Friday, April 06, 2012

JUDAS 2012

Today is Good Friday.  I had the opportunity to share a message today about the repentant thief on the cross.  You can read it this week if you log on to our ministry website,
I have another message to share here.   Politics on Good Friday?  It has more to do with it that you might at first think.

Many in Jesus day were longing for a Messiah-King who would free them from the rule of the Romans. At one point they tried to take him by force to compel him.  Judas seemed to be the most political among them.  He had pasted his own political dreams on Christ and betrayed him when Christ did not dance to his tune.

The sad part is that Judas had been a hypocrite for some time. While early on he had healed people and cast out demons as the scriptures say ALL TWELVE had done, but he was irritated that Jesus did not share his politics.  He objected when Jesus did not mind having a woman spend a years wages for a fragrant anointing of him.  Like modern day Liberals, Judas wanted to spend other people's money. He wanted to sell someone else's  property to give it to the poor!  Actually that is what he SAID, but as the Apostle John noted, Judas helped himself to the treasury when he wanted something for himself,

Just like the hypocites on the left who preach about buying a tin can to drive while they jet about in reckless abandon spouting their rotten theorems.  Just like those who talk about stingy Republicans while they give almost nothing to church or charity but pay back their rich Wall Street friends and Union execs out of the public treasury.   We have a country full of Judas's including one in the White House.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and despite the Prez calling Jesus "A" son of God in his Easter message, betraying his unfamiliarity with true Christianity, someone just this week called him a "born-again Christian".  They are 1,000% behind him and believe he is ushering in the kingdom. In fact, I heard a lady say that churches keep saying that politics should not be in the church.  She said that is all wrong, and politics MUST be in the church.  The woman is woefully ignorant about almost everything in politics, assigning the imprimatur of Scripture to anything she reads as an email from the Obama campaign.  Unfortunately, churches are falling into this Judas deception, rejecting the very word of Christ.  How so?

They are supporting the most radical form of abortion and the paying for it with your tax dollars WORLD-WIDE.  The United States is exporting murder! Yet these Judas's say we need to put abortion on the "back- burner" because "Justice" is more important. Do the pro-abortion people EVER put abortion on the back burner?  It is their Holy Grail.  They know that their total hellish agenda is built around accepting evil as normal and what they say as more important than the word of God.  Ans yes, Virginia, I know that many in the GOP Establishment want laissez faire on abortion as well and I am just as opposed to them.

They preach "justice" while practicing everything BUT.   They believe it is fine to take away the livelihood of thousands to avoid relocating some sea life. They believe in confiscating property ex post facto by changing rules to keep people from building on their own property.  They believe in taking away people's retirement and investments and giving them to others - especially their biggest supporters - as they did in the government takeover of General Motors.  They expand government mindlessly on the pretext of helping people, but just like Judas, more goes to themselves and their political friends than to the poor.   They promote massive fraud and intimidation in elections, refuding to prosecute an egregious intimdatio9n by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia at the polls.  And then, they have the nerve to complain about having people show an ID to vote!!! You can't function today without a photo ID, but they call it "voter suppression".  Like Judas, they do not care about justice, they care about maintaining their fraud.

There are a host of other issues - the campaign to recognize and in fact subsidize sexual perversion is going full steam.  The move to devalue the lives of seniors saying they are selfish not to die instead of using health care resources. The move to limit freedom is everywhere- proposed censorship, the drive to control every aspect of life through an ominous health care bill which is merely a tool for control. Listen to people from nations that have been or were communistic - they say it is déjá vous - they have heard it all before and are stunned that a supposed freedom-loving people can't see the writing on the wall.

My friends, beware ANYONE who tries to hijack your church with their own deeply flawed political ideas.   Your church is a house of God, and not a den of thieves.  If Jesus were walking on the earth today, he would turn over the partisan political tables in his house as well as all the money-making schemes and all the other profane activities going on in the church.  He would have words as he did for the Scribes and Pharisees about so-called "reverends" going about causing hate and discord with not one ounce of spiritual content to their message.  He would deal strongly with anyone who equates atheistic left-wing demagoguery with his gospel,  None of these people died for your sins, nor would they.  They would NEVER think of entering the World Trade Center as those brave firefighters and police did to save the lives of those they did not know. Rather, like Judas, they would come up with a new death tax to take whatever was left for their families and use it for riotous spending as did the prodigal son.

My friends, do not let lies go unanswered, do not let people push their own agenda over the Lord's agenda.  Love them but do not submit to them.  One of the reasons the left is so cozy with Islam is that both hate and despise the TRUE church and always gain their power through force and intimidation.  The signs are everywhere that our nation is rapidly heading toward an Armageddon where freedom will be attacked by all the nations of the world.  The Bible says that ALL nations will line up against Israel, and like the Iranians are trying to hasten the 12th Imam, so is the Prez seemingly trying to make this prophecy true by his obvious hatred of Israel and their courageous leader, Benyamin Netanyahu. Just this last Wednesday, he hosted the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt in the White House - the same people who declared Israel their number one enemy,  Funny way to treat an ally while rockets are launched into Israel.  Don't be fooled by his occasional positive speeches about Israel - the bulk of words and actions including his conversation with Nicholas Sarkozy of France speak the opposite,

Now Judas did it for money, but he paid the penalty for his actions.  So will those who sow discord, hatred, and who enable power-hungry demagogues.  Let us not be enablers of them, and cause US to be free from the love of this world and participants in one of the most insidious deceptions of our day.


At 6:36 AM , Anonymous Chris Sofield said...

AMEN, So many great and true points.

At 3:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Jesus were walking on the earth today, he would turn over the partisan political tables in his house.....your's included! I think we Christians are also guilty of equating political ideology with theology. The furtherance of the Gospel is what we are to be about, and elevating a Mormon to lead this country grants exposure and acceptability of a cult and is in direct conflict with the purposes of God. Scripture says that if we even greet someone who is bringing a false gospel, we partake in their evil. Do you want to be a partaker in the evil perpetrated by the Mormon Church (drawing untold millions to eternal Hell) if they occupy the White House? Vote how you want, but this election I think it's probably wise to keep it out of the pulpit.


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