Friday, March 08, 2013


Some people like to make things more complicated than they are.  When it comes to good and evil it is usually pretty simple. If it is from God or consistent with what God has said, it is good.  If it is against God or consistent with the modus operandus of Satan, it is evil.  Pretty simple, huh? If you doubt anything, take a long, hard look at your Bible. Let the politics fall where they may.

God is against killing innocent life or harming the helpless. In fact, God even teaches wisdom to those in the womb and expects faithfulness from them (Psalm 51:6)
Satan targets innocent life, especially the helpless, even in the womb because he knows God is already at work in the child. If he misses there, he will relentlessly pursue the child and seek to debase and kill them all.

God is against prejudice and dismissive behavior to the alien and the foreigner.
Satan wants to discourage the alien and the foreigner and make him the object of derisive behavior

God is for just laws that are applied evenly.
Satan wants unjust laws with unjust enforcers who will enforce them unevenly to further his own agenda and his own kingdom.

God is against partiality and an uneven balance.
Satan divides people endlessly over every possible issues and has them at each other’s throats so they can destroy each other even before he gets around to it.

God is for giving special help for the poor.
Satan is for making the poor poorer and grinding their faces in the dirt.

God is against giving special treatment to the rich who are the ones who sue poor to average people and drag them into court.
Satan is for enriching the most debased human beings – those with poor character, those who practice and teach immorality, those who corrupt the culture, and those who profane and blaspheme God.

God wants his people to live soberly and modestly in this world.
Satan wants Christians to mimic the world’s values in every possible way and teach that the world’s values are really God’s values (2 for 2 there!)

God wants leaders in the church chosen because of spiritual maturity, a moral life, a stable household, and freedom from the love of money or the things of the world.
Satan wants church leaders to be untested novices whom he can easily puff up, divorced or in bad marriages with rebellious out of control kids, and who love money intensely so they can better teach his prosperity gospel.

God is for the owner to be able to set the rules for his own business.
Satan is for making business and enterprise as difficult and full of thorns as possible and having unrighteous servants kill management and eventually the Owner’s own Son.

God is for able-bodied people having to work in order to eat.
Satan is for able-bodied people not working but creating mischief and engaging in criminal activity.

God is for having his people armed to deal with the evil in the world and to stand.
Satan is for having Christians defenseless and tortured and/or killed as soon as possible.

God is for alliances and treaties between nations to be honored and for the stronger to help the weaker.
Satan is for broken promises, betrayals, and allowing the weaker to be overrun by evil armies.

God is for us honoring the Jew and blessing them as God blessed Abraham.
Satan is for pulling the rug out from under the Jew, refusing to help him, and giving aid, comfort, and resources to those sworn to his extermination.

God is for wholesome and positive melodious music, scriptural teaching and life experiences, with no unclean thing set before our eyes.
Satan is for perverting music and teaching and everything else in life, with the more unclean things he can expose us to, the better.

God further established male leadership in the church and is quite restrictive about which men can lead. 
Satan pretends he is an angel of light and "calls" women into the ministry and laughs as they emasculate the men under them and teach all manner of false doctrine, bringing disgrace to the church.

God hates divorce.
Satan loves divorce and every type of pain he can inflict on the hearts and emotions of people.

God established the man to be the head of his home and for the woman to to be submitted to her husband.
Satan ridicules every home that runs as God ordained and  works havoc in encouraging women to do as they please.

God shows us himself in his creation and told us the glorious way he made us and the world we live in with a sequence only he could do.
Satan teaches a harsh and random and very violent process of life that seeks to avoid God and make life meaningless and people not accountable to him.

God is for virginity prior to marriage.
Satan is for having kids lose their virginity as soon as possible to establish them firmly in unrighteousness.

God is for lifelong faithful marriages.
Satan is for meaningless hookups, the more the better, the younger the age the better.

God is for heterosexuality and the celebration of love in accordance with his design for the human body.
Satan is for homosexuality and for it to be exalted above heterosexuality. He is for total degradation as he believes the human body is a random happening and not designed in any way (of course only fools believe that).

God is against deviate forms of intercourse (sodomy) and the use of male idols (dildos).
Satan wants people who remain straight to fantasize about others, prefer oral and anal intercourse, and use all manner of male idols to depersonalize the experience and increase violence to their bodies.

God is for people worshiping him in spirit and in truth.
Satan wants people to worship anything or anyone BUT God.

God is for people loving the word of God and memorizing it.
Satan wants people to ignore the word of God and instead concentrate on book studies of works by fallible people.  If they read the Bible, he simply gets them to believe they are simply interesting stories and not the literal truth.

God is for prayer meetings where people actually pray earnestly.
Satan wants prayer meetings turned into gossip sessions with the least amount of prayer possible being offered, and then not in faith.

God wants everyone to submit their tongue and pray in the Spirit.
Satan wants people to withhold the control of their tongue from God and instead use their tongue to slander and destroy others.

God is for his people to combine godliness and contentment.
Satan wants people to be greedy and not content in any way.  He teaches them to love mammon knowing their love for God will still grow cold.

God is for building us up to be his wonderful bride.
Satan is for making us suitable partners for him in hell.

I could go on, but suffice it to say -

God is for us.
Satan is against us.



Many have heard ad nauseum how great the economy was during the Clinton years. For the last six years he was in office they were right. However, when the spineless GOP was in the minority for his first two years, it was a disaster - maybe not as bad as now, but pretty dismal.  Particularly after the roaring eighties.  BY the way, remember Reagan has the Dems controlling all of Congress so he did not get his agenda through all the way - but even half a loaf was pretty good. 

The Republican Revolution of 1994 changed everything.  THe Dem stranglehold on the House was finally broken.  If you listen to the debate for the 1995 budget, you will hear all the same arguments from the liberals how the sky will fall if anything is cut out (these folks are never original - they simply practice what they preach - they recycle!).  Bill Clinton was among the naysayers then saying the same kinds of  hyperbole that Obama is saying now. 

The GOP then was not full of gutless wonders as it is today, and they prevailed. Clinton had to go along and now that it worked absolutely great with all ships in the harbor being raised, he claims credit for it all.  Just think - if we did the necessary cuts our economy could rebound again as it did then and so many who don't have work could be working and enjoying life again. We need more people with guts like Rand Paul and fewer has-beens like John McCain and Co. 

For sure Obama would claim ALL the credit. Who cares about that? We just want a country that is not spiraling into the abyss.