Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Barak Obama is a most personal young man. He seems intelligent, and being biracial, has much in concept to recommend him to a divided country. However, there are flaws in the man which disqualify him in my mind.

FIrst, he promised he would serve out his first term in the Senate. Now he using tired old politician speak to try to get out of it. Likewise, he supported Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. Now he has campaigned for Ned Lamont, who believes the diametric opposite of Joe Lieberman. Osamba is playing the part of a party hack with no REAL convictions.

Second, when Barak was questioned about gay marriage, he said he was against it but "could change his mind". Deja Vu to John Kerry who voted for the war before he voted against it. Third, despite rhetoric of being a unifier, campaigns for the same old Democratic ideologues who have extended this war and who are the party of choice of the terrorists. Do you think the terrorists prefer Repubolicans or Democrats (Hint: they do not shake in their boots when Democrats speak). Barak, say it ain't so, but I see you as attractive packaging on the same old tired policies - Mario Cuomo had great rhetoric, but where is he today? It takes words AND action. Obama simply changes with the wind. Obama? Clinton? Same thing.

Michael J. Fox has admitted he doesn't take medicine at times, and those times seem to be when he wants to exaggerate his condition for political purposes. Now he says he took TOO much medicine, which can cause issues as well. I liked his movies, but this is not a class act. Embryonic stem cell research has been a major disappointment and is no golden rainbow. It is a road we cannot go down, and to turn a personal tragedy into a dishonest political ad is unconscionable.

Lastly, both these guys have lots of friends. Enablers who do not hold them accountable. People who use them and tell them what they want to here. Where is truth this election cycle? Not in the news. Hopelessly biased. Not on AOL. Ridiculously and embarringly slanted. On talk radio? More of the hidden truths, I suppose, but still a reluctance to get to the heart of the matter, which is that both parties shy from simply following the truth wherever it may lead and not trying to be acceptable to people who won't accept you no matter how much you bend because they are not for the good of society, but for the good of themselves.