Friday, April 02, 2010


DESPITE CLAIMS TO THE CONTRARY, we live in an era where ignorance is king. While more people than ever are going to college and there are more media outlets than one could reasonably count, ignorance of the important issues of life is growing like a malignant cancer. While some are more informed than ever, the sheer ignorance of what is going on today is troubling, as an uninformed electorate is so easily manipulated. They are like the PC owners in that famous Apple Superbowl ad who walk ignorantly over the cliff playing follow the leader (and we Apple fanatics still shake our heads as Microsoft's latest attempt to make Windows more "Mac-like" is still years behind the curve).

People do not know the slightest about the Constitution, an even a Georgia Congressmen just said he did not think it was important. This is the very same guy who objected to 5,000 Marines going to Guam because he thought the extra weight might make the island tip over and capsize! This is 2010, my friends, and we are being led by those in Washington who are even MORE ignorant than that - for starters:

1) They believe that you can save money by spending money like a drunken sailor.
2) Despite all experience to the contrary, including the entire basis for "faith-based initiatives" they continue to claim the government can do it CHEAPER than the private sector.
3) They believe they can ridicule the American people without consequence.
4) They believe a young teen can decide issues of life and death of a baby growing within her but that 26 years olds are too infantile to buy their own health insurance.
5) They believe that students must be indoctrinated and not educated. Teachers must pass an ideological test and students must never question the drivel they are taught by actually engaging in CRITICAL THINKING or questioning arbitrary and unproven dogma.
6) They believe that perversion must be celebrated but that married people should receive a tax penalty - what nerve to actually engage in the most stabilizing institution in society and promote it!

I could go on and on and on (but you already know that!)

Let's just look at these half-dozen

1) A penny saved is a penny earned. While targeted investment can save money in the long run, to start over 100 new government agencies for the health care debacle alone is hardly a way to save money. Fraud and waste are pillaried with regularity, but where is the most waste and fraud? How about government-run anything? The National Health Service in England has the second highest number of employees of any entity in the world! (The railroad in India is the highest). And England is much smaller population wise than the United States. I am an architect, and government projects cost much more - there are endless meaningless requirements which ad ZERO to the end product, but that is just the way government does it. I have done many SEPTA projects. I could tell you things that would make you cry, and they are FAR from the least efficient. If you want to save money, you don't spend money. If you want to cut costs, you use the most efficient delivery system possible, not the most expensive.

2) Does anyone really think the government can do it cheaper? A recently publicized survey shows that government employees earn up to $40,000 or even more than those in the private sector in salary and benefits for similar job descriptions. The government unions are protected by the administration, so that won't change, and that is grossly UNDERSTATED. I work with government a lot - come 4:30 or 5pm - out the door. They believe it is a crime to work one extra minute. In private companies, it is hard not to work extra hours if you want to keep your job. Competition has a way of weeding out the inefficient. Government has a way of stifling innovation and reducing everyone to the lowest possible denominator - just look at the UN or government worldwide - it is a universal truth. When people can't be fired, their productivity drops precipitously.
Look at Medicare - Doctors are being starved and the allowances are pitiful - yet medicare insurance is not cheap and supplements are needed - and that is BEFORE a half billion in cuts! Cutting fraud and waste while signing an unread bill that is chalk-full of fraud in waste! And a significant number of Americans actually believe in Utopia! The very high cost of ignorance! Churches delivered aid in Haiti at a fraction of the cost of government. Yet people want the government to help the poor? And the government wants to reduce the tax benefits of giving to charity. How many government programs to reduce poverty have reduced poverty? More people are sliding into poverty than any time in recent memory. Why do we still believe the merchants of compassion whose policies simply make more people miserable? The very high cost of ignorance!

3) The President told people to get in each other's faces and press the cause. Well I am! Of course, he only meant the statists. Notice how the President just attacked those who have exposed the facts his friends in the mainstream media routinely hide? The President and his henchmen believe they can ridicule the American people without consequence. It is dangerous to ridicule people telling the truth. King George learned that 234 years ago.

4) Fanatics defend "the right to choose", but only in terms of killing preborn infants or a child deciding he is really a homosexual. Of course there should be no right to choose health care, the school your child attends, the worldview your child is taught, or the thoughts you can think and express. Six year olds are deemed mature enough to understand sexual intercourse, but healthy twenty-six year olds are considered too dumb to buy health insurance if they want it (the price of a car payment for many). No wonder they raised the age when kids could be on their parents' policy. The Obamatons are hoping these kids won't see the bill and have to adjust their lifestyle accordingly.

5) Government Schools spend over double many private schools and yet children have fewer academic skills than ever. Where private schools cost the same, the class sizes are half and the facilities swank. The Prez sends his own daughters to such a Quaker School. Yet when these same schools are willing to take in poor children in Washington DC for LESS than is being spent on failed schools, that is cut off by government. They would rather poor children fail! The students who actually learn anything are far more likely to vote against them because they are much less easily manipulated. Employers are requiring a college degree simply to get a person with same reasoning ability you used to get from a high school graduate. They made the SAT easier so more students would get better scores. Now, advanced degrees are required because of the lack of meaningful content in far too many undergraduate programs. Students are taught about transgender issues and encouraged to live immorally, but perish the thought that there is classic learning on how to evaluate competing ideas on their merits.

6) Marriage and heterosexuality are under heavy attack. Teachers and others are given impunity in recruiting vulnerable young people into lives of degradation, but advocating normal, healthy sexual enjoyment within the covenant of marriage is "hateful". The fact that historically this is folly an incurs God's judgment is of course ignored by these purveyors of ignorance.
Government is pressed to sped huge amounts on AIDS, far more per person than on heart disease, even though the spread of AIDS is very largely preventable with behavior modification! These people do not want to change their behavior. By the way, has anyone noticed Prez Obama has actually CUT the AIDS funding to Africa that was a hallmark of the Bush Arministration?
It is ALL about power. The people are simply props, just like at those health car events- the programs that could help them are YEARS away. If there is so much compassion, why didn't Obama tell his big funder George Soros to pay for these folks to get the help they needed? It is because "the party that cares" could really care less.

We could go on and on. It takes time to overcome ignorance. It takes discomfort to spread the message. Why not obey the President and ":get in people's faces" and press for truth? That is what I and many others are doing. Ignorance must be replaced with reality thinking based upon facts and right motives! If we fail to press our case, the other side will continue to do so, and yet another country will bite the dust.