Monday, June 13, 2011


About fifty years ago, the concept of "situational ethics" came to the forefront. We were told that you just could not always follow absolute truth, but tailor one's response to the situation. One favorite example was the lying done to protect the Jews from the Nazi's during World War II. Of course, as we all know, everyone started making exceptions for themselves in any and every situation, and the slippery slope was set in heavy-duty motion. There would be circumstances where sex without marriage was OK, killing the unborn under certain very limited circumstances was OK, curing was acceptable if it were "relevant" and endless other compromises were justified from soup to nuts. Before long, the exceptions became the rule. The sexual revolution, the mindless violence of riots and student uprisings, and all manner of evil came from men and women deciding their situations were "the exceptions". The devil laughed as degradation occurred and accelerated. Nothing new. People doing what was right in their OWN eyes (not God's). Satan had a lot of practice with this and this time he shot a bullseye.

We were told that you could not ram "your truth" down people's throats even when presented with restraint and love. That there were many "truths" and each person had to pick their own. Of course, that is absurd, as those who work in technical fields can tell you, truth is very narrow and very elusive. Most paths fail and fail miserably. Any old way usually fails. Getting to a destination is impossible with only the slightest deviation of route. Of course, that gave way to everyone having to accept the "truth" as determined arbitrarily by the educational and philosophical elites. Changing "truth", often absurd "truth" has become the order of the day as well as merciless persecution of any and all who believe in the original truth - the truth of God and of his Scriptures. NO matter how well you present it, how reasoned the arguments, it is all off the table. The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God."

Diversity took center stage. We needed to be tolerant of other ways of looking at life, of sexual gender variations, or the equality of ideas. Now, of course, the deviate "truth" is the only "truth", and anyone who believes in traditional moral values as taught by God and which are the ONLY ones with a successful track record is told they are wrong and cannot state their views nor contend for them. Despite the fact that "gay marriages" in the Netherlands last about 18 months and are not the slightest equivalent, college freshmen are shown gay porn to "sensitize" them while those contending for the faith are given failing grades even if writing brilliantly about why they believe as they do. God's morality is the ONLY intellectually and experientially viable alternative, but people stick their fingers in their ears and refuse to listen.

Big science dictated that it was wrong for Bible believers to teach Genesis. It was too narrow. So they substituted ever changing and totally disproven hare-brained ideas of molecules-to-man evolution and commanded that all believe it and NEVER question it or risk not passing or being accepted in graduate school or being able to teach. It is far worse than ANY closed scientific inquiry in ancient history. It is pure tyranny and based upon their own half-baked religious ideas and a rather arbitrary and specious evaluation of the evidence.

The list goes on... All Democrats are compassionate - even though they donate FAR LESS to the poor OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET than those "hateful conservatives". All liberals are smart, even though they seem to get just about everything wrong all the time. Now we find that electric cars over their life cycle put out far more CO2 than regular cars when you consider the manufacturing, running, AND junking of them. Conservatives are stupid, especially the women - you need to read my post "Compare 'Dumb' Palin to 'Smart' Obama" from November of 2009 and you will see that the exact OPPOSITE is true. I am told "green" buildings cost little more to build - reality? About 30% to 40% more. EPA Lead Paint Rule - they estimate $38 per job. Reality? About 6% to 13% of the job - perhaps $7,000 on a typical ren0vation - all for an issue that was 99% solved years ago.

Obamacare? Saving money? Hardly. Through the roof costs and the elderly withheld care by the death panels they used to mock.

9% unemployment? Hardly. The U-6 rate is about 18% when you include first time job-seekers out of college, and people who have given up. There is a higher percentage of long-term unemployed that during the Great Depression. And they NEVER count 1099 workers and the self-employed. It is about 25%. Almost 55% of black men are now without full-time employment. You would think that would make Obama dead in the water. Yet he still blames Bush, though the Dems controlled the money in Congress THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE downturn! Satan is alive and well lying every day through the Old Left Media. If these media outlets told the truth for ONE WEEK, Obama would lose to Donald Duck. Tyranny loves company and the lies are an epidemic. 2 million new jobs in the private sector? Try a loss of 1.2 million. 119 businesses making counters have gone out of business the last two years. Those that remain are limping along. The WAR against small business is unprecedented and the Satan-controlled media refuse to do even one story about it. Instead, they assign ten reporters to say it is raining.

The Bible says that Satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. We are seeing first hand in the good old US of A what it is like to experience the work of Satan. It is all around us and people are suffering horribly. 1 out of 10 homes is empty, and if the foreclosures were all sold, it would be far worse. People are not spending money because the make-it-up-as-they-go crowd has zero understanding how a business plan works. Businesses that want to hire believe they cannot because of an impending tax hit that would be catastrophic. They do not want their business to be buried Obama's Free Market Cemetery. Lifetimes of work and sacrifice and contributing to establish churches and ministry to the poor are disappearing every hour.

UNFORTUNATELY, IT DOESN'T END THERE. The church has frequently been just about as narrow and stupid. Refusing to stand on the authority of the thoroughly vetted Bible, they also make it up as they go along. They forbid the mention of sin. They put women over men and celebrate it. They talk enbdlessly about generational curses instead of personal responsibility. They put on choreographed performances instead of body ministry as commanded in I Corinthians 14. They celebrate secular psychiatry as the way to go. Instead of believing that "you cannot serve God and mammon" they say you serve God by serving mammon! Money is celebrated and those who live modestly and who give generously are marginalized. They even have sexual paraphernalia sites to "help" Christian marriages. They make Jesus Christ our servant rather than our Lord. We are told to decree and God is to dutifully follow our arrogant instructions. We are kings, bestowed with all manner of authority (and from my observation, ALL who say and do these things ignore or openly flout the clearest dictates of the Bible). Don't think God will give authority to folks like that. We are given the impression that we "got him" - we can "hold him to his word" - we outfoxed him all right! And the beat goes on.

Always look beyond what is said to WHY it is said. Always hold people to God's standards, calling out hypocrisy, and NEVER compromise with evil. Satan is the father of all lies, and he is good at it. He is the master manipulator, and if we are smart, we will call him out on it and warn all we know so they do not end up in the pit with him. Satan wants to bring people down - he does not care how. If like Anthony Weiner, he does that; if like Jim Bakker, he does that; if like Bernie Madoff, he does that. and if illicit sex, money, or all the other typical vices don't work, as they often do not with a true Christian, he simply flatters them and surrounds them with admirers, and their insufferable pride often makes the fall more complete and without recovery than those traditional vices. Let those who think they stand take heed lest they fall.