Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Book of Revelation talks about pigs in the temple. Some literalists think this will be in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. Maybe so, but it also means that we need to run when we see what doesn't belong on the pulpit. On some pulpits it is justification for murdering the preborn. On others it is celebrating homosexuality. On still others it is trying to use God to gain wealth, fame, and a life of ease. For the really egregious, it is flat out calling Christ a liar by allowing for other ways to God than through Jesus Christ.
This morning, I went to a local church where the people were going nuts worshiping God. Then the pastor got into politics. It may surprise you to know that I don't like pastors talking politics even those that I might agree with! I do love politics and have been writing about the subject since a teenager. Further, I believe our politics really DO matter. I devote a fair about of time to assist people in Avoiding Political Deception.  Many Christians are in political deception, but I must say that I have met NOT ONE PERSON who is deceived politically who was not FIRST deceived spiritually!  So it is not for lack of passion on the subject!
However,  the church is God's house and is reserved for worshiping HIM. It is not campaign headquarters for either side. The IRS agrees. After stating that one should not vote for president because of the color of his skin, but only because of VALUES, he went on celebrating the policies of the incumbent and praising welfare as a great blessing, and then taking an ill advised stand on voter ID laws and ignoring so many other issues that God and thankfully many Christians do find abhorrent.

Obviously, welfare is needed for those who cannot provide for themselves, but the Bible has a set of rules about even SENIORS receiving it that would make the most conservative politician today look like a flaming liberal. If someone WON"T work, they must not eat is God's position. Bill Clinton courageously reformed welfare and the rolls were cut in half. There was no disaster that the Chicken Little folks always predict. Instead,. people got jobs, self-respect, and a far better life. They got homes and cars, and crime dropped precipitously. Now some of those folks have slipped back because of insane economic policies attacking the very job creators that blessed these folks. The current administration is actually encouraging people to get food stamps and get welfare without ever having to look for work, all in the name of getting votes. 

When Christian leaders talk about politics, they had better be in agreement with the Word. However, even if they ARE, church is not the place to electioneer. And in case you think I am just picking on liberals, I wrote a bruising letter to TRUTH IN ACTION, a conservative group as well. They were blindly supporting David Barton, a self-styled historian whom I never thought was very accurate.  Many Christians have swallowed a number of his mythologies. We can no more rewrite history than the liberals can. 

We really need to be informed, and we really need to reserve the church as a place where people of all political persuasions can come together to worship God. Church is not a cheerleader organization for politicians who really do not share our faith. It is a holy place, and I believe if Christ had been there this morning, he would have taken his whip out.


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