Sunday, November 04, 2012


We go to a very diverse church - ethnically, economically, educationally, politically, you name it.  I was talking to a Black lady at church today who used to man a table selling Obama memorabilia. She told me she felt betrayed by the positions he is taking that flaunt the standards of God. She was unhappy because an Obamabot cornered her campaigning for him right AFTER the pastor said not to let political differences divide the people. Yikes, do people hear ANYTHING anymore??? Anyhow, as I was in prayer tonight, I believe the Lord was saying the following:
The Obama spirit makes its way to those who are open to it, You recognize people by their fruits, and the arrogance and pushiness and idolatry of one’s followers is easily seen as not of God. 
You are not electing a pastor or a God here. You are simply looking for the best employee of the people who will look out for the best interests of the country, encourage businesses to hire people and make that possible through rational and dependable policies.  55 percent of businesspeople said they would NOT have started their businesses under the current administration.  Since that is where most jobs come from, that is very telling.
You need to choose a man of charity who has a heart of compassion to help people out of his personal resources, and who will encourage in people the will to work, to improve their life, and to be generous to others.

You need to look at character first and make no friends with an angry man. 


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