Friday, August 17, 2012


I AGREE WITH BARACK OBAMA when he says we are our brother’s keeper. This is one of the core beliefs that should order our lives. However, as with so many liberal politicians, it is simply words and not a reality. The Prez’ brother George lives in deep poverty in Kenya.  When his child was in the hospital, George KNEW not to ask his brother Barack for anything. The multi-millionaire in the White House who lectures us and you daily trashes his opponent (who regularly gives 15% of his income to charity) doesn’t help his physical brother at all.   

George Obama instead called Dinesh D’Souza, who produced the movie 2016 - Obama’s America, and asked for $1,000 to help his child.  D’Souza is no relation to George Obama, but he promptly wired him $1,000 to cover the bill.   George said he was like a BROTHER to him. When will the vast majority of Americans realize that the Prez is no better than Joe Biden, Al Gore, and the rest of them who are skinflints when it comes to charity?  Barack and Michelle gave an embarrassing pittance to charity UNTIL he ran for Senate.  The Biblical mandate is not a part of Obama’s life. What he does is to simply avoid being embarrassed.  It will likely revert back after his defeat.  It is words, just words. 
Aside from the magnificent giving many Jewish people do to sustain hospitals, you will find it is the Conservatives who give the lion’s share to help others.  I found it deeply ironic that the man who explains Obama’s vision for America in the theaters is the one who actually helped George Obama.  Do not be deceived.  Liberals simply want to tax you to provide services at about 6 times the cost of private charity while thinking their words make up for the depravity of their reality.


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