Sunday, July 25, 2010


In the Kingdom known simply and affectionately as "The States", certainly not a United Kingdom, but one where 35% of the people would vote for the disgraced Elliot Spitzer or the unknown Alvin Greene form South Carolina for President were he on the ballot with a "D" after his name. The fact is, Jay Leno proved we have college professors so ignorant of history one thought American was founded in 1922! Other people think Winston Churchill fought in the American Revolution. So many people are taking Gender Studies, Sexual Awareness, The Art and Science of Om Meditation, Yoga and apparently even Sharia Law if Elena Kagan finally has her way, instead of United States History, Civics, Melting Pot Dynamics, Human Dignity, The Beginning of Life, Constitutional Principles, and Common Sense 101. They parrot back what the wicked people tell them is the truth, because the wicked people give out pieces of paper which help them get more money and get people to tell them how smart they are. They say they will remember the truth when they get out, but they usually don't. I don't think anyone is advocating a literacy test for voters, but maybe they should. It would not be racially discriminatory. Many folks from Harvard and probably half the Senate and House couldn't pass an 8th grade level exam. Maybe even the Emperor himself. Yet, these folks are the inmates running the asylum. Does it make sense for people who don't know anything about anything to call the shots?

In our little Kingdom here, a kingdom certainly no better than any other, and a kingdom responsible for every single one of the world's problems even though most of the good in the world came because of the kingdom's intervention in War-prone Europe, generous foreign aid to rebuild nations and missionary/educational activity around the globe, it has come to light that people are beginning to wonder about the Emperor's New Clothes.

We were told the Emperor was the smartest emperor ever to live, but the handlers hid all his records and all his grades, even from Kindergarten. Now kindergarten records are really important, because everything we know we learned in Kindergarten. I still remember my graduation - I was the "YOUR" in "PLAY WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT"! His grandmother said he was born in another kingdom, and the leaders of that kingdom agreed and there were even articles about it in the papers of that kingdom and even on NPR in the kingdom. But he said "NO!" and his courtiers laughed at anyone who asked him to produce the same piece of paper with the gold seal that all the other citizens had to produce to play Little League, get a passport, or a whole lot of things less important than being Emperor. The emperor paid lots of gold to his lawyers to keep fighting from showing that innocent little piece of paper. And even those who were criticizing the emperor were afraid to say anything more about it. Don't you wonder what it says? Don't you want to know if his grandmother was lying, the East Africa Times was lying, the African Standard was lying, the Kenyan officials were lying, the records official in Hawaii was lying or if they were telling the truth and HE was lying?

The emperor said a thousand times that King George Bush messed up the entire world, even though the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and promptly devastated Fannie and Freddie (thank you Barney and Chris) and tripled the highest budget deficit from the $161 million maximum under the GOP. When the Emperor took control, he tripled it again and stuck out his tongue. The people in the Assembly knew the people were mad at them, but they decided to spend every last penny before they were voted out, and the emperor gladly made all of that law. All the newspapers in the kingdom ignored all that and repeated every lie told by the Emperor. It seemed he was on the big screen every single day. The people wondered whether the media were the REAL ditto-heads. People started thinking back to Rehoboam, the son of Solomon who raised taxes through the roof, but the media laughed at them and told them to get over it. But the people were worried about a divided kingdom like what happened with Rehoboam. They saw maps divided into Red and Blue and even purple where the allegiances were unsure. E Pluribus Unum or E Pluribus Pluribus? They knew that smart people from the Red spots were not admitted to the big, elite universities in the Blue spots. The blue people reserved those spots for people who would repeat endlessly all the qualities of the emperor's invisible clothes.

The blue people put up posters of the Emperor and kept talking about how smooth he was. How articulate. They scrubbed from the Internet just about any speeches he gave without the teleprompter where one would think he had a speech impediment (though if you can find the interview with Rick Warren, you can see for yourself). The people kept listening in secret to citizens who were telling them the truth, even though the papers said that every single person who didn't like what the emperor was doing was either stupid, evil, or in it for the money. The people could see the emperor had no clothes, and that is what these people on the radio were saying, so they figured the radio people were smarter than the people at the papers.

The citizens were told that there would be a time of peace between the races though the Emperor talked about his own grandmother in racist terms and tried to divide people by race at just about every opportunity. When the Panthers brought billy clubs to voting booths, the emperor's right hand man said, "Goodie, Goodie!" And people who had loved each other drew apart in distrust and hostility - class warfare they call it. Some people supported the emperor because his skin looked like theirs even though his spirit was alien to theirs. They set aside their Holy Book that told them it was wrong to kill babies and then even make the citizens of the kingdom pay for murder! King George had never allowed that! They said people should not judge people by the color of their skin but they were so glad the Emperor looked like them that they ignored everything he said but they found they were changing inside to be just like him. They practically worshipped the emperor and the emperor was happy about that. The citizens knew it was wrong to support perverted things, but the emperor ordered that all the children learn about perversion and how to do it. They saw that the emperor refused to speak up when people who believed like they did who lived other places were being put in prison and killed. They wondered how long it would be before he tried it in the kingdom. All he had to do was text the right people - - those who worshiped him. The citizens saw that he took from some people to give to other people. And they saw rich people around the emperor not pay their taxes but put in jail the poor people who couldn't pay theirs. And they saw that he wanted everyone to think alike whether they wanted to or not.

The older people in the kingdom were really worried. The emperor signed papers which would mean there was less money for their care. When they did this across the sea, they started killing old people against their will. The emperor laughed that off, but put in charge someone who said he wanted to do just that. The media ignored it but a lot of people who watched the Nuevo De La Fox channel knew. And they were frightened. Just how far would this emperor go - the one with no clothes? He had talked about sending men to close down that channel and anyone else who did not keep telling him how great his invisible clothes were. The citizens were very frightened.

And so it went. The emperor took the piggy bank of the kingdom and dumped it out and gave it all to his friends. Then he committed identity theft and opened up credit cards at General Motors National Bank, Healthcare Credit Union, and several branches of the Stimulus Savings Bank EVEN THOUGH we called and said he is NOT authorized to borrow trillions in our name. But the Goldman's of the world and others who contributed so heavily to him put their fingers on their noses and said to the people, :"Nah, Nah, Nah Nah Nah"

The people were getting nervous. They saw the emperor of the most powerful kingdom bow down to little emperor's everywhere. He blamed the kingdom for all that was wrong in the world. They saw creepy people coming in and out of the big house with the fountains where the emperor lived. People who had bombed kingdom buildings. People who got on boats in the Great Sea far away to try to bring down a Little Kingdom that had the nerve to be free in the midst of people filled with rage and hate against them. People came in and out who were known to hate. People who wanted to change the kingdom into something else entirely - something that had never worked anywhere! It seemed the emperor was working for every single enemy of the kingdom and the people kept trying to remember ANYTHING the emperor had done that they agreed with.

So all but that do or die 35% knew the emperor was naked and that his media mirror was lying to him. They kept saying it, but their cries fell on deaf ears. The reporters said, "If we say that he has clothes on, he does! Truth is what WE make it."

Some people in the southwest portion of the kingdom noticed that a whole lot of people were streaming over the border into the kingdom. Some were poor just looking for work, but there were also mean folks smuggling people and drugs. The people made a law to help stop this. The Emperor and his officials ran to those people and told them to forget it. The Emperor needed more votes and for sure all those grateful people would vote for him and proclaim from dawn to dusk how beautiful the emperor's clothes were. He was hoping enough millions would come in to balance out all those patriotic citizens who knew he was naked.

So how will this end, which is unfortunately not a fairy tale, but the present reality? We will see together.

My friends, it is critical that we pray for our country and expose the truth to our friends. I made a prayer list of those of BOTH parties who are working against our Kingdom here in America, which is still a model of how other kingdoms want to operate. I am asking God that they resign, get caught up in scandal, or get defeated the next time they are up for election. It is amazing how many are now out! There are more to go! Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsay Graham, Chuck Rangel, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Dick Lugar, Susan Collins, and many others. Republicans AND Democrats. Given the extreme moral evils being pressed by the emperor and looting the treasury, there have to be 2/3 of both houses firmly against this evil - a veto proof majority, not just "control". Control is not enough with the emperor's veto and we cannot wait until 2012. Be informed, and do not doubt your eyes and what the Spirit tells you. We are in deeply troubled times where truth is mocked and lies are repeated ad nauseum. I do not trust in horses or chariots, donkeys or elephants, but in the Lord God. I do not believe he is quite finished with America yet, but perhaps he is if we do not repent of OUR sins, insist on righteous laws and fair enforcement, put race and all prejudice behind us and ask GOD to deliver us. Despite the prescient evil that abounds in the government, the media, and the entertainment industry, and yes EVEN THE CHURCH, God is bigger than all that, and the lesson from the Book of Revelation and from history is that God can and does turn around the most hopeless situations. Let's cooperate with him and be pure so he will hear our prayers!