Sunday, May 10, 2009


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Thursday, May 07, 2009


You know, many folks like to talk about the "Good Old Days". Like the 1600's. Intolerance was rampant. Religious persecution was here in America. The dead Church of England was the state church in Virginia back then. It was illegal to preach "the gospel of Jesus Christ". You could get put in JAIL for it. Jonathan Edwards used very graphic terms about Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God DECADES before the Revolutionary War. That means there some pretty bad sinners around in the 1700's. Only 1 out of 6 Americans went to church when our nation was founded. The first United States failed (read your history). They finally got it sort of right in 1787. Thank GOD for the largely Christian principles that made it into those founding documents. Even then, there was no freedom of religion - it came later courtesy of James Madison's tireless efforts as part of the Bill of Rights. Our second President, john Adams, was a deist and did not believe that Jesus was God. Our third President, Thomas Jefferson, made his own version of the Bible since he did not believe much of God's original. We had child labor, exploited women, slaves, and a many other evils. Our nation was a backwater in the world. The judgment of God came in the civil war, and it was horrific.

But then God moved and a church growth movement and missions movement that changed the world came into being. The United States became a world power. We stumbled with greed and excess in the 1920's, convinced by the staged Scopes Trial that we needed to jettison much of the Bible. We went through a gruesome Great Depression that was ended not by the New Deal, which cost a tiny fraction of 1% of the current "stimulus" bill, but by a horrific World War. The 1950's brought ersatz religion - with the National Day of Prayer legislation by Truman and putting "Under God" in the pledge, the 60's a Sexual Revolution, and the 70's the Charismatic renewal that changed a lot of people for a while, but a significant portion of which unfortunately turned inward and self-serving, with a gospel of money and self-fulfillment displacing the real gospel of sacrifice and service for our fellow man. Our country has had a LOT of challenges. The 80's and since have seen precipitous drops in personal morality, public morality, and the like. It seems like every appointee in the new administration was dishonest about their taxes. Few people cared.

It is now 2009. The party with a large number of atheists who have fought every possible public display of Christianity is now in power. The President, who has never made an credible confession of faith (read THE FAITH OF BARACK OBAMA by Stephen Mansfield and endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu if you want to know what his "faith" really is), says that we may have been a Christian nation at one time, but no more. He has urged Christians to be more inclusive in their faith. Just like him and his friends! Hawaii will celebrate ISLAM DAY on September 24, 2009. The bill recognizes what it calls "the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions" that Islam and the Islamic world have made. Sounds like someone taped Mr. Obama in Turkey gushing over Islam and made a bill of it. It passed overwhelmingly. Only ONE lone lawmaker brought up "separation of church and state". Trust me, the only separation any of these folks care about is separating out and dishonoring CHRIST. Astrology - great. New Age - of course. Islam - are OK for sure. Forgotten is the fact that Islam and in fact all other religions are backward and counterproductive for mankind. What scientific advancements came from Islam? Zero. Zip. Nada. It is repressive and violent, and has NO interest in being one of many religions. It wants to be the ONLY game in town. MOST persecution of Christians comes from Islam. Check out the countries where it is worst - North Korea being a notable exception.

Mr. Obama is on his own mission to destroy Christianity which has been in the crosshairs of radicals ever since Christ was born. Why would anyone expect him to encourage the nation to pray? He would be inviting opposition to his diabolical schemes. So, while the National Day of Prayer may be a celebration by the faithful on the order of size of the "tea parties", I say we don't cede this country and our freedoms to Mr. Obama. Let us storm heaven with specific prayers, not just today on the "National Day of Prayer", but one, two, or three times a day. Believe me, the GOP is stumbling over themselves in retreat. Arlen simply jumped ship altogether. It is not as though the GOP is "God's Own Party". While on paper it has taken some positions close to the heart of God, such as opposing abortion, advocating educational choice so parents can pass their faith on to their children, calling evil what it is and fighting it, and maintaining as much personal freedom as possible, it has in practice not been a clear-cut as God wanted in terms of solving ethnic and economic issues in God's ways. Of course the Democrats have been sticking it in God's face for some time now. They opposed Kennedy on the Civil Rights Act, they oppose treating everyone based upon fairness, but want some people to be more equal that others, they oppose the Right to Life, the Right to Work, and just about any other right except of course the right to shamefully abuse the human body through perverted uses of organs clearly designed to do other things, the right to denigrate Christianity publicly, specifically, and incessantly, the right to display filthy images, the right to force parents out of the picture so the state can indoctrinate their children as Lenin did, the right to screen out any scientists who don't mindlessly and against all data subscribe to the theory du jour, whether macro evolution, anthrocentric global warming, or any other convenient lie, and of course the right to exalt terrorists and demean law-abiding citizens and in general call right wrong and wrong right.

Here are my prayers. Make your own list - but stick to it!

1) Lord Jesus, I pray for President Obama to believe that you are indeed the Christ, the son of the living God, the only way to salvation, and that he would be convicted of his sin, repent of his sin, and become a new man in Christ Jesus.
2) Remove from the president all Messianic assumption, all totalitarian dreams, all lying and hypocrisy, and his hatred of true Christianity. Turn him as you turned Saul into Paul. Cause Barack Obama to champion doing everything possible to save the lives of the preborn, to turn people from sexual looseness and perversion to mutual heterosexual monogamy, to keep Islam from getting a stronghold in our nation, to have the will and the moral clarity to fight evil and protect the good, to allow freedom of all kinds, to reign in government and wasteful spending, and to encourage all toward righteousness.
3) Lord, I pray that we would have peace. Despite poor decisions, despite giving aid and comfort to our enemies, despite seeking to reduce our capability to defend ourselves, I pray that you would protect our nation. We do not trust in horses, we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Save our nation for the sake of the remnant.
4) Lord, I pray that all attempts to subvert our country, to remove its sovereignty, to make us like post-Christian European socialist economies would fail.
5) Lord, reverse the schemes to centralize power by favoring the banks in order to control the money and information systems, increasing IRS enforcement four fold, and developing a national security force larger than the military. This historically is the blueprint to dictatorship, and was used by totalitarians in the past. Lord, we see the writing on the wall. Change the president from this course of evil that sets up precisely the economic system to be used by the Anti-Christ.
6) Lord, may attempts to make our Health Care system one modeled after Europe where there is rationing, exclusions of people over certain ages, and in general central control over what should be a personal freedom, come to the same inglorious end as HillaryCare.
7) Lord, preserve the freedom of your church. Preserve the freedom to speak our minds. Defeat all the myriad plans to restrict free speech and almost all the other rights in the "Bill of Rights", to seek to control thought. Defeat all plans to make education monolithic and tear down the system that is at war with faith and at war with truth and at war with all things good.
8) Lord, may every false and proud way in our nation be defeated by you. Make us into a people you can work with and be pleased with.
9) Lord, may Barack Obama make a proclamation not for a National Day of Prayer, but for the people of this country to go to God every day in the name of Jesus Christ to beseech him for mercy and guidance so that our nation would be righteous. May Mr. Obama also then obey everything you tell him to do.

In Jesus Name.


One cannot help but be struck by the rapid speed at which states through either activist judges or through legislatures are jumping on the "gay 'marriage'" bandwagon. It was only ten years ago that Vermont stunned the nation by legalizing civil unions between homosexuals. Now, to be in favor of civil unions, as so many evangelical leaders are advocating, is considered neanderthal, hateful, and homophobic. One has to hand it to the atheistic left - they know how to move the chains.

Carrie Prejean, Miss California, was the runner-up for Miss USA because of her rather tentative endorsement of marriage being between a man and a woman (and may I say that she was TEN times more beautiful than the woman they gave it to). It is too bad when she was contemplating what to say, and she said she had prayed she wouldn't be asked that question, that she didn't simply plan to say, "I am going to agree with Barack Obama and the fine citizens of California whom I represent and say that I believe marriage is between a man and a woman." Christians have to be smarter and more media savvy. You have to make it hard too edit what you said into something else entirely. Nothing a Christian says will be treated fairly. No Christian, even one that did some modeling I'm sure she regrets now, will be given any space at all.

Now we all know that Barack Obama is not against gay "marriage". Perez Hilton certainly knows - he isn't attacking Barack Obama even once - he is attacking Carrie Prejean. Just look at the facts. Obama is doing everything he can to bring it about through executive orders, support of legislation, and his judicial nominees. He is simply posturing his public position so that he can seem like the reasonable man reluctantly supporting "what the people want" because that is what a President is supposed to do, isn't it? The President, like most graduates of American "elite" universities, may not know absolutely anything about the Bible, the history of Western civilization, the sordid history of Islam, or the mind of a terrorist, but he DOES know politics. Carrie should have flushed him out of the closet, but she was speaking on the defensive.

Prophets of God do not speak on the defensive. They are not mumbling words trying to sound more like Arlen Specter or Colin Powell than as one standing firm and unwavering for righteousness. Look in the Bible - they are bold. They are strong. They do not weigh the political consequences of what they say. They just say it and let God support them. If God doesn't support them by saving their necks, they let the sword kill them. Jesus did not talk about the leaders killing the prophets because he was making up a story to prove a point. He was talking HISTORY. And so it continued... Jesus and most of his apostles died because of their message being rejected, So did Stephen and a long line of martyrs that continues to this day in North Korea and other repositories of pure evil.

My friends, do not support civil unions. Do not support homosexuality in any way whatsoever. It is an abomination to God. It leads to gay adoption, it leads to normalization of the perverse. It defies any reasonable observation of human anatomy. It is believing a BIG lie. We do not judge homosexuals - God does. We do not persecute them - we seek to reach them with the good news, and many have responded by confessing all there sin including homosexuality and have been saved and delivered. However, we must never call good what God has condemned. We cannot move to the left as the left moves the chains. We must stand for righteousness period. Otherwise, things will never change, and this scourge on our land will not be lifted, but wax worse and worse. We must show the world that we believe God rather than man on EVERY issue. No man is our enemy - Christ died for them all.