Friday, May 18, 2018


Americans are getting weary of the phony-baloney "Russian Collusion" charade.  It is known fact by now that Obama s[pied on the Trump Campaign, FAR WORSE than the Watergate scandal.  He panned the idea of Russian collusion, because Hillary HAD been involved with the Ruskies and he figured she would win.  She did not, and they immediately decided to try to destabilize Trump.  Soros funded the planned street protests, and the groundwork was laid for a nutty investigation to reduce the President's favorability ratings and limit what he could do.

Mueller has a long history of nefarious investigations and major violations of law.  He is simply being himself in this one.   He was recommended by Rod Rosenstein whose lawyer wife represented Hillary many times.  He should have recused himself but did not.   Mueller hired Clinton donors and even one of her attorneys.

The time has long passed when Mueller should be prosecuted for misconduct, and the Obama gang including Hillary, Susan, and the rest should be prosecuted and severely punished.  Nothing less will prevent a reoccurrence the next time people are so stupid they put Democrats back in office.