Wednesday, February 04, 2015


The “R” word is thrown around so much it hardly means anything anymore.  However, real racism is truly ugly.  Why not try this test consisting of a “baker’s dozen” of questions and see how you do?  If you disagree with any of the answers, make a comment.  Please note that I personally believe there are only two races –the “Holy Race” consisting of the blood washed saints and then everyone else.   For the purposes of this exercise, though, the questions reflect the common belief that there are different races without regard to spiritual things.  Thanks!

1)             Is it racist to call someone a name with negative racial connotations?
2)             Is it racist to put your kid in a better school that is less diverse?
3)             Is it racist to move from a neighborhood with a high crime rate that happens to have a lot of people from another race?
4)             Is it racist to look over your shoulder if people of a different race who appear suspicious in some way are following you and you have had a negative experience when this happened before?
5)             Is it racist to assume a person of one race is more gifted in some way because of your observations of others like him or her?
6)             Is it racist to befriend someone simply because they are of a different ethnicity?
7)             Is it racist to believe that skin color is linked to intelligence one way or other?
8)             Is it racist to not like President Obama?
9)             Is it always racism when minorities are underrepresented in any given situation?
10)        Is it racist to prefer conservative politics?
11)         Is it racist to marry someone simply because they are the same ethnicity even though you are more attracted to and compatible with a person of another ethnicity?
12)         Is it racist to like someone of a different race because he or she agrees with you?
13)         Is it racist to go to a church that is all of your own race when alternatives with the same theology are just as convenient?


The answers to the even numbered questions and those question numbers that are divisible by 3 are no, all the others yes.