Saturday, April 30, 2016


The violence and hatred of the anti-Trump protesters is not surprising.  After all, students have been indoctrinated in loving perversion, hating God and Christians, and embracing socialism.  Any voices of reason have LONG been silenced at most major universities, EVEN those with Christian names and heritage.

Yet, many shrug it off, not realizing that these fact-challenged, morality-challenged, and yes, mentally challenged individuals are on a demonic crusade, and Trump is the east of their targets. Those who stand for God, the Bible. and truth are their enemies, and if you venture onto sites such as the Daily Koz, you will find the utter hatred with a violent overtone against people of Jesus is immense.  We could see a bloodbath in the United States led by these millennial goons who cannot articulate ONE REASON why they are doing what they are doing.  They were trained to hook up endlessly, developing a totally reprobate mind. They were spoon-fed the same old tired lies the appeal to their greed and entitlement.  Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him.  The left was scared of that man but he turned out to be largely right.  Check out a post Most-Hated Senator on WND.  

The fact is, America has many enemies - some from without, many from within.  Mark it down, though, much of the unrest is supported by our nation's enemies because it helps them to have a weaker America.   Weak we are because we refuse to make value judgments and call rebels without a cause just that.  We have a nation of dummies who pull voting levers with absolutely zero knowledge.  That fulfills the warnings our Founders noted which is why they formed a Republic and not a Mobocracy.

Do not believe the lie that it is Trump's tough character that is at fault here.  Look, I would like him to be nicer in his speed, but ANYONE who stands against their goals, even if they have PERFECT demeanor will be in the crosshairs.  Our Constitution is under attack because tyrants simply want to manipulate through the media, control the people, and make it up as they go along.  History shows that is not a sane way to go.  We need to work on our warts, but the alternative are suicidal.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Polls every two minutes. Convoluted nomination rules that bypass voters. Hillary gaining delegates every time she loses. Cruz playing the Christian Card. Many Christians supporting Trump.

Yet Obama goes on with no opposition. Nominates an ultra-liberal man for SCOTUS which he knows the media will call a moderate. He christens a Navy ship with the name of Carl Levin who decimated the Navy. He screams out for transgenders and every other degenerate while desecrating people of true faith.

We better make sure there is a country left by November. the man should be impeached now - at least that would slow him down. People need to be held accountable - that is the problem of our day.  People are doing as they please with impunity.  No one is saying no except perhaps in North Carolina and Tennessee and Mississippi.  Why are Christians still buying Coke and flying Delta?  Why are they still happy with the NCAA.  The immoral people of our time are willing to do ANYTHING to get their way and they know that most people of character are too busy working or spending time with their families to write hundreds of letters to companies complaining about anti-Christian bigotry.

If you want the nation to be recognizable, you need to fight for it, because without a fight, we will be soon be living in a land so polluted, so evil, so hostile to truth, it will make ISIS actually look reasonable.  I KNOW the evil that the enemies of God have in their hearts in this nation. It is not a difference of opinion. It is not another way of looking at things.  It is Satan on the warpath loving every time a Christian says excuse me and spends wasted time doing something of little to no significance.