Tuesday, November 27, 2012


America is a diverse nation, but diversity in and of itself is not always a positive.  To worship different Gods is not a good idea. To have different moral values does not build cohesiveness. To have opposite visions for a nation does not make for success. Worldview - it is is critical to have one. Unfortunately, we have many.

Our nation was founded based upon the ideal that everyone have a moral compass and that we are self-regulated people.  In other words, we follow conscience and the dictates of a Biblical morality. People who value honesty, chastity and life itself do not need heavy-handed leadership. Those who need that are those who are dishonest, unchaste, and in general at war with the ways of God.

It is no coincidence that those who are pressing for more and more government are also pressing for more and more sin.  Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use.  More people are embracing abortion and homosexuality.

You see, I learned in 9th grade civics that Democracies believe people are basically good.  Communists and other totalitarians believe people are basically bad. Bad people need to be controlled by an enlightened elite.  Even though one could well argue that many if not most government workers could never make it in the private sector, they believe they are inherently righteous and needed to make for a better world.

Now Biblically we believe that man is fallen and all men will go to hell unless they are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. However, we also know that man is made in the image of God and people have a dignity that allows them to achieve greatness.  History teaches us that.  History also teaches us that when man is given great power, it corrupts them and unspeakable atrocities occur.  Tens of millions died in the last century because of statist and totalitarian regimes.

We have seen the power of a personality cult before.  Hitler, Idi Amin, Mao. Now Obama.  These cults put a man above the law.  That is extremely unbiblical. Laws are for the lawless, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The rule of a stable legal system has served us well.

However, we have migrated to an upside down world. Rights absolutely absent from our Constitution are granted by activist judges. Rights absolutely enshrined in our Bill of Rights are chiseled away by those same judges.  What we know is wrong is exalted as right and what is right is now demonized.  That is the result of a severe leftward drift in our nation towards atheistic statism.   I find foreign papers are often more honest than our own. I was reading PRAVDA, the Russian news organ, and one of their commentators noted that the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics no longer had that word, but with Obama cementing power, America was not the United Socialist States of America! He opined that Obama was doing all the things Russia had tried and failed at and would probably have been arrested had he said the things he said in this country. Socialism is NOT the book of Acts! Liberation theology does not bring liberation at all!   Personal responsibility, freedom, and voluntarily helping others out of ones own resources is Biblical. Redistribution of wealth imposed by the state is alien to Jesus Christ and his teachings.  Jesus was less impressed by government than any Republican I know.  The Kingdom is NOT the State. Rather, the State can readily become a Kingdom of Darkness, which history has repeatedly shown.  People raised in statist nations are appalled at our blindness, and the road to abandon our freedoms is now crowded with people clamoring to trade their birthright for a mess of pottage.  It did not happen overnight, and it certainly did not begin with Obama.

Over the last decades, leftists have gained the upper hand in most universities, seminaries, apostate churches, newsoutlets, and entertainment venues.  Positions opposite to God's are the order of the day. No wonder that "educated" people tend to support leftists more than those who were not subject to that constant indoctrination.

Polling shows that the overwhelming majority of regular churchgoers support candidates who favor less government and more freedom.  The overwhelming majority of atheists support those who favor oppressive government and limited freedom to write, to speak, and to worship.   The world is filled with examples of these contrasts.

We see atheists aggressively trying to control Christian ideas and they desire to stamp out all references to God.   They are not for freedom in the slightest, but want to rule over those they perceive to be ignorant and beneath them.

We recently had a choice - the man who won taught RULES FOR RADICALS and used those techniques successfully on a dumbed-down populace, most of whom know little if anything about what really happened in Libya, Egypt, let alone in Washington D.C.  Saul Alinsky wrote that book which was dedicated to Satan himself, whom he viewed as the ultimately successful leader of a rebellion.   Satan may LOOK like he has won, but Christ has won.

Mr. Obama won because of a combination of
1) An ignorant electorate too lazy to check out the abundance of available truth.
2) Deceived Christians voting popularity, with their union, or shamefully, even color over morally and fiscally superior ideas,
3) Skillfully applied control techniques,
4) Santa Claus policies,
5) Substantial voter fraud (147% turnout in parts of Florida gave him DOUBLE the votes of the typical 55% to 70% turnout + widespread electronic voter fraud in key states similar to that which devastated Spain),
6) The shortcomings of his opponent in clearly delineating where the gruesome policies will lead a nation.
7) The generally spineless nature of mainstream Republicans to challenge voting results in court as the Democrats did in 2,000.  It may not have changed the election, but it would have purged the severe corruption endemic in machine politics and put the need for universal Voter ID laws beyond question.

I pray every day in depth for our nation, and we need to pray that GOD will change things. NO leader is Lord.  While our nation will surely suffer over the absurd thinking and riotous spending inaugurated by the 2006 Democrat Congress with spiraling debt and millions more people in poverty and dependent on government, we know that in the end GOD wins.   The world will be destroyed by fire, so we know that none of the Utopian babble going on will succeed,  Nonetheless, we need mercy, and steadfast opposition to that which is egregious in order that our nation will survive at all.


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