the MSM and their clueless allies.  Instead, those who try to be true to Biblical morality and to do the best for their kids are the ones mocked.  It has well been said that people like to accuse you of what they themselves are doing.   In this case, that has never been truer.


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