Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I run into Christians who care not one whit about abortion, homosexuality, or any of the other murderous or perverted practices actively advocated by the President and members of both parties (more Dem than GOP, but still both).

A man today said “justice” trumped all.  Ferguson style “justice”?  “Knock out Game” justice?  He was complaining about unequal distribution of income – outcome based old style “Social Justice”.  One of those guys who harps on the Koch Brothers who are actually extremely generous, but giving a bye to every left wing Hollywood and sports celebrity not to mention every TV evangelist who live in obscene luxury, paying their own family ridiculous salaries but  expecting everyone else to volunteer or work for peanuts to help their “ministries”. He butchered the Bible so bad it was embarrassing, but that is what deceived people do. Almost every cult is “based on the Bible”.  The devil knows it better than most Christian and when he changes the entire intent with a diabolical change here and there, most Christians do not notice.

Too many pastors have bought into this garbage including his own who used to be someone I respected.  However, the same drivel keeps on coming.  From people who live in luxury and simply want the government to do it through taxing OTHERS that kills nations.

People who actually believe the Bible tend to be very generous WITH THEIR OWN money.   They take in unwanted children, they give up everything to go abroad or work in impoverished areas.  They live frugally.  They are fair with people and expect everyone to pull his own weight if he is able, and offer a hand to those who cannot.

Marxism is the enemy of the gospel and we have over 200 million dead in the last century to prove it.  It is no wonder than 80% of atheists support the current godless president.  I understand why they do, but why people who claim to be Christians do is beyond me.  I am studying Matthew 24.  Jesus says MANY will depart from the faith (sorry you eternal security folks).  I do not believe anyone who DEPARTS from the faith will be found in heaven.  People are departing left and right.  I heard about 2/3 of the people on Christian mingle think sex before marriage is just fine.  NO ONE WHO PRACTICES FORNICATION OR HOMOSEXUALITY CAN ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.  NO ONE.

You only can say so much to those deceived so deeply by Satan, but keep trying my friends.  Even if only one listens, you are doing Christ’s work because he would do anything to find ONE lost sheep.