Thursday, January 30, 2014


On Tuesday, strange but true, there were Christian people sitting in their living rooms whooping and hollering over every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of...   supposed to be GOD, right?  No, we are talking about - (drum roll) - B-a-r-a-c-k  O-b-a-m-a!

To this larger than you might think number of Christians, Barack is a born again Christian who is ushering in the Kingdom of God.  They do not care that 80% of atheists support the man.  They do not care about the insane push of abortion and homosexuality with new laws forcing Christians to support these perversions and crimes with their money and businesses or else be sued or lose everything. They do not care about the Christians withering in totalitarian and Islamic prisons around the world.  They do not care about the fact that poverty is the worse since 1965. They do not care that Eric Holder and a seemingly endless stream of evil bigots are in authority paid for on the backs of their labor. They do not care that the businesses of those they love have been plundered by insane economic policies that have failed absolutely EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY HAVE tried.   They ignore the healthcare debacle, repeating word for word the same lies the Prez tells with impunity, knowing that an adoring press will NEVER challenge anything he says.  The Washington Post did give him three Pinocchio's for lying, but with over eight times that many lies in only an hour, that was simply a meaningless nod to objectivity.  I mean, does even Satan lie more than 24 times per hour?

In thinking about how otherwise sane people can behave that way (and in case you haven't met any, I can point the way), you need to look no further than the church itself.   So many people identify with a man or woman instead of God.  You have heard them - when they visit a church, they advertise their pastor with extreme pride.  They send insane amounts of money to charlatans who spend it insanely. They listen to people who browbeat them and who demand a cushy lifestyle.  They remortgage their homes so the wolves can live above it all, swooshing here and there in multi-million dollar jets.  They watch and listen and proselytize others, spreading concepts God would laugh at, never checking any facts.  They accept the demagogue comments of others trashing faithful servants of God who preach a pure, undefiled word of God and who warn of hell  instead of preaching how to manipulate God out of his riches.   They end up trashing them as well.

If is no wonder that they have the same approach to politics.  They accept every lie that is crafted by Satan to appeal to the flesh.  They are told that other people are holding them back, That the wealth of others will be transferred to them.  That they can make God *or the government) give them stuff.  They are blinded by those who play them like a violin, and who will trash them in the end once they have served their purpose as useful idiots.

My friends, study the word of God and let the Holy Spirit tach you.  Test everything you hear, and if you are inexperienced in the Word (or in politics), check out what you hear with seasoned people who have devoted the time and resources to research things.  Above all, never sacrifice the moral and ethical standards of God for ANYBODY.  Rather, let GOD be true, and every man a liar.  May God bless you.