Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Ben Carson was not in Colorado smoking dope when he made his sensible comments that truth-deniers in the media got twisted up about.


1) Those who leave Islam are to be killed.


2) Criticizing the Quran and Mohammed is punishable by death.
(NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH) - note also the Quran is a joke full of contradictions and childishness, much like other pretend "holy books" such as the Venas and the Upanishads.  We do not even punish those who ridicule the only Holy Scriptures that there are.

3) A Muslim who becomes a Christian can be killed.
(NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION) - we know that the Christian faith is valuable and voluntary or else it is not faith, it would be compulsion.  People leave Islam in droves when given the opportunity, just like when the iron curtain and Berlin Wall fell - totalitarians all.

4) A Christian who converts a Muslim to Christianity can be killed.
- Only God can convert anybody, but they blaspheme Jesus as well which tells you about this demonic religion.

5) A Non Muslim may not display wine or pork, openly recite their Scriptures, or celebrate their religious holidays. - a joyless religion which claims to respect "people of the book" but never does so - instead it has a murderous spirit towards them.

6) A Muslim cannot receive the death penalty for killing a non-Muslim. - No equal protection under the law.

7) Christians may not repair or build churches. - A demonic religion that hates in the same ways the devil does.

8) Non-Muslims do not have equal rank, status, or authority as Muslims in the society. - All MEN are not even created equal inn Islamic society let alone women.

9) Testimony from low ranking people is not permissible in Islamic court. - The worst traditions from a discredited past.  We grew up, Islam has grown down.

10) The testimony of a woman is half the value of a man's testimony in court. - blatant sexism and absurd.

11) For a woman to prove rape, she must have four male witnesses. - Absurd, unworkable, and simply perpetuates violence against women.

12) There is no age limit for how young girl can vary a Muslim man. - and often she has no voice - it is done for her.

13) Slavery is permitted. - While banished in America over 150 years ago, It still occurs in the Islamic world, often over sub-Saharan black people, and is totally consistent with the very definition of Islam which is "submission".  It is slavish idolatry to a pagan impersonal god.

14) Muslims may engage in Taqiyya which is lying to non-Muslims to advance Islam. - they do it all the time and is S.O.P. in America with American Muslims. Satan is the father of lies and Satan is the father of Islam. Our nation was founded under GOD, not "Allah' or any other pretender, and our society only lasts as long as there is truth.

Now tell me, name just ONE of these that would prove Ben Carson just even one smidgeon wrong.