Friday, August 03, 2012


Do you think Gabby Douglas would have had that huge smile and received universal acclaim for her stupendous accomplishment IF:
1) She were given .2 to .5 additional on each score because of her ethnicity?
2) If she were let into the Olympics because of ethnicity and not skill?
3) If the scores were based simply on effort, and not upon results?
4) She doubted whether it was her effort or those additional points that enabled her to win?

OF COURSE NOT!   She is happy and we all are thrilled for her because she competed on the world stage with no built in advantages or being graded simply on effort.  We all applaud her results.  The same is the case for EVERYONE who competes fairly and shows they are superb (or in her case THE BEST) at what they do.  This is the best way to heal our nation and to give people the self respect and unadulterated credit they deserve.  So many liberals think all minorities and women need an unfair advantage to succeed. Athletics, music, the military, and the church have shown that to be a fallacy. God judges based upon what we do with what we have, and we must do likewise.


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