Friday, March 08, 2013


Many have heard ad nauseum how great the economy was during the Clinton years. For the last six years he was in office they were right. However, when the spineless GOP was in the minority for his first two years, it was a disaster - maybe not as bad as now, but pretty dismal.  Particularly after the roaring eighties.  BY the way, remember Reagan has the Dems controlling all of Congress so he did not get his agenda through all the way - but even half a loaf was pretty good. 

The Republican Revolution of 1994 changed everything.  THe Dem stranglehold on the House was finally broken.  If you listen to the debate for the 1995 budget, you will hear all the same arguments from the liberals how the sky will fall if anything is cut out (these folks are never original - they simply practice what they preach - they recycle!).  Bill Clinton was among the naysayers then saying the same kinds of  hyperbole that Obama is saying now. 

The GOP then was not full of gutless wonders as it is today, and they prevailed. Clinton had to go along and now that it worked absolutely great with all ships in the harbor being raised, he claims credit for it all.  Just think - if we did the necessary cuts our economy could rebound again as it did then and so many who don't have work could be working and enjoying life again. We need more people with guts like Rand Paul and fewer has-beens like John McCain and Co. 

For sure Obama would claim ALL the credit. Who cares about that? We just want a country that is not spiraling into the abyss.


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